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¿Te sientes listo/a para rendir el CAE? Muchos piensan que la parte más difícil es la del Reading y Use of English. ¡No hay nada que temer! Hemos diseñado esta ficha de repaso para desmitificar esa sección del examen y que puedas perderle el miedo. En ella encontrarás:

  • Ejemplos-tipo de Use of English en el CAE
  • Preguntas modelo del Reading del CAE
  • Practica para el CAE con GlobalExam

¡Vamos! El tiempo corre y tu preparación para el Cambridge C1 Advanced no puede esperar. Deja de procrastinar y lee nuestra guía sobre la sección de Reading y Use of English, ¡hemos preparado varios ejercicios modelo para ti!

Practicar gratis al CAE

Antes de todo, no olvides que para aprobar un examen, lo que tienes que hacer son ejercicios, y nosotros te ponemos a disposición exámenes C1 Cambridge gratis para practicar.

CAE use of english part 1: Multiple choice cloze

¡Empecemos! Esta primera parte se titula CAE Use of English part 1 o Espacios en blanco con opción múltiple. Ello se debe a que, en esta parte, tendrás un texto con espacios en blanco numerados y deberás escoger qué respuesta calza mejor (A, B, C o D).

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is  credited with a variety of inventions and achievements. Among these are the repeal of Britain’s Stamp Act, bifocals, the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, the reform and (1) …….. of the first U.S. postal system.


A. Invent

B. Innovation

C. Creating

D. Creation

Si quieres informaciones acerca de otras partes del examen, no dudes en consultar nuestra artículo sobre el tema CAE writing examples.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 2: Open cloze

Esta segunda parte se llama CAE Use of English part 2 o Espacios en blanco con respuesta abierta. En esta parte, tendrás un texto en el que hay espacios en blanco. Tienes que averiguar la palabra correcta para cada espacio en blanco.


Native American Tribes

Prior to European settlement in North America, Native American tribes populated certain areas there. (1) …….. cultures, food, traditions, and beliefs (2) …….. wrapped up in their surroundings.

Preparate para el CAE con ejercicios gratis.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 3: Word formation

Esta tercera parte se llama CAE Use of English part 3 o Formación de palabras. Encontrarás un texto que contiene 8 espacios en blanco. Al final de cada línea hay una palabra ‘guía’ que tienes que modificar para completar la frase correctamente.


Doctors in Cuba

For many years, Cuba has been renowned for its medical diplomacy. Healthcare missions are conducted by thousands of its doctors around the world, (1) (EARN) …….. the country billions of dollars in cash.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 4: Key word transformation

En esta parte 4 llamada CAE Use of English part 4Transformaciones con palabras clave, verás frases seguida de una palabra clave y una segunda frase con un espacio en blanco en su interior. Debes usar la palabra clave para completar la segunda frase (3 a 6 palabras máx.) y que guarde el mismo significado que la primera frase.


My friend could not be less interested in fishing.


My friend has …………………………………. in fishing.

Si tienes preguntas sobre otras partes del examen como por ejemplo la del Listening C1 Cambridge, también tenemos un artículo sobre este tema.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 5: Multiple choice

En esta quinta parte, la CAE Use of English part 5, tendrás un texto con preguntas de opción múltiple. Por cada pregunta hay 4 opciones y debes escoger A, B, C o D.


The Fight for Civil Rights

In early 1965, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) made Selma, Alabama, the focus of its efforts to register black voters in the South. That March, state and local authorities met with violence protesters who were attempting to march there. As the world watched, the protesters finally got their wish, walking for three days straight to reach Montgomery.

What problems did the marchers have in March?

A. They were attacked by vigilantes.

B. There were issues with police permits.

C. They were attacked by local police.

D. They weren’t protected by the Federal National Guard.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 6: Cross-text multiple matching

En esta sexta parte, la CAE Use of English part 6, Emparejamiento múltiple de textos con referencias cruzadas, encontrarás textos cortos con preguntas de emparejamiento múltiple. Lee los textos y luego empareja cada pregunta con el texto que corresponda.


Steven King – IT

3 reviewers comment on Stephen King’s novel.


