IELTS in Halifax

What do I need to do to take IELTS in Halifax?

Are you currently in Canada? Do you need to take the IELTS test? Employers, colleges and universities will ask you for proof of your English language skills. IELTS is widely accepted within Canada.
Keep reading for details on registration at IELTS test centres in the Halifax region.

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Registration for the test

Prior to the registration process, you should be clear as to which version of IELTS that you want to register for.
There are two versions of IELTS. There is the General Training version, which is accepted by most employers and for immigration to Canada. There is the Academic version, which is intended as proof of English ability for application to a university or college. When you know which version you need, you can register online or at a test centre.


Look at the list of test centres (the list is below). Click on one of the links. Fill-in the online form that appears on the test centre’s website. You will need to provide evidence of your identity. Therefore, you need to upload a JPEG, GIF or PNG file of your ID that is less than 1.5 MB. Only valid government identification is acceptable. Usually, a passport or Canadian Permanent Resident Card (PRC) is used. The ID must show your photograph, the ID’s number and your signature. Check to see that your uploaded file has all three of the required elements clearly visible.
Credit cards or debit cards are normally accepted for online payment. Check with the test centre for their accepted payment methods. In Halifax, certified test centres enforce a first come, first serve system. There is no preferential reservation of seats for test candidates. You are expected to pay within 24 hours in order to complete registration for an exam place.

Registration-paper based

The same procedure as online registration is applied to paper based registration except you complete a paper form. You need to provide a photocopy of your identification. Forms can be sent by mail to the test centre, or you can submit them in person. You indicate the test date that you desire. You have to indicate an alternative date that you would like to take the exam as well. The dates will be on the form.
There is no limit to how many times that a person can register for the IELTS test, so don’t worry if you don’t do well the first time that you sit for IELTS.

What about my IELTS results?

Official results of your test appear on something called the Test Report Form (TRF). The TRF is released on the 13th day after you have taken the IELTS test. It is very important to check the Test Date and Results Chart for recommended test dates that will give you enough time to meet a university’s application deadline. For an employer, you can simply tell the employer how long it will take to receive the TRF.

What locations have regular IELTS testing in Halifax?

The locations shown below offer IELTS testing in Halifax. Click on the links for details of times, dates, fees and directions to the locations:

  • Saint Mary’s University

Email: [email protected]


  • East Coast Language College

Email: [email protected]


  • Canada College: Halifax (University of Kings College)

Email: [email protected]


Nearby test centres within 200 kilometres of Halifax

  • University of Prince Edward Island

Email: [email protected]


  • East School of Languages – Charlottetown PEI

Email: [email protected]


Here is a list of other cities where you can sit for the IELTS test in Canada:

Things to bring on test day

You will need to verify your identity upon arrival at the test centre. Ensure that you have brought the same identification that you used to register. Only official government ID is accepted. If you don’t bring the same identification, then you will not be able to sit for the test. Bring something to write with and be sure to have two back-ups. Pencil works best to fill-in score sheets. Some people prefer a pen for the writing section.

How should I prepare for IELTS?

You should familiarize yourself with the test format, the question types, time limits for each section, etc. Knowing these aspects of the test will increase your score. To begin, look online. There is an abundance of material. Additionally, you can buy an official test book. Take an IELTS preparation course. It is very helpful. Alternatively, you can find and hire a personal tutor, but this is more expensive.

You need to have achievable objectives and goals. Without them, you waste a lot of time and get poor results. Time management is critical to your success on IELTS. Schedule times to study and follow your schedule. You must be self-disciplined.

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