Why is it necessary to prepare for IELTS?

Created in 1989, the IELTS is an improved/enhanced version of the ELTS (The English Language Testing Service), which evaluated English level amongst international students seeking to study in United Kingdom colleges. Nowadays, the IELTS Academic replaces the ELTS, and the newly-created IELTS General Training allows professionals to certify their English level to their employer. The test is therefore suited to both students and managers working in large firms.

Obtaining a high score at IELTS can assist in joining top-ranking universities or boosting a career. It is thus necessary to find the ideal training in order to maximise your chances of succeeding. You can use various sources to train alongside GlobalExam’s method. The platform offers more than 60 hours of exercises and mock exams to understand how does the IELTS score work and obtain the best results.

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Preparing the IELTS – Formation

Training for the IELTS requires a specific form of learning. Following general English classes and reading newspaper articles to improve your vocabulary won’t be enough to obtain a high score at the test. Even if you’re confident in your English-speaking skills, it is recommended to choose a course specific to the test to obtain the best results. Following a IELTS course means understanding the mechanisms of the exam, meeting the corrector’s requirements and making the best of your time.

The main sources allowing you to prepare the IELTS each have their pros and cons, as summarised below.

Book- Second-hand sale:
After using your books for the test, you can sale them second-handed
- Price: Cambridge IELTS 9 is sold at 58,75$ (52,3€)

- Limited content: there are only 4 exercises in the book

- Availability: it is difficult to find available books during this exam period

- Learning from common mistakes: you are not interacting with other students

- Practicality: you need to have the book on you at all times
Private Classes-Individualisation: A private teacher can give you personalised exercises and correct your pronunciation mistakes immediately- Price: on average, a teacher’s wage is 50,4€ per hour on the Professeur Particulier[HdC1] website

- Availability: there are less available teachers during exam time

- Learning from common mistakes: you are not interacting with other students

- Promptness: you have to schedule lessons ahead
Public Classes- Learning from common mistakes: being around other students allows you to improve your skills by learning from other peoples’ mistakes - Price: courses offered by the British Council went up to 490€ in 2016 for a total of 20 hours of class

- Fixed schedule: Timetable is common to all students and classes cannot be re-scheduled

- Availability: it is more difficult to find courses during exam time
Global-Exam’s online classes- Price: Global-Exam offers subscriptions wired to your needs at unbeatable prices

- Unlimited content: You have unlimited access to all the website’s content during your chosen timeframe

- Individualisation: A teacher is at your disposal to train you to the Speaking.

- Adjustable schedule: you choose your own schedule

- Availability: no matter how many users, exercises and mock exams are always available at any time
- Learning from common mistakes: while you are not interacting with other students, you can contact the Global-Players community (for instance, on our Facebook page).

GlobalExam’s Training

Before registering for IELTS, you need to be sure you are prepared. GlobalExam has built a training platform designed to boost your score: IELTS’ experts have created tailored exercises and we offer the top 10 listening tipsIELTS Writing tips and Reading tips. Mock exams follow the real conditions of the exam. Two types of training are offered to you: the training mode and the exam mode.

You will also find information about the test on our blog, such as the structure of the IELTS (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) and even vocabulary and grammar study sheets for your success.

Where can you sit for the test?

There are many test centers available in many countries. Here is a list of articles detailing where you can take the IELTS:

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