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For the TOEIC Exercise 1 you will have to answer 40 questions. For each question, a fill-in sentence will be displayed in your exam booklet, along with 4 possible answers. You will have to choose the answer that best fits the sentence and write it down on your answer sheet. This part is essential to master in order to have a good TOEIC score!

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TOEIC Reading exercise 1 – Tips

Method: To do well on this type of exercise, you should:

  • First, read all the questions and answer those which seem obvious.
  • Then, read through the questions again to answer the harder ones. Spend 30 seconds per question. When reading the questions for the second time, try to use a process of elimination to focus on 2 possible answers out of 4. If you still have doubts about the right answer, choose the most probable one: since you have eliminated 2 wrong answers before, you are even more likely to hit upon the right one. This way, you will not get stuck on a question and you will better manage your time.

Moreover, feel free to read our specific advice for the TOEIC reading section as well as the strategies for effective TOEIC preparation.

TOEIC Reading exercise 1 – Example

Here is an example from Global-Exam’s training base.

You read in your exam booklet:

The staff would like to remind all customers that they _____their personal belongings.

You read the four propositions for the answer:

A. must take care of

B. should take care with

C. must keep care of

D. have to keep with

You must then select the correct answer on your answer sheet: a.

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