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In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into French learning websites. Have you tried taking your learning online yet? Stick with us for information on:

If you’re shopping around for the best website to learn French, read on for our top 10!

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Top 10 French learning websites for learners

How great would it be to learn French while sleeping, learning it in the car listening to French songs and podcasts, or simply watching movies and YouTube videos? Well, let’s say these were possible, but if you’re looking for the most effective methods to learn French, you should definitely try language learning websites!

Finding the best website to learn French is about identifying what your needs are as a language learner. Are you looking for a structured study programme, or simply an online resource with grammar material? Do you want to practice with audio exercises and vocabulary tests, or are you more interested in learning French with games?

Here we list our top 10 French learning websites with the key features of each one. Take note!


#1 GlobalExam

Let’s kick things off by talking about one of the freshest French learning websites on the market: GlobalExam. We’ve designed a 100% online learning platform for language learners of every level, from beginner right through to advanced. On GlobalExam, you can find:

  • Exam preparation courses for all the main language certifications
  • Specialist content for using language in business settings
  • Global General – our platform dedicated to language learners studying for pleasure

As a newly designed platform, GlobalExam offers an easy-to-use learning experience, with interactive content and a personalized portal that allows you to monitor your own progress in detail. Studying with GlobalExam allows you to learn in the way that best suits you, including:

  • Grammar and vocabulary lessons
  • Audio and video content
  • Situation-specific learning materials

#2 Larousse

You might already know our number 2 best website to learn French for its name, given that Larousse publishes one of the most widely-read French dictionaries around. This will give you confidence that you’re in good hands with Larousse when it comes to top-quality grammar and vocabulary learning. If you head to their website, you’ll find their online learning programme, Frantastique. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Daily French lessons sent to your inbox with personalized material for your level
  • Diverse content (written, audio, video)
  • Progress tracking and corrections
  • A one-month free trial to test out the study material

#3 Bescherelle

Next up is Bescherelle, who you might know for its famous books of conjugations. We recommend taking advantage of this French learning website for testing your grammar with one of their quizzes. On the website, you can listen to audio tracks and write down the correct spelling of the word/phrase you hear for points, or take fun tests about language concepts. Bescherelle also has a My Coach learning service, which includes:

  • Personalized learning through an app for on-the-go study
  • 5000 grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • A virtual coach to keep you motivated
  • A Bescherelle certification test to evaluate your skills and level

#4 Learn French Lab

If an online course isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are a selection of great French learning websites that offer pure grammar and vocabulary explanations without course-style learning. The Learn French Lab is your friend when you’re in need of detailed grammar explanations on a specific topic, like how to use a French tense. Plus, the content is free.

#5 Le Point du FLE

Another good free resource is Le Point du FLE. Although a lot of the resources are aimed at supporting French teachers, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of its free materials. Students looking for independent study will love French learning websites like this one for its varied selection of grammar exercises and vocabulary activities.

#6 Bonjour de France

This website offers resources suitable for beginners, right through to confident French speakers. You can begin by testing your level, then target your learning to level-specific content. This is one of the French learning websites that doesn’t offer a structured study programme, but has great free exercises for independent study.

#7 French for Beginners G.U.T.S.

Have you heard about News in Slow French? G.U.T.S is their answer to the best website to learn French and it offers a slightly atypical approach. Their paid online study course offers access to:

  • Grammar and vocabulary lessons as acts in a play with recurring characters
  • A digital course focused on conversational skills
  • Pre-lesson learning through online flashcards

#8 To Learn French

While this website may not offer the most user-friendly experience, we think it’s a great French learning website for free language content, including hundreds of grammar exercises, fun vocabulary sheets, a spell checker, and most of all, a club for 40,000 French speakers and learners to chat together.

#9 BBC Guide to French

One of our top picks for the best website to learn French for free is the BBC’s Guide to French, where you’ll find interesting language facts, key expressions, games to test vocabulary knowledge, and grammar exercises.

#10 French-language Wikipedia

Did you know that you can find almost all of Wikipedia’s content translated in French? By switching the website language to French, you can turn everyday internet browsing into a French reading comprehension exercise.

What’s best? French learning websites vs. grammar books

Hopefully you now have a good idea of the type of French learning websites that suit your learning style and needs best. But what about our trusty old friends, the French grammar books? Let’s consider the pros and cons of studying through French learning websites (and in general also other online programs such as applications) and using books.

Learning online: the pros

If you’re new to online learning, here are some of the key advantages you’ll want to take into account:

  • Learn wherever and whenever you want, including on the go; it’s in fact one of the best ways to learn French on your own
  • Combine serious language learning and exercises with games and fun activities; you can be sure that this is also one of the easiest ways to learn French
  • Practice all the skills you would in a traditional lesson, including speaking and listening
  • Test the courses first with a free trial

Learning online: the cons

French learning websites are strong competition for grammar books, but there may be a few downsides if you’re a more traditional learner:

  • Online learning requires technology and often a good internet connection
  • Prestigious grammar books offer the security of a well-respected published
  • Online learning websites could be more difficult to navigate if you’re used to contents and index pages


The best blogs for learning French online

So far we’ve been talking about choosing the best website to learn French in a structured way, but did you know that French learning blogs can offer a lot of great study material too? When it comes to websites vs. blogs, the main thing to consider is that blogs offer a more general source of information rather than formal courses and lessons. While a blog may not be the best option as your primary learning resource, they can certainly serve as a great complement to more formal French learning websites.

Here are our top recommendations for learning French with blogs:


On our blog, you can find useful articles to support language learners, including tips for the best methods to learn French, how to choose a grammar book, and content you may not have even considered, like how to learn French in your sleep.

Lawless French

Any French grammar or vocabulary query you have, the chances are this blog has an article on it. This blog’s speciality is detailed explanations of tricky language concepts, but you can also find humorous articles on French culture from a non-native perspective.

Oui, c’est ça

This blog has been created by a French teacher and seeks to help students learn French with slightly non-traditional methods. Here you’ll find grammar explained with cartoons and posts about famous French songs and expressions.

French Today

This blog is best for confident French learners, who are looking for French content on subjects like French culture, history, travel, cuisine, and more.

French Crazy

For more advanced learners, French Crazy offers the chance to learn French through literary texts, along with tutorials on grammar and pronunciation.

Top tips for learning French online

Do you still need a little convincing that French learning websites are the way to go to reach your language learning goals? In that case, here are our top tips for leveling up your French online:

  • Choose a study platform that offers a structured course
  • Opt for a paid option for better quality and a more reliable service
  • Make sure the website you choose has level-specific content
  • Plan ahead: work out your learning objective and time you have to reach it
  • Set aside time each day to work on the website
  • Take regular skill and level tests to monitor your progress

Learn French online with Global Exam’s Global General

If you haven’t already decided to take your learning online to one of our top picks for the best website to learn French, what are you waiting for? Online learning offers the ultimate flexibility for improving your French level, along with fun learning methods.

Global General is GlobalExam’s answer to online learning for French language learners of every skill level. Join our platform to follow a course targeted at A1, A2, B2, or B2 level, and diversify your learning style with dynamic content including grammar and vocabulary exercises, audio and video content, and tutor corrections.

For varied learning materials, support at every level, and great, fun content, Global General is the way to go. See you online!