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Do you want to pass your TOEFL in Edmonton? Are you wondering where the available test centers are? Keep reading!

In this article, we will mention the following points:

  • A list of all the available test venues in Edmonton;
  • What are the exam fees;
  • How can you register to pass the TOEFL test;
  • Prepare your for the TOEFL IBT with GlobalExam!

Read on and let us help you find a TOEFL test center!

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TOEFL Edmonton: List of All the Available Test Venues

Edmonton, the capital of Canada’s Alberta province, is a great city to go out and have fun and is great for shopping too. West Edmonton Mall is always a good place to hang out or there is always the farmers market.

If you are in Edmonton in August then you will be able to enjoy one of the best folk music festivals in the world. On top of this, It’s also a fantastic place to do a language study program, prep for an exam or to take a TOEFL test!

There is one center available in Edmonton. You can find more information in the table below:

CityTest CenterAddressContact
EdmontonEdmonton AB - APCN-60148944 182nd Street Nw, Suite 316,
Edmonton, Alberta T5t2e3 Canada

Where else can you find TOEFL test centers in Canada?

If you wish to take the TOEFL in Canada, then there are plenty of other cities offering the exam, such as:

girl standing posing in front of a skyscraper

TOEFL Edmonton: What Are the Exam Fees in This City?

The exam fees for passing the TOEFL test in Edmonton are $225. In addition, if you find yourself in specific circumstances such as late registration or rescheduling , you may need to pay additional fees. Find more information in the table below.

Late registration
Reinstatement of canceled scores
Additional score reports (per institution or agency)
US$20 each
Speaking or Writing Section score review
Speaking and Writing Section score review
Returned payment

How Can I Register to Take the TOEFL Test in Edmonton?

To register and find available dates you can type your preferred location on the official ETS website.

Be aware that you will need to provide your personal identification documents and the exact type may depend on where you come from. You should be prompted for the correct documents when you register online.

There are several ways through which you can register:

  • Register by Phone: If you are testing in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or Canada, call +1-443-751-4862 or 1-800-GO-TOEFL (1-800-468-6335). For all other locations, you must call your Regional Registration Center (RRC). Select your testing location to find the phone number. When registering, you will be able to pay with credit/debit card as well as electronic check (e-check).
  • Register by Mail: To register by mail, first download and fill out a Registration Form (pdf format available on the ETS website). You’ll have to enter certain codes manually that are input automatically online. Forms must be received at least 4 weeks before your test date.
  • Register with your ETS Account: Registration using your ETS account is the fastest, easiest way to register. With the online registration system, you’ll take advantage of easy access to official test prep, a test center search, and the ability to register 27 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to register with an ETS account?

If you want to register with an ETS account, here are the simple steps you should undertake:

  1. Log in to your ETS account or create your account on the ETS website if you don’t already have one
  2. On My TOEFL home page, select register/Find Test Centers
  3. Select the location of the test center in Edmonton or the Home Edition if available and depending on your preferences
  4. Verify your email address and then confirm your time zone or select a new one
  5. Choose the 2-month period you would like to take the test, then select an available test date from the calendar.
  6. Select an available time for your test and click “Register for this test.”
  7. Continue your registration and pay for your test
  8. Important: you will also need to upload copies of identification documents such as passports or driving licenses. Your chosen center will prompt you for the specific documents that they need to complete your registration.
  9. Once you are finished with the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, and location. We strongly advise you to keep it until the d-day!

Is There Anything You Should Bring On Your Test Day?

When you arrive at your TOEFL test center, you will need to show your identification documents. These will be the same as the ones you used to register. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of the test confirmation email you received.

Is there anything you should bring for your test? Is there any forbidden item? We answer your questions in the paragraph below – Keep reading!

First, the only items you must bring on test day are:

  • A mask. If you don’t have one, you won’t be admitted to the test center. For more information on safety procedures, you can check the ETS website
  • A valid ID (depending on the requirements of your test center). We recommend that you bring at least 2 forms of ID, if you can, in case the test administrator questions the first ID you present. Important: these documents need to correspond to the ones you used for your registration.
  • A copy of the test date confirmation email and a pen or pencil for the answer sheet
  • Apart from the aforementioned items, you will not need much else, except perhaps some TOEFL materials for some quick last minute revisions!
  • There is also a list of items that you should not bring. This for instance includes phones, watches or any other electronic, recording, listening, scanning or photographic devices.


  • If you are seen using or accessing a device and/or transmitting data, including but not limited to text messaging, email, and photographs, your device may be inspected and/or confiscated.
  • If you bring a phone with you to the test center, it must be turned off
  • You cannot access your phone or other device during the test session or during breaks to check messages, make a call, or check the time or for any other reason.

Make sure to keep that in mind the day of your exam for your test to go as smoothly as possible!

When Will I Be Able to Find Out the Results of My TOEFL Test?

If you take the online TOEFL iBT test you will be able to view your scores over the internet. At the time of registration you will receive an ETS ID number. To find your results you just need to log in to your account and you will be able to view your score.

You should get a notification email after your test which will tell you when your scores are available. Most students are able to see their results 10 days after their test date.

Overall, there are two ways through which you can receive your results: through your ETS account and via mail.

Preferred channel
ETS AccountOnline format: You'll receive an email when your scores are available, and you can access your account online or via the official TOEFL® app.You can view your scores in your ETS account approximately 6 days after your test date.
MailPaper copyIt will be mailed within 11 days after your test date. Delivery times will vary based on local postal services.

Note: Your scores are valid for 2 years, so you may want to download and print a PDF copy of your test taker score report from your account.

How Can GlobalExam Help You Prepare for the TOEFL Test?

GlobalExam is an online platform and is an excellent place to prepare for your TOEFL test. Just like the TOEFL test – it has online TOEFL questions to test your proficiency for the exam. You’ll know when you’re ready to take the test as you will be able to keep track of your improvement. There are trial versions of tests such as TOEFL and IELTS for you to try out and then you can upgrade to the Premium version to obtain access to all the available content.

On our platform, you will have access to the following:

  • A training mode: you will be able to complete practice exercises designed by language professionals
  • An exam mode: this will allow you to practice in real exam conditions (a timer will also be available for you to evaluate your time management skills and be ready the day of the exam)
  • Detailed corrections after each exercise and mock exam to help you identify the points you need to improve
  • Statistics to evaluate your level as you progress throughout your learning journey
  • A planning mode: this will help you plan ahead before your test and set goals and stay motivated as you keep on learning!

Overall, GlobalExam will be the ideal partner to study for your TOEFL test. Do you want to start preparing for your TOEFL exam? Let’s GlobalExam guide you throughout your learning journey and get the highest score on your exam!

nt place to prepare for your the TOEFL test. Just like the TOEFL test – it has online TOEFL questions to test your proficiency for the exam. You’ll know when you’re ready to take the test as you will be able to keep track your improvement. There are trial versions of tests such as TOEFL and IELTS for you to try out and then you can upgrade to the Premium version to obtain access to all the available content.