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In this article, we’re going to give you the inside track on the best videos to learn French, whether you’re a beginner starting out, a confident intermediate learner, or an expert advanced French speaker. We’ll talk about:

  • Some of the best YouTubers for learning French at any level;
  • How French learning videos can help you improve;
  • Why elearning works;
  • How to learn basic French with Global Français, our top-notch language learning course!

If you want to incorporate video learning into your study plan, read on!

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The best videos to learn French at beginner’s level

How great would it be to learn French while sleeping, or learning it in the car just listening to French songs and podcasts? Well, let’s say these were possible, but if you’re looking for the most effective methods to learn French, you should definitely try Youtube videos! Let’s start by diving into the best YouTubers for learning French as a beginner.

Expressions that usually require the passé composé (Learn French with Vincent)

You know what they say, if you want to learn a new language, integrate yourself with the natives. Vincent is as French as they come, with a soft French accent that will encourage you to work on your pronunciation. Vincent is certainly one of the best YouTubers for learning French as a beginner, with videos on grammar, vocabulary, and fun French trivia. In this video, he tackles a typical grammar topic – the passé composé – and the phrases that let you know when you’ll need to use it.

Learn French I Expressions that usually require the passé composé

Beaucoup in French (Learn French with Pascal)

If Vincent isn’t for you, there’s Pascal. This YouTuber is another online teacher offering quick video lessons on French grammar and vocabulary topics, but with a twist. Take a look on his channel and you’ll find interesting takes on French vocabulary, such as how to talk about quarantine and racism. In this video, he looks at the word beaucoup, how to use it, and the expressions you can find it in.

Beaucoup in French

9 ways to answer ça va ? in French (Coffee Break Languages – French)

It’s one thing watching endless video lessons on grammar when you’re learning a new language, but as a beginner, sometimes you need direct advice on a burning question. In this video, your online teacher takes you through how to navigate a common French exchange and adds some variety to your expressions, so you don’t simply find yourself repeating ça va ça va over and over.

9 ways to answer the question ÇA VA ? in French

French Lesson: Numbers 60-70 (JeFrench)

French learning videos for beginners come in all shapes and sizes, and JeFrench offers some super simple variations. In this set of videos, you can learn French numbers at your own pace to get to grips with the basics. This one looks specifically at the numbers 60-70 – otherwise known as when the French counting system starts to bend all the rules.

French Lesson : Numbers 60 -70

Un peu de culture à Paris – La place du Tertre (Alice Ayel)

Some of the best videos to learn French as a beginner don’t focus on grammar at all, but tell stories instead. This is what you’ll find on this YouTube channel. Alice Ayel has a variety of different French learning videos, but in her Paris culture series, you can find interesting snapshots of history and culture in the City of Lights. In this video, she speaks clearly and slowly about Montmarte’s famous square.

Un peu de culture #1 La place du Tertre


Learn French – YouTube videos for intermediate level

Now let’s have a look at what the best French learning videos for intermediate learners have to offer.

10 phrases to show happiness – French Basic Phrases (Easy Languages)

As an intermediate French learner, you might appreciate videos that introduce you to more specific vocabulary and more nuanced ways to express yourself. Easy Languages offers a variety of different learning resources in video form, and their Basic Phrases series provides new ways to expand your expression. Here, you’ll learn new ways to talk about being happy.

10 phrases to show happiness – French Basic Phrases

Les films français… incompréhensibles ? (innerFrench)

If you’ve been desperately searching for new learning strategies for your French, you’ll find plenty of tips on this YouTube channel. We think this teacher is one of the best YouTubers for learning French at intermediate level because he speaks fluently, but clearly, about a broad range of topics – from French culture and society, to how to learn a language, and tips on French films and media. In this video, he explains why you shouldn’t discount using French films to improve your French.

Les films français… incompréhensibles ?

Is French toast really French? (Piece of French)

It’s no secret that learning any new skill is easier when it’s made fun. With this teacher, you can learn French YouTube-style, with fun blogs on all different types of subjects, from French in music, to perfecting your pronunciation, and things like cooking in French. In this video, your online teacher serves up a treat for the eyes and ears with a video on French toast.

