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You will have to answer 30 questions. Each question contains a sentence (phrase or question) which is only spoken out loud. You will then listen to 3 suggested answers which will not be written in the booklet. You will have to choose the answer that best fits the phrase/question and write it down on your answer sheet. It is essential to master this part in order to have a good score in TOEIC.

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TOEIC Listening exercise 2 – Tips

Comment: Watch out — you will not have any resources (picture, text) at your disposal to help you understand the questions and the suggested answers. It is your ability to stay focused on the audio track which will allow you to do well in this exercise, especially because it is quite long (30 questions in a row).

Tip: If you have doubts about a question, do not let your concentration slip! When you hesitate, choose an answer at random and stay focused so that you do not miss the beginning of the next question. Write down the questions you have doubts about and go back to them at the end of the exercise, if you have time.

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TOEIC Listening exercise 2 – Example

Here is an example from GlobalExam’s training base.

You hear the question:

What time is it?

You hear 3 answer choices:

a. 3 o’clock

b. Tuesday

c. March

You then select the correct answer on your answer sheet: a.

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