There are so many ways to learn French beyond grammar books and sitting in a classroom. From watching movies and singing along with contemporary French music, to playing French games and listening to podcasts. In this part of the blog, you can find lots of advice for learning French.

So, you’ve made up your mind that French is the language for you? Before you set out on your language learning journey, make sure to check out some of our articles with methods and techniques for starting out or improving your existing level. There are so many different ways to approach learning French, it can be useful to start off with some pointers.Have you considered learning French with videos? In this blog, you can find detailed lists of the best French videos to help you learn the language from informal grammar lessons to fun videos on the culture. We’ve taken the time to list the best French learning videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, so there’s no need to go trawling the internet yourself.


Did you know there are some alternative ways to supplement your French learning that can help you learn even more quickly? Read our blog for the inside track on different ways to learn French, like listening to vocabulary learning videos in your sleep, and studying totally by yourself. Our advice on ways to learn French suits learners of all levels, so dive into our blog to find the right advice and resources for your learning journey.

The GlobalExam blog is a great place to start when you have questions about ways to learn French. Our articles bring together all the most valuable information for approaching language learning, with specialist content on French. Check back in with us at GlobalExam later for even more helpful tips and tricks.

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