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In this article, we talk all about how French learning games can help you to improve your French. We’ll dig into:

  • The best types of French games to play online for free;
  • The best French learning games you can play in a group;
  • How to choose the best game for you;
  • How GlobalExam’s General Français program can help you learn French from scratch!

Learning a language doesn’t have to be all grammar exercises and tests. Read on for how games can become an integral part of your study programme!

Test My Level For Free

The best French learning games to learn online for free

Some people want to learn French while sleeping, others want to learn the language while in the car, and others want simply to learn it while having fun.

The Internet is full of online language learning programs, but surely an application or a learning website won’t be as much fun as games! Having a little fun with learning is already a great reason to incorporate French learning games into your French study programme, but did you know lots of them are free to play too? Let’s take a look at a small selection of free French learning games you can start playing today.

The answer is in the name with this one. The French Games website offers almost every type of game you can imagine, from low-level kids ones, to whole class activities, and fun question-and-answer quizzes. All the games are free to play and plenty of them will have you hooked.

Bonjour de France

This next recommendation comes from a French learning blog offering articles and resources on grammar, vocabulary and French culture. They have a whole section devoted to games, and they’re all free! A great feature of this website is that they have sorted their French learning games into categories according to the learner level, from beginner (A1), right up to Expert (C1).

Digital Dialects

If you’re just starting out in French or looking for simpler games to play with kids, Digital Dialects offers the best range of French learning games. On this website, you can find tonnes of free activities, from fun grammar practice, to word guessing games, and flashcards for animals, colours, and more.


The best French learning games for groups

Although individual games allow you to learn French on your own, games can be even more fun when you play them with other people. Let’s take a look at a few classic group games you can play at your next soirée among friends.


This is a great French learning game requiring little preparation but lots of speaking. Are you looking to work on your French vocabulary? Taboo is the game for you! To play, you’ll need:

  • A set of taboo cards (you can buy these or print an editable set online)
  • Pen and paper
  • A prize for the winner

Taboo works by describing a specific word without using the “taboo” words marked on the card in question. You can add a time limit to make things more interesting.

Ni oui ni non

This French learning game is a favourite with kids, and adults can get really into it too. To play the game you need to have the ni oui ni non playing set complete with board, card and buzzers, or if you’re feeling crafty, you could try making it yourself.

The objective of the game is to answer questions without saying oui or non and to make it to the center of the board.

Qui suis-je ?

This French learning game is easy to play among friends and takes very little preparation. Have everyone in the group write some famous or notable people on pieces of paper, then mix them up. Each player sticks one of the names (without looking) to their head then asks questions to the group to try and guess who they are. The first player to guess their person correctly wins and everyone gets good practice asking and answering questions in French.


This game is a classic in all languages, but it goes to a whole new level when you play it in French. The game is based around forming words with the letters you have available, so it’s great practice for testing the limits of your French vocabulary and working on your spelling.

If you’re looking for French learning games for kids, Scrabble Junior is a great alternative to the classic game at a more accessible level. For either version of the game, you’ll need the board to play.


How confident do you feel using French expressions and wordplay? If you think you have the level, ths French learning game is excellent for learning new turns of phrase. There are 1000 cards with typical French expressions rewritten slightly differently (think “ outside the indigo” instead of “out of the blue” in English) and you have to guess the original saying to win points. This one might be a bit tricky for kids, but it’s an excellent choice for an after-dinner game among friends.

Why French learning games are a good way to learn

Now that we’ve convinced you there are some great French learning games out there, you might still need some persuading that they’re really beneficial to your French study. Even though playing a game might make you feel like a kid, the right one will have your brain working at the same time. French learning games are a productive use of your downtime for a few good reasons:

  • Memory games help to strengthen your brain’s long-term memory
  • The more you play a game, the more you’ll retain the words it uses
  • Games with knowledge categories will push you to understand and participate in discussions on things like sports, history, and nature
  • Lots of games can be played solo or online, so you can have fun while studying independently
  • Lots of other games can be played in a group, so you can play with your friends
  • Having fun while you learn associates positive experiences with French, so studying won’t feel like a drag; for this reason learning with games is one of the easiest ways to learn French as well as watching YouTube videos, TV series and movies in French, or listening to podcasts and French songs.

How to select good quality French learning games

If you go in search of French learning games after reading this article, you’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed with choice, and not all the games you find will be worth your time. Learning through games only works with the right types of games, so how can you identify them? Before deciding to integrate French learning games into your French study plan, we recommend asking yourself some of these questions:

  • Does this game challenge my French level? Does it include lots of words I don’t already know or force me to speak and listen to others?
  • Is the game fun and do I enjoy playing it? Will I get bored of it?
  • Is the game easy to integrate into my everyday life or will it be difficult to play regularly? Maybe I can download it as an app?
  • Can I play the game all by myself or do I need other people?

Stopping to ask yourself those questions before you hit ‘buy’ and download a new game to your phone may save you some disappointment if you later realize it’s not the right one for you.


Other ways to learn French

Are you sold on French learning games? We hope we’ve convinced you to add a few to your French learning routine, but otherwise, why not check out some of these other ways to improve your French level besides lessons and grammar books.

Meet people who speak French

Even if you’re a beginner in French, it’s never too early to put your French to the test and start interacting with people. If you’re lucky enough to be learning French in a French-speaking country, this shouldn’t be a hard one to achieve, but if you’re not, why not try attending a French conversation event?

Find a favourite French learning blog

Did you know that there are tonnes of free blogs online written by French natives and learners alike? Some of them offer informal lessons in French grammar and vocabulary, but lots of others are simply good ways to spend time reading and interacting with French humour and culture. One of the main reasons for learning a language is people, so try connecting with someone online!

Read as often as possible

One of the quickest ways to expand your vocabulary is by reading French books. Yes, French literature is a great option, but that’s not the only possibility available. If you like your learning to be fun, try reading a French comic or simply browsing French sites online.

Improve your French with Global General

If you’re interested in using French learning games to improve your level in French, there’s a strong chance you’re a student who likes their learning with a little fun. Does the idea of learning French in a class setting fill you with dread? Can you think of nothing worse than taking lesson after lesson in French grammar? GlobalExam has created an e-learning platform for you, and it’s called Global General.

Lots of learners like you want to learn or improve French, including knowing the grammar and vocabulary, but don’t want to be bored stiff doing it. On Global General, you can combine informative resources and lessons with fun activities, games, and trivia. Sign up to learn with us and take advantage of: hours of fun French lessons for your specific language level; learning grammar and vocabulary through games and activities; a variety of interesting learning resources to keep new words fresh, like flashcards; audio and video materials that help you to learn from real-to-life situations; “Did you know” trivia quizzes; regular progress activities so you can keep on track to meet your goals; feedback from our coaches

Who knew that French learning games could be so useful when it comes to learning a new skill? Don’t let your French learning project be dull, and sign up with Global General!