IS FRENCH TOAST REALLY FRENCH?! // Making French Toasts While Talking About French Toasts

La peur (Français avec Pierre)

This might be one of the best YouTubers for learning French if you’re looking for something that comes closer to a lesson. On this channel, you can find playlists dedicated to French language training at intermediate level, as well as focuses on specific language concepts. In this video, Pierre reads a French story and provides a listening exercise to follow along with.

La Peur Une histoire pour apprendre le français

Dire je t’aime (SolangeTeParle)

If you’re a learner looking for something a little off the wall, you might like the French learning videos this YouTuber has to offer. Solange is an atypical French teacher, and more like a friend you can talk to about your deepest reflections. She speaks clearly and at an understandable pace about her anxieties, fears, and most of all, loves. As an intermediate French learner, her videos are a great introduction to speaking with nuance.

DIRE JE T’AIME | solangeteparle

The best videos to learn French at advanced level

How do we learn French YouTube-style when we’re at an advanced level? Let’s take a look.

Pourquoi le pic frappe son bec contre le tronc de l’arbre (Radio France Internationale)

If your French is at an advanced stage, you may want to move on from video lessons to watching excellent current affairs content in French. The RFI YouTube channel is full of interesting and of-the-moment content on the events of today. In this video, you can visit the African continent with a traditional story in French.

#Podcast #Afriqueencontes – Pourquoi le pic frappe son bec contre le tronc de l’arbre

Dessine-moi un alien (Cyprien)

If you like your French lesson with a side of humour, Cyprien may have the best videos to learn French for you. His channel is full of spoofs and skits, and in this video you see Cyprien in a short story about the extraterrestrial.

DESSINE-MOI UN ALIEN (court métrage)

Le Maroc (Norman fait des vidéos)

Sticking with the funny theme, Norman’s channel takes fun in French to the next level. There’s a lot of wordplay and puns, so these videos will really test your understanding of fast-paced French. In this video, Norman goes to Morocco and comedy ensues.


Les passages secrets de Paris (Documentaires HD France)

Let’s get serious again. Documentaries are a great way to improve and test your French, especially at an advanced level. This channel has some of the best videos to learn French, while learning something new about the world. In this video, you’re plunged into the history of Paris.

Les passages secrets de Paris – Documentaire français 2017

Street rap – le son de la rue (Rad)

Sticking to more hard-hitting topics, let’s take a look at Rad. This channel provides investigative journalism in fluent French. The topics vary from societal and environmental issues, to culture and general interest. This video offers an in-depth discussion of street rap and a peek into a little known corner of French culture.

Documentaire – Street rap « Le son de la rue » (Izzy-S, Tizzo, Lost, Souldia, Enima, White-B, MB)


French learning videos on YouTube: the pros and cons

Now you know all about the best YouTubers for learning French, you’re almost ready to plunge into your mission to learn French Youtube-style. Before you do that, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons.

The pros

Using YouTube to improve through French learning videos certainly has some advantages:

The cons

However, using French learning videos as your main learning resource also has some disadvantages:

  • Video learning lacks the structure of a class you would find in an online course for example.
  • You can’t guarantee the quality you would find in books, in e-learning websites or applications.
  • You can’t practice your French with other people and test your expression.

Tips for learning French on your own

If you’re considering diving into French learning videos, you’ll first need to know if you’re suited to learning French by yourself. Learning outside of a traditional lesson format requires some additional skills, and it’s not for everyone. You’ll need self discipline and motivation to convince yourself to squeeze in some study even on days when you don’t feel like it.

The good news is that anyone can learn French quickly and independently with the right tools. French learning videos can be an excellent supplement to a more structured learning style, like studying with an e-learning platform. With a defined plan, goals, and targets, it’s easier to keep yourself on the right track.

Improving your French with Global General

If you’re ready to start your new French language learning project, GlobalExam is here to guide you on your way from beginner to advanced. Our Global General platform has been designed with learners like you in mind.

Dive into hours of structured learning at every level, combining academic and fun learning resources to make progress while keeping language learning fun. Our platform brings together solid grammar and vocabulary training and fun activities, from “do you know” trivia to real-to-life audio activities.

Studying with Global General is an excellent way to improve your French by yourself, while keeping yourself engaged with language learning.