What are the best websites for your IELTS preparation?

Training for the IELTS exam is highly recommended, regardless of your English level, as you need to become familiar with the structure of the test and anticipate the question types in order to achieve a high band score. Many resources are available online, but not all are good quality websites. We browsed several ones, and we came up with a selection of the 10 best websites for your IELTS preparation.


1. IELTS Liz

The website ieltsliz.com was created by an experienced IELTS teacher from the UK, called Liz. She is an expert in the IELTS, and offers good exercises for free, as well as many tips. She also has a youtube channel IELTS Liz, if you prefer to watch videos. Her video lessons are very friendly and cover all the IELTS tasks (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing).


2. IELTS Buddy

IELTS Buddy also offers a lot of sample exercises, which are downloadable, along with grammar and vocabulary sections that focus on specific topics useful for the exam, and finally some tips and stategies to earn more points. What we find the most interesting on this website are the “Model Answers” for the Writing module (commenting a graph and writing an essay). Indeed, the model answers allow you to see how the question could be answered, how are the ideas organized in the answer as well as the vocabulary to use.


3. GlobalExam

GlobalExam is an online platform that not only provides some tips and sample exercises, but unlike the other websites, it gives an immediate correction with an explanation. All the content is produced and updated regularly by IELTS teachers. On GlobalExam, you can take a full mock test, in real exam conditions thanks to the timer, and get a correction at the end of the test. Your results are saved automatically, so you can check your preogression later, and work on potential gaps with our grammar and vocabulary study sheets. Another feature available is the possibility to create a “training schedule” that can help you organize your time to prepare for IELTS by giving you a programme to follow.

GlobalExam has a trial version in order for you to see what the website looks like and try platform thanks to a free IELTS practice test, then you can choose a Premium version among 4 different offers: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annualy.


4. IELTS Mentor

IELTS Mentor is also dedicated to the IELTS examination, and offers sample questions with answers for both General Training and Academic versions of the IELTS. Many sample questions are available for each task, with many sample answers to the question (especially for the essays) so that you can compare different “good” answers to a given question. You will also find advices per section of the exam, along with vocabulary to learn.


5. IELTS Simon

The website IELTS Simon was created by an ex-IELTS examiner, Simon, that still runs exam preparation courses in Manchester, UK. The websites gives you some free content to study IELTS, with recent archives to practice, and video lessons are available on his Youtube channel. If you like study with a book as well, he explains some of the audioscripts from Cambridge IELTS 12, which is another good resource to prepare for IELTS.


6. IELTS Advantage

IELTS Advantage focuses on IELTS vocabulary. The website is very user-friendly, with many videos and tips on how to learn vocabulary in an efficient manner. Indeed, as they say, vocabulary “makes up 25% of your total mark in the Writing and Speaking tests”, that’s why it is so important to improve your vocabulary.

For the writing and speaking parts, IELTS Advantage offers a correction service, starting from 29.95 USD.


7. Road to IELTS

As you may already know, the IELTS test has 3 co-owners: Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council and IDP. Road to IELTS is the official British Council online course. This website has a free version, and a full version with all the exercises and online preparation course, starting from 49.99 USD.


8. IELTS up

IELTS-up provides some exercises for each part with explanations and advices. There is content for both General Training and Academic versions. What we like about this website is that they have a “score maximizer”, which they created in order to send you an individual strategy based on your skills, your objective and the time you have left to the exam.


9. ielts-exam.net

On ielts-exam, you will find some free practice tests, as well as information about tests centers, which books to choose, and many other tips. The answers for the Listening and Reading parts are availble, but there is no correction for the Speaking and Writing parts.



You can improve your score by listening to TED talks – which are videos of people pitching on a specific subject – that’s why TED-IELTS made a selection of talks that can help you. Listening to TED talks is a funny way to improve your English level, along with your listening skills. If you need a tutor to correct your writing – and have an idea of the score you could get on this part – you have the possibility to submit your essay, and a tutor will correct it for 10 GBP.


If studying online is not your thing, or if you like to combine your training with a book, feel free to check our selection of best IELTS books. Now that you have a list of resources for your preparation, you can start training!