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You will have to answer 10 questions. For each question, a picture will be displayed in your exam booklet. You will listen to 4 phrases which will not be written in the booklet. You will have to choose the phrase that best matches up with the picture and write the answer down on your answer sheet. It is essential to master this part in order to have a good score in TOEIC.

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TOEIC Listening Exercise 1 – Tips

Anticipate! Carefully look at every picture before listening to the audio tracks. It will be easier to eliminate the clauses which do not match and identify the right answer.

Comment: The questions usually do not tackle details of the pictures but rather the general message.

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TOEIC Listening Exercise 1 – Example

Here is an example from GlobalExam’s training base.

You see in your booklet:

TOEIC listening exercice

You hear:

a. the sun is shining on the pyramid

b. the moon is shining on the pyramid

c. it is raining

d. the square is full of people

You then select the correct answer on your answer sheet : b .

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