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In this article, we are going to take you through the IELTS test and the following points :

  • The price difference between countries
  • The price of all IELTS exams
  • Where you can find the fee information
  • The assistance you can receive to help you pay, such as scholarships
  • The cancellation and rescheduling fees

You will also discover how GlobalExam can help you get fully prepared to take the IELTS, whether it is the Academic, General Training, Life Skills or UKVI!

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*We also have written articles about the IELTS Listening structure, the Speaking section, the presentation of the IELTS Reading and topics on the IELTS Writing.

How Much Does the IELTS Test Cost in Canada?

The IELTS exam in Canada costs around $315 – 340. The price for the paper and computer based versions of the test are the same. And it’s the same price for the Academic and General Training versions.

The exact price will vary depending on the test centre you choose. For example, here are 2 different testing locations in Toronto, Canada with slightly different IELTS fees:

You can find a test centre by going to the official IELTS website and searching for your exact test centre in Canada.

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IELTS Exam Fee in Canada & Taxes

Bear in mind that each province in Canada charges a different amount of taxes. So a $CAD325 IELTS fee in Ontario will cost you more than a $CAD325 IELTS fee in Alberta, because Ontario has higher taxes.

Ontario: $300 IELTS fee + GST/HST (13%) = $339

Alberta: $300 IELTS fee + GST/HST (5%) = $315

IELTS Service Fees in Canada

There are a number of additional IELTS services that are available for a fee. The services are:

  • Results enquiry
  • Additional Test Report Form (TRF)
  • Courier (for TRFs)
  • Test transfer

As most test centre fees depend on requirements, you will need to submit the appropriate information and form to the test centre before proceeding with a transaction. Once the test centre has confirmed your eligibility, you will be sent an invoice for payment via PayPal.poed your eligibility, you will be sent an invoice for payment via PayPal.

Service fees are as below:

Results enquiry$165CADAll requests must be submitted within six weeks of your test date. Form must be completed and submitted
Additional Test Report Form (TRF)$25CADYou receive up to five free TRFs with your test registration. Additional TRFs can be requested for your test as well as reissued and sent to the Recognizing Organization within two years of your test date.
Courier Fees$35CADCourier fees can be requested for your original test as well as for additional Test Report Forms
Transfer Fees$75CADThe deadline to apply for transfers is five weeks before your test day unless serious cause applies.

IELTS Canada Fees and Available Payment Methods

You can pay for your IELTS exam through online payment when you book, so have your debit or credit card handy.

Money orders and certified cheques may also be accepted by your chosen test centre (we strongly recommend using express courier to speed up payment).

In some place, you can pay by cash.

Why Is IELTS So Expensive in Canada?

The IELTS test is arguably the most popular standardized English test in the world. A lot of work goes into making a standardized test with 2 different versions (Academic and General Training) and two different delivery methods (computer and paper-based).

Here are some of the main reason why the IELTS exam costs so much:

  1. Marketing of the Test
  2. Update Frequency
  3. Scoring the Test
  4. Administering Test Centres
  5. Popularity / Profit


The test is offered in more than 150 countries around the world, and that means a lot of marketing, which costs.

Frequency of updates

There are multiple versions of the test constantly cycling throughout the test centres, to help prevent cheating. This constant updating of the test takes time and expertise, which costs.

Scoring the test

The IELTS exam consists of four sections: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The listening and reading sections are marked digitally, but the speaking and writing sections require specially-trained examiners to mark them, which…

Administering Test Centres

The IELTS exam requires you to complete it in person at a test centre. Buildings need to be paid for and maintained.

Popularity / Profit

All English speaking countries require the IELTS for visas, most of the top English-speaking colleges in the world require it. The IELTS exam dominates, and it is still a business.

Is There Much Difference In IELTS Cost Between Countries?

Yes, the cost advertised in Indian centres for the IELTS test is lower at around $180 or £140 but much higher costs can be found in Austria and Switzerland at around $375 or £290.

Since IELTS exam prices vary, you may be able to look for the best price in your area and book your test date there. Price isn’t usually affected by date and IELTS exam fees are usually the same within one city.

Searching neighbouring cities is more likely to get you some differences in price. With some careful searching of nearby cities you just might be able to save some money off the price of the exam. Make sure you check the validity of your test because you will have to retake it and pay again once it expires.

IELTS Prices For All Exam Types in Most Of The Countries

The IELTS exam does not belong to one country in particular, which is why the cost of this test can vary from one country to another. Especially when there are different types of IELTS tests that you can take.

 Academic or General TrainingLife SkillsUKVITFL
USAFrom USD$215 to USD$250$195$295N/A
CanadaCA$309 (Kitchener, Ontario)

CA$319 (all locations outside)
UKFrom £162 to £180£150£200£200
New ZealandNZ$385N/AN/AN/A
India13250 INR13850 INR18500 INRN/A
EuropeFrom 240 to 262€165€262€N/A

How Can I Find Out What to Pay At the Chosen Center?

To find out how much you will need to pay at your local centre, go to their website and find the registration section. Once you’ve clicked “Register,” you’ll get to the candidate registration page for the test site option you selected. There will usually be details of how much you need to pay to register for the IELTS there.

Note that there might be some differences in cost regarding the type of IELTS test you need and the country you want to take it in.

Is There Any Difference in Cost Between the IELTS Academic and General?

Most centres should have the same cost for the Academic test and the General test. There may be some slight variations for the paper test and the online version. You might want to check which version of the IELTS to choose when applying to Canadian universities or for a visa to immigrate to Canada and even if you wish to work as a nurse in Canada.

Is There Any Help With The IELTS Exam Cost?

Some countries, employers and councils do provide assistance with the cost of the IELTS test fee. For example, in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) may be able to reimburse the cost of the exam fees. Some professions have been eligible for reimbursement of test fees as part of some countries’ visa immigration process. If you are currently employed and you need a good level of English for your job then it is worth asking your employer whether they are willing to assist.

Are There Any Scholarships Available? Who Is Eligible?

In order to apply for an IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship, eligible applicants must complete an online application form available in the program.

Applicants must :

  • be under 32 years old
  • have completed high school with at least 75% grades
  • have validated undergraduate courses
  • have never taken an IELTS exam before
  • have a family income inferior to USD $250 per month (mandatory family bank statements and tax receipts)

In terms of documents, all applicants must submit a CV, transcripts, certificates and a letter of recommendation from a teacher at their previous school stating that the applicant deserves it.

Regarding the admission requirements, applicants must have completed undergraduate courses with at least 3.0 GPA. Students of the 7th and 8th semesters are also eligible, they must provide the transcripts of the first 6 semesters with a GPA > 3.0.

If English is not your first language, you must submit a copy of a recent English test certificate or provide details of when you will be taking the test.

The IELTS scholarship covers the full payment of the IELTS exam fee according to the rate of the British Council or any other IELTS testing organization.

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Is the Cost of IELTS Worth It Or Is It a Waste Of Money?

The important question is to understand the reasons for you to take the test.. If you need to do the test for immigration or employment purposes or to gain entrance to a university then maybe the test fee will pay for itself in the long run. If you just want to take the test out of curiosity then maybe the fee will be something you will need to think about.

The IELTS exam allows you to show your English level anywhere in the world. It is a real asset for your career : the certification of your test results can be used in 140 countries.

Many organizations accept IELTS as an admission requirement for international students.

It is also particularly important to take the IELTS if you want to go to Canada.

If you wish to go on Erasmus for a semester or even a year, you will need to justify your level of English to access the program.

The IELTS test is your passport to the whole world.

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