King’s latest foray into fiction is a monster of a book; at nearly four hundred pages, it’s easily his longest to date. This seems to happen often with writers as their approach the middle of their careers. Brevity ceases to be their strong suit. So, I approached the book with a slight world-weariness common to people of my profession. However, despite my reservations, it was a most engaging story.


Having read several of King’s novels already, I had a good idea of what to expect. A monster with a taste for eating small children terrorizes a fictional town in Maine, and the children learn to fight back. If this formulation is already making you yawn, you’re not alone. To say that this storyline has been done to death is an understatement.


King’s latest thriller, about a shape-shifting clown on an unhinged murder spree, makes for light but enjoyable reading this summer. Four hundred pages can seem like a lot, but King makes the length work very nicely (…). The most fascinating parts of his books are not the monsters, but the interactions between characters and the ‘human’ element of the stories.

Which reviewer implies that he is tired of his job? ________

Which reviewer has a different feeling about the writing style? ________

CAE Reading and Use of English part 7: Gapped text

Aproba el CAE gracias a ejercicios online gratis.

La parte 7, titulada CAE Use of English part 7 o Texto con espacios en blanco, presenta un texto con espacios numerados que representan los párrafos que faltan. Debes leer el texto y los párrafos para decidir qué párrafo corresponde para cada espacio en blanco.

Modern Technology

Modern technology can do some pretty spectacular things. It’s pretty straightforward, these days, to transmit digital information over long distances using coding and decoding processes without losing the contents of the original information. The best part is we don’t have to do anything besides send the message and wait for its receipt. (1) _______.

A. Computers and fax machines have a surprisingly long history. The first computer was invented over eighty years ago, and the fax machine followed shortly afterwards. It would be a long time, however, before these inventions were ready for mass production and commercial use.

B. Consider, for instance, the cellular phone. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that this mobile variation on the standard telephone was even available for people to use. Now, it seems like everyone has a cellphone, sending and receiving information in speedy ways invisible to the human eye.

C. It’s important to note that for the Internet to work as it does, many companies have to agree to work with one another. The Internet is really a collection of networks working together toward a common goal of allowing information to be shared.

Si quieres informaciones acerca de otras partes del examen, no dudes en consultar nuestra artículo sobre el tema Cambridge Advanced Exam Speaking.

CAE Reading and Use of English part 8: Multiple matching

¡Llegamos al final! La última parte se llama CAE Use of English part 8Emparejamiento múltiple y propone una serie de preguntas de emparejamiento múltiple seguidas de un texto o varios textos cortos. Tienes que emparejar cada pregunta con elementos del texto. En este caso, deberás emparejar según qué Counsellor dijo qué.

Choose the right university

Counsellor A

There are, of course, no guarantees when it comes to getting your child into the best possible higher education facility. Although the selection process is somewhat opaque, since the single biggest variable is your child’s SAT scores, it’s vital that every effort is made to obtain the optimum score. There are many prep centres that your child can attend, and a lot of high-quality private tutors offer classes, too.

Counsellor B

Parents ask me how they can secure the best possible education for their child. The single biggest advantage you can give to your child is an impressive extracurricular schedule. There are sports scholarships, for example. But universities have started to take other activities into consideration: working for the school newspaper or the chess club. Students such as these are an attractive proposition for universities looking to diversify their student body.

Now choose from the counsellors. Answers may be chosen more than once.

  1. Get extra educational help if your child is not doing so well ________
  2. Somewhat unusual clubs or hobbies can be of great help to your application ________
  3. The way universities choose their students is hard to understand ________

Cuéntanos, ¿qué te han parecido estos ejemplos? Si te han resultado fáciles, ¡enhorabuena! De lo contrario, es hora de ponerse a practicar. Si deseas comparar tus respuestas a las que te proponemos nosotros como parte de tu entrenamiento, inscríbete en nuestra plataforma y los encontrarás todos en la rúbrica del CAE o C1 Advanced.

Relax, que el estudiar para el CAE no tiene por qué ser un martirio. Esta es tu oportunidad para pulir esos puntos de inglés que se te olvidan o que no tienes muy claros. Sigue leyendo para enterarte cómo podemos ayudarte con ello.

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