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In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can learn French by podcasts, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced French learner. We’ll get into:

  • French podcasts to learn French at any level;
  • The best podcast to learn French whatever your level;
  • Methods to learn French using audio recordings.

We will also go over why General Français by GlobalExam is the best course for learning French!

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Learn French by podcast – beginner level

Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn French, both because it is one of the easiest way to learn the language and because it is one of the best methods through which you can learn by your own. Let’s start by taking a look at the five best French podcasts to learn French at beginner level.

Let’s start with what is probably the best podcast to learn French as a beginner: This podcast has the mission of giving French language learners lessons in French conversation, with each episode playing real-life audio from French situations. Alongside the transcripts, beginners have a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary and become accustomed to French pronunciation.

One Minute French

If you hadn’t already guessed it, the concept behind this podcast is that every episode centers around a one-minute conversation, followed by some language analysis. The subjects are designed to help beginners with typical scenarios such as going on a trip or having an everyday French conversation. This might be the best podcast to learn French for you if you’re looking for short, sharp and to the point.

If you’re looking specifically for French podcasts to learn French vocabulary, this is the one for you. Each episode starts with a short conversation between French speakers, followed by a detailed breakdown of language, including vocabulary, grammar and expressions. The episodes focus their attention on a short conversation so that you don’t get too lost in the language, making it perfect for beginners.

Learn French by Podcast

If you like the sound of listening to everyday French conversation to learn French by podcast, then this is another one to add to your shortlist. Each episode of this podcast has different sections: the French conversation, repeated a few times; a lesson on the relevant grammar and vocabulary; isolated sentences with time to repeat and practice. Subjects range from sports and travel to catch ups between friends.

Learn Out Loud

Not enthused by the idea of long lessons in French language? One of the best ways to learn French by podcast is to focus on key expressions and vocabulary, and that’s exactly what this one does. Each episode looks at one specific word, like merci, and offers beginner help on pronunciation and usage.


Learn French by podcast – intermediate level

Next up, it’s time to decide on the best podcast to learn French as an intermediate learner.


This podcast stands out a bit from the others. Each episode is only a few minutes long and centers around a very short news story or dialogue. The show’s host, Louis, reads the text slowly, twice, then goes on to repeat and define each individual phrase/word in the text. It’s a great way to incorporate new vocabulary and expressions into your growing French lexicon, but beware that Louis explains everything in French and it’s up to you to piece it all together to understand the source text.

If you’d like to keep up with current affairs while also squeezing in a little French practice on the way to work, this is the best podcast to learn French for you. Each episode includes different sections (much like a newspaper) and several stories, explained in slow French with accessible vocabulary.

One Thing In A French Day

This one is a must on any list of French podcasts to learn French with. In each episode, the show’s host, Laetitia, begins by explaining a run-of-the-mill event that happened in her week, that launches her into a discussion on some related topic (think Proust and Madeleines). While the content can be a little random, the style of speaking is clear and natural, making it a good option to learn French by podcast.

Français authentique

If you want to learn French by podcast as an intermediate learner, this one is a great place to start. The show is hosted by Johan, who speaks in a fluent, but nicely paced native French. His content is often targeted at French learners, so he includes topics on French culture and identity. The added extra is that you can also download the full transcript of the podcast, just in case you missed a word here or there.

Easy French Poetry

Maybe news and language learning podcasts aren’t your thing, but poetry is? This podcast’s mission is simple: to read French poetry at a slow, understandable pace for intermediate learners. It doesn’t come with any vocabulary or grammar explanation, so you’ll need to have a good level already, but you can download an English translation afterwards if you need to. This one is great for broadening your French culture beyond the everyday and giving you an appreciation for the musicality of French.

Learn French by podcast – advanced level

Once you’re at an advanced level, it’s less about listening to French language learning tools and more about immersing yourself in high-quality French content appreciated by native speakers.

