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¿Qué es el PET? Una certificación PET exige como mínimo 140 puntos en total, pero lo ideal no es conformarse con lo mínimo y debido a eso estás practicando con antelación. Este artículo es una buena herramienta para comenzar, puesto que aquí encontrarás:

  • Diferentes listas de vocabulario con los temas del B1 Preliminary.
  • Ejercicios para practicar tu vocabulario
  • Consejos para aprender vocabulario
  • Una herramienta para practicar para el B1 Preliminary en línea.

¿Estás listo? Empecemos.

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Vocabulario examen PET para el nivel b1

Estas listas de vocabulario B1 te servirá como guía para que empieces a prepararte para el B1 Preliminary.

A. Vocabulario Food and drink

DairyLácteosI spend a lot of money in the dairy section of the supermarket because I love cheese so much!
A dietUna dietaHer diet isn't very healthy because she eats lots of cheese and chocolate and not many vegetables.
FruitFrutaI like to buy my fruit from the local farm.
A hot drinkBebida calienteI always have a hot drink in the evening after dinner to relax.
IceHieloCan I have some ice please? I like my drinks very cold.
PoultryCarne blancaWe really like chicken, and so do our dogs, so we spend lots of money in the poultry section of the supermarket every week.
MeatCarneI like eating lamb, but my husband doesn't eat meat because he's a vegetarian.
SeafoodComida de marIf I eat crab, prawns, oysters, or any other kind of seafood, I get really sick.
VegetablesVerdurasI made a big vegetable curry for lunch, with lots of potatoes and carrots.
Soft drinkRefrescoHe buys her kids too many soft drinks.

B. Vocabulario college and university

A campusCampusAre you studying at the Cape-East campus this year?
A creditCréditoI should be able to use my credit for Common Law towards my degree.
A curriculumPlan de estudiosThere are a lot of accounting subjects included in the Business Degree curriculum.
A graduateGraduadoI am a Computer Science Degree graduate.
A lecturerProfesor numerarioProfessor Dennis will be the lecturer for the Biology course.
A majorEspecializaciónMy major for this degree is Economics.
A prerequisitePropedéuticoThe prerequisite for the Journalism degree is English First Language.
A scholarshipBecaThe government is offering a scholarship for the Politics Degree.
A semesterSemestreI am studying Maths 101 this semester.
A thesisTésisI started my thesis for my master’s degree yesterday.

C. Vocabulario house

An appartmentUn apartamentoI live in a large apartment on the 47th floor of my building
Block of flatsBloque de apartamentosThe block of flats that I live in consists of about 500 residential units.
Landlord/LandladyPropietarioMy landlady is really kind.
Mobile homeCasa rodanteWhen she was a child, they were very poor and lived in a mobile home.
PalacePalacioOn our holiday in London we went to Buckingham Palace and spent about two hours looking around some of the rooms.
To rentAlquilarMy landlady wants to increase my rent and I can no longer afford it
SkyscraperRascacielosMy uncle lives in Dubai on the 100th floor of a skyscraper!
TenantArrendatarioI will terminate the agreement with my tenant after this month, as she is always late paying her rent.
VillaVillaThe villa was so big that they converted it into four flats that now share a gym and swimming pool.
ResidentialResidencialThis building is made up of a mixture of offices and residential properties.

D. Vocabulario Colleagues and working relationships

An assistantUn asistenteBob's assistant called me earlier to confirm Wednesday's meeting.
A bossUn jefeHe isn't a very good boss; his people skills are terrible!
A colleagueUn colegaThe conference last week was a good opportunity to catch up with my colleagues from the other branches of our company.
To delegateDelegarShe's always stressed with the amount of work she has. If only she delegated better, everyone would be happier.
A departmentDepartamento/secciónI work in the marketing department now, but when I first joined the company I was in sales.
An employeeUn empleadoOur company is very small. It only has 8 employees.
A foremanUn capatazThe foreman made sure everyone on the factory floor paid attention to what they were doing and worked safely.
An internPasanteThe intern spent most of the day photocopying documents and didn't feel he was learning anything new.
To promoteAscender aShe worked in the department, in the same position for five years before they promoted her to assistant manager.
To recruitContratarWhen the company expanded it was necessary to recruit a lot more staff for all the extra work.

¿Sabes como funciona el sistema de puntuación del PET? Es una de las preguntas que deberias de hacerte antes de rendir el examen.

Ejercicios vocabulario inglés PET

Pon en práctica el vocabulario aprendido con los siguientes ejercicios.

Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

Pregunta 1

I really hope that accounting isn’t a ________ for the Business Economics Degree as I haven’t studied it before.

Respuesta: prerequisite

Pregunta 2

Our _______ worked for free for a year, but was such a fast learner and such a good worker that now she’s a full-time paid assistant.

Respuesta: intern

Te presentamos el PET vocabulary que tienes que conocer

Pregunta 3

I get sick if I have any ___________ products, so no milk, cheese, or ice cream for me!

Respuesta: dairy

Pregunta 4

My tuition fees for next year are really expensive so I have applied for _____.

Respuesta: a scholarship

Pregunta 5

With the opening of the new department, HR needed to _________ a lot more staff, and started placing advertisements in the media.

Respuesta: recruit

Pregunta 6

I don’t eat meat, but I do eat a lot of fruit and __________. My favourites are carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms.

Respuesta: vegetables

Consejos para el vocabulario

No te quedes atrás y sigue al pie de la letra estos consejos para que puedas ampliar tu vocabulario en inglés, y sobre todo, el vocabulario para el PET.

  1. Utiliza las palabras nuevas con frecuencia para no olvidarlas. Escribe un diario o texto breve sobre cualquier tema.
  2. Escribe palabras en notas adhesivas y pégalas. Visualmente tendrás una noción de lo que significa la palabra.
  3. Traduce las estrofas de tus canciones favoritas.
  4. Haz una lista de vocabulario en la que pongas la palabra en inglés, su traducción y un ejemplo creado por ti.
  5. Siempre aprende las palabras en su contexto.  En lugar de escribirlos en listas aleatorias, intente colocarlos en frases. Así sabrás la forma correcta de utilizarlos en la vida real.
  6. Aprende los sufijos y prefijos de las palabras. Por lo general las palabras que tienen el mismo sufijo o prefijo forman parte de la misma familia. Por ejemplo la terminación ly hace referencia a los adverbios.

Como para todo examen, es importante conocer la estructura del examen PET antes de rendir la prueba.

Prepárate para el PET con GlobalExam

Conocer el mecanismo de evaluación del PET y todos sus contenidos te ayudará a obtener buenos resultados en el examen. Pero esto no va llegar solo y requiere de mucha práctica y nuestra plataforma GlobalExam es la respuesta.

Puedes completar tu preparación para la prueba con nuestra plataforma en línea GlobalExam. Tenemos cientos de ejercicios de preparación, fichas de vocabulario suplementarias a las que encontrarás en este artículo, simulacros del examen y fichas de gramática para el PET. De esta forma tendrás las herramientas necesarias para pasar el examen.

Conoce los mejores recursos para preparar el PET. También puedes consultar las siguientes fichas: