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In this article, we’re talking about taking the IELTS test in Victoria. Specifically, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Where to find the official test centers in Victoria;
  • How to register for the IELTS;
  • All about the price of the exam;

We are also happy to share and explain what the xam is about and how to prepare for the IELTS test with GlobalExam!

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Short Introduction and Presentation of the IELTS Exam

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an exam designed to test a person’s proficiency in the English language and to allow them to live, work and/or study in an English speaking country in all freedom.

IELTS definition

IELTS Victoria: Discover the Complete List of Test Venues

There are currently three IELTS test centres in Victoria. You can find the addresses and contact information here:

Test Center
Accepted Tests
Global Village Victoria1290 Broad Street #200 Victoria, BC V8W 2A5Paper based and computer based testTel: (250) 220-3993
Mail: [email protected]
University of Victoria Operated by Canada College3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria BC V8P 5C2N/ATel: +1 (514) 868 6262
Email: [email protected]
Camosun College3100 Foul Bay Road
Victoria, BC V8P 5J2
N/ATel: 778-328-7942
Email: [email protected]

Find Out About the Other Official Test Centers in Canada

Here is a list of adresses and contacts of the test centers location where you can sit for the IELTS test in Canada:

Official IELTS Test Centers Nearby Victoria, British Columbia

Down below you will find the official IELTS Test Venues in British Colombia, nearby Victoria:

Test Center
Accepted Tests
IDP Education - The Westin Bayshore - Vancouver1601 Bayshore Drive
Vancouver, BC V6G 2V4 Canada
Paper based testTel: 647-964-3587
Mail: [email protected]
MOSAIC engage Vancouver7134 King George Blvd V3W 5A3 Vancouver, BCPaper based and computer based testTel: 604-362-0024
Mail: [email protected]
Conestoga College VancouverRoom 2A312, 299 Doon Valley Drive Doon Campus N2G 4M4 Vancouver, BCPaper based and computer based testTel: +1 5197483516
Mail: [email protected]
Global Village-Vancouver Burnaby888 Cambie St V6B 2P6 Burnaby, BCPaper based testTel: +1 604 569 3494
Mail: [email protected]
IDP Education - RupIELTS Institute Inc Surrey8232 120 Street Unit 112 Surrey, BC V3W 3N4 CanadaPaper based testTel: 647-964-3587
Mail: [email protected]
Kaplan Vancouver Abbotsford755 Burrard Street Suite 300 V6Z 1X6 Abbotsford, BCPaper based testTel: +1 604 688 7350
Mail: [email protected]

What Are the IELTS Registration Methods in Victoria?

In Canada, registration for the IELTS goes through the IDP (“International Development Program”). You can register for the test online, on the IDP website.

The IDP registration platform is easy to use. You’ll be asked to specify your country, city, and test type, then the platform will show you the available examination centers as well as the required test dates.

Note that test takers will receive their results 13 days after the test day, or 3-5 days after the test day in case they passed the computer-delivered IELTS test.

What Is the Price of the Exam and How Does It Vary in Canada?

The IELTS test costs approximately $300 CAD in Canada. This fee can vary depending on the examination center according to the province it is located in, so it’s best to check with the center directly.

The Price of the IELTS in Victoria, British Columbia

In the table below you will find the fees to be paid to take the IELTS test in Victoria and in other cities near Victoria.

Test center
Global Village Victoria
Test fee (Paper): CAD 309
Test fee (Computer): CAD 325
University of Victoria Operated by Canada College
Camosun College
IDP Education - The Westin Bayshore - Vancouver
CAD 325
MOSAIC engage Vancouver
CAD 315
Conestoga College Vancouver
CAD 319
Global Village-Vancouver Burnaby
CAD 325
IDP Education - RupIELTS Institute Inc
CAD 309
Kaplan Vancouver Abbotsford
CAD 325

The IELTS recently launched a scholarship award to help students cover the cost of the registration fee. To check your eligibility and apply for the scholarship, head to the IELTS website.

What Is the Structure of the IELTS and What Does It Include?

The exam is designed to test a speaker’s proficiency across reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The format of the IELTS is roughly as follows:

  • The listening test (30 minutes): you must answer 40 questions relating to four recordings, including two conversations and two monologues on both informal subjects and work-related or academic subjects.
  • The reading test (60 minutes): you will be asked to read three texts then answer comprehension questions. The passages will be descriptive, factual and analytical.
  • The writing test (60 minutes): for the first task you will be required to write a short text in a personal or informal manner (a letter, for example). In the second task, you must write an essay response to an argument or problem.
  • The speaking test (11-14 minutes): you will be expected to respond to basic questions about yourself and your background, before discussing with the examiner a topic as prompted by a task card. Towards the end of the test, there will be the opportunity to discuss the topic on a more conceptual level.

The first three parts of the test take place together in one sitting, whereas the speaking section is typically held separately on the same day or a few days later, depending on the IELTS test center location.

What Are the Reasons for Taking the IELTS and Why Is It Important?

Achieving a certain IELTS score can also help you to fulfil your ambitions within the world of work, or in your studies. If you’re a prospective immigrant to Canada or considering applying for citizenship, the IELTS is the only international English exam recognized by the immigration and citizenship authorities.

As well as opening doors to new opportunities and countries, taking an IELTS test could have the following benefits:

  • Booking a test and having a deadline will motivate you to work hard and study
  • You will improve your English language skills across reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • You will identify your weak points and have a better understanding of your abilities
  • Having an official certificate attesting to your English level is satisfying!

If you are considering the IELTS for immigration purposes, you may want to investigate Express Entry, Canada’s immigration programs for skilled workers. Like most other programs, candidates must demonstrate their language proficiency with an official certification in order to qualify.

If you’re already in Canada and considering acquiring citizenship, you’ll also need to demonstrate proficiency in English (or French), though at a slightly lower level.

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and IELTS Band Scores

Universities and employers across Canada will accept the IELTS as an accurate indication of your English proficiency, however each institution will have their own requirements as to the level.

Canada’s immigration and citizenship services measure language proficiency according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), a scale that measures your language ability across 12 benchmarks, from basic to advanced. The language requirements differ according to the immigration pathway.

If you apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program of Express Entry, for example, you will need to achieve at least a CLB Level 7 across reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can use the following chart as a guide to understand how the IELTS scores compared to CLB Level 7:

CLB level
6.0 - 7.0

The corresponding IELTS scores refer to the IELTS grading system, which works on a scale from one to nine. When you take the IELTS, you will receive a score that falls into one of the following bands:

Band Score
Skill Level
Very good
Extremely limited
Non user
No attempt

This means that a CLB 7, or an IELTS score of 6.0-7.0, refers to a Competent English speaker.

Let GlobalExam Help You in Your Preparation for the Exam

If you’re ready to go with your IELTS preparations, let’s take a minute to look at how GlobalExam could help you get the score you need.

On GlobalExam, we’ve organized our learning materials in a way that lets you prepare specifically for the IELTS exam. Head to Training Mode and choose the skill you wish to improve. Within each skill set, the exercises are targeted at preparing you for the tasks that you will face in the real exam.

If you subscribe to our Premium service, you’ll even have the chance to review your progress using our Statistics and Corrections mode. This way you can understand exactly where you’ve gone wrong and correct it for next time.

The IELTS is an essential part of moving to Canada for English speakers, so what are you waiting for?