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TOEIC – Reading – Exercise 2 : You will have to answer 12 questions.

You will have to read 4 fill-in texts with 3 missing words. You will have to identify which words are missing among 4 possible answers, and write them down in your exam booklet.

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TOEIC Reading exercise 2 – Tips


  • Read the sentence without looking at the possible answers and ask yourself which word you would add to fill it in. Pay attention to the words surrounding the gap, especially prepositions.
  • Identify the type of word which is missing by carefully looking at the sentence. Is a noun missing? If so, is it singular or plural? Is it an adverb? A verb? If so, which tense?
  • Then, look at the possible answers. Eliminate the least plausible ones.
  • Lastly, read the sentence again adding the most relevant possible answers and make a decision.

Tip: This exercise is usually considered the easiest TOEIC exercise. Maximise your score by finding the right balance between speed (you will save time for harder exercises) and precision (do not let your concentration slip: no careless mistakes!)

Moreover, feel free to read our specific advices for the TOEIC reading section as well as the strategies for effective  TOEIC Preparation. 

TOEIC Reading exercise 2 – Example

Here is an example from Global-Exam’s training base.

You read in your exam booklet:

Questions 1 to 3 refer to letter extracts:

With your immense support and patient understanding Dorothy has ___(1)___ to come out of the shell as well as respond better towards different subjects.


a. allowed

b. been able

c. manage

d. successfully

She has also ___(2)___ in mathematics and shows interest in various other subjects and activities.


a. improved

b. increased

c. decreased

d. reduced

As my daughter is now a senior student of your school and I feel ___(3)___of her success. I have here enclosed a little something to thank you for all your work.


a. happy

b. pleased

c. proud

d. glad

You must then select the correct answers on your answer sheet: b, a, c.

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