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You will listen to 10 speeches. These speeches are relatively short (less than a dozen sentences on average). Just like in Exercise 3, you will have to answer 3 questions, which will be both spoken out loud and written in your booklet. You will be offered 4 possible answers (only written on your booklet). You will have to choose the answer that best fits the question and write it down on your answer sheet. It is essential to master this part in order to have a good score in TOEIC.

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TOEIC Listening exercise 4 – Tips

Just like in Exercise 3, you will have about 8 seconds to select the right answer once you have heard the question.

Tip: Just like in Exercise 3, start answering the questions as soon as the recordings begin, as the questions and possible answers are written down. If you manage to answer one question quickly, you will then have more time to read the next one. This will allow you to anticipate the key points in the audio tracks. Answering the questions will become easier and you will gain more marks.

Moreover, do not hesitate to read our specific tips for the listening section as well as the strategies for effective TOEIC preparation.

TOEIC Listening exercise 4 – Example

Here is an example from GlobalExam’s training base.

You hear the monologue:

Hello, Mr. Collins here,

Following my letter, I wish that you take notice of the fact that your month to month tenancy of the herein described premises is hereby terminated at the expiration of 30 days after service of this notice on you, and that you are hereby required to quit and on said date deliver up to me the possession of the premises now held and occupied by you under such tenancy.

Please call me back as soon as you get this message to confirm the date of your departure.

You then hear the first question:

What is the nature of this talk?

You read the four proposed answers:

a. it is a conference

b. it is a answer

c. it is a vocal message

d. it is an announcement

You then select the correct answer on your answer sheet: c.

The same goes for the 2 following questions, before listening to a new conversation.

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