The best resources for IELTS preparation

If you are taking the IELTS test, preparation is (almost) mandatory. Now that you have registered for IELTS, the question is: how to find the best resources for your training? Many websites offer online trainings, although not all of them are good quality. Regarding books, a lot are available, but which one should you buy? After going through several resources, we came up with a list of the best resources for your training, should it be active or passive.

Indeed, there are two different ways of training:

  • Active training, or direct exam preparation, helps you assimilate essential grammar and vocabulary, along with the test format;
  • Passive training helps you improve your English level in a more general way, by improving your overall understanding of the language and enhancing your vocabulary while relaxing, without doing any IELTS standard exercises. For instance, watching National Geographic videos, or listening to BBC podcasts to become used to the different English-speaking accents that you will hear during the Listening section. Reading international press (including The Economist, The New York Times, The Guardian) is also a good option to help you acquire more vocabulary, useful for the first essay (150 words) of the Writing section.

Improving your English level thanks to “passive training” is good, although in this article we will give you some hints on which of all the resources are the best for an “active training”.

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What are the best books to study IELTS?

Our expert read many official IELTS books, and here is the list of the ones we prefer:

  • Complete IELTS from Cambridge
  • IELTS Trainer
  • Collins English for IELTS
  • IELTS Life Skills by Cambridge
  • Cambridge English IELTS

You can find out more details about those books and advices on how to choose between them in the article IELTS books.

What are the best websites for IELTS preparation?

Some websites are fully dedicated to IELTS, and give you some sample exercises with corrections. Sometimes the websites even allow you to download vocabulary lists, juste be careful when you are browsing, most of the websites are not good quality. Check out the best websites for IELTS preparation that can help you achieve a high band score. We made this list after reviewing them, so you can feel comfortable. Among the websites, you’ll see that some of them offer a Premium version, with a tutor that can correct your Writing and Speaking parts, and give you personilized advices and feedback.

Free sample practice test on GlobalExam

GlobalExam is an online platform 100% dedicated to language test preparation, and the IELTS is one of them. We offer sample exercises and mocks exams that can be done in real exam conditions thanks to a timer, and the platform will explain how does the IELTS score work and give you your IELTS score immediately after the exercise is done. There are many exercises per section of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). There is of course a detailed correction as well, with explanations. All the answers are saved in the statistics, that you can check at any time to follow your progress. To complete your training, vocabulary and grammar study sheets are available to help you address immediate gaps, along with other useful information such as tips and tricks for your training or testimonials.

GlobalExam has a trial version that allows you to take a free sample IELTS test and access to IELTS E-book by Global Exam before buying a Premium version. You just need to register to have access to the free trial! Start training now!

Good to know: you can sit for IELTS in any test centre, here is a list of some countries where it is possible to take the test:

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