Grand reportage (Radio France)

Radio France is a great source of high-quality French audio content and one of its best offerings is Grand reportage. The content is serious and often hard hitting, with reporters carrying out investigative journalism into issues such as politics, human rights, and the environment. In this case, quality content means high-level French, so this isn’t for the faint hearted.

Autour de la question (Radio France)

For something a little lighter, while sacrificing nothing with respect to quality, Autour de la question may be for you. The podcast’s host, Caroline Lachowsky, tackles one question per episode, from the existential to the mundane. Her podcast includes interviews with experts and often brings together interesting information and playful discussion.

Sur les docks (France Culture)

This is a great podcast for human interest and variety. The concept of the show is that each episode provides an hour-long deep dive into a particular person, place or way of life, anywhere in the world. You’re not guaranteed to get exclusively French people and culture here, but the language element will provide a challenge anyway. You can browse the different episode headings first to pick and choose the themes and stories that interest you most.

Sur les épaules de Darwin (France Culture)

Maybe science is what gets you going? A great way to learn French audio comprehension is to challenge yourself to understand niche terminology in another language, and this podcast will do just that. This show invites researchers and members of the scientific community to comment on and discuss all sorts of issues revolving around the natural world, from neurology to genealogy.

Les femmes, toute une histoire (France Inter)

One way to create interest in French podcasts is to engage with content that is similar to what you already listen to in your own language. If you already enjoy discussions around feminism, then Stéphanie Duncan’s podcast on women past and present may work for you. The show ranges from interviews and reports, to history and creativity, so there’s bound to be something you like.


Why it can be useful to learn French by podcast

Now you know where to go to find the best podcast to learn French at your level, you might be wondering how exactly it can help you improve your French language skills.

First of all, playing any kind of French media, from podcasts to YouTube videos, movies and songs, is helpful to learn French audio comprehension. Whether you understand every word or not, hearing fluent French will acclimatize your brain to French speech patterns and pronunciation. In particular, audio media such as songs and podcasts, are really useful as they offer the possibility to learn the language while doing something else. For example, listening to songs and radio you can learn French while driving, listening to podcasts you can learn French while sleeping. Nice, isn’t it?

Then of course, there’s the comprehension. If you choose a podcast that corresponds to your level, you’re going to understand something, whether it’s specific language concepts and grammar tutorials or general discussion between French speakers. As a learner, anything that challenges your brain to listen to and engage with French is a good thing.

Finally, podcasts keep you interested. Whereas there’s a temptation to zone out and get bored with traditional listening activities to help you learn French audio comprehension, podcasts with engaging content will keep you coming back for more.

Learn French by audio vs. Learn French with traditional methods

Now that you’ve found out all about the best French podcasts to learn French, you might be wondering what your new study regimen looks like? Adding a new study option to your selection of resources is a great thing, but any successful learning journey will rely on one or two resources in particular. So this is where you need to decide: are you going to learn French primarily through podcasts, or stick to more traditional methods, such as books and lessons?

We’re here to tell you that both learning styles are good, but they work most effectively when you combine them. To really improve in a language, you’ll need a more traditional method as your base, with more dynamic resources, such as podcasts, to support your new knowledge and keep you interested.

However, more traditional methods don’t simply mean books and sitting in a classroom. The beauty of online programs, such as applications and e-learning website, is that it combines traditional learning methods (vocabulary and grammar exercises) with engaging content and activities. When you learn online with the best websites such as GlobalExam, you certainly won’t get bored! It’s even better than learning French with games. Try it to believe it!

Improving your French with Global General

If you’re ready to launch yourself into your new French language project, let us help guide you on your way to fluency. Studying with our Global General platform provides a solid foundation in French for learners of all abilities, with language, comprehension and interactive activities to keep learning engaging. If podcasts are your thing, you can find plenty of resources to learn French audio comprehension on our platform.

Incorporating Global General into your French study programme is a step on the way to success. See you online!