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In the current climate of businesses expanding, demand growing, more job opportunities, and the dreaded unemployment, being about to give yourself an edge or just a little something that puts you ahead in the game is important. Your language skills will do this, especially improving your English ability as this is “the language of business”. This can be further advanced with a focus on learning business EnglishLet’s focus on improving your language ability. Know that making progress in professional English will give you a boost to your career.

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How can you improve your English language level?

Improving your language skills, in any language, requires self-discipline, time, good resources, and/or learning environment. There are many different ways to study and you need to choose the one that works best for you. Depending on your level, you have the option to diversify into different ESP options. English for Specific Purposes are courses that focus on English language for a target language area e.g. business, science, exams etc.

Getting your ability to a level good enough to make ESP easier is the key. The main decision you have to make is about your learning style. Which works best for you online learning or face-to-face learning, remembering that some online learning can also be live video based.

The main face-to-face options are taking courses at language schools, informal language exchanges, or private classes. Many language schools offer general English, exam preparation, and business English courses. They also offer 1-to-1 classes but these are generally more expensive. Language exchanges are easy to find. There are many options online to sign up for a conversation club etc in your area. Just remember that this is good for improving speaking fluency, listening, and vocabulary but not so much if you want to practice more than general English. It won’t help develop business English skills. Private classes can be found online or notice boards in cafes and student areas. They will cost more but, if you find the right tutor, can offer a faster way to improve your professional use of English. All of these options are readily available to you.

There are also many options online available to you. Online language learning has become very popular in the last few years. This is due to the ease and convenience of access to providers who cater to your needs. Resources here fall into two categories, live video lessons and pre-built courses for you to work through. The latter is video and task-based.  There are many providers for live video lessons. The key point is to make sure your tutor has the skills (qualifications and experience) to help you learn what you need.

They should provide lots of opportunities for you to speak on different topics, improve your vocabulary, and correct any mistakes you make. Try any free lessons first as a trial. Pre-built courses are also great learning courses. They make sure you get what you need, cover all the content they promise in the course description, and you can work through it at your own pace. If your speaking is okay, this is a great way to improve or focus on a different aspect of English language learning, such as business English. Take a 6-month online professional English course and you’ll make real progress.


Choose the Business English course that suits you best

GlobalExam can also help you to achieve this goal. We are a training provider that can assist you in improving your English language level.

Our online courses will help you improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. When you’re learning, focusing on developing all four skill areas is really important. We also have areas for grammar practice and vocabulary development. Our website also offers webinars and an extensive blog full or article to help, motivate, and support your learning.

We now have a Business English course to help you learn a more specific type of English and how it is used. This is a very important aspect of language use. Our platform gives you the option of focusing on an aspect of business English, such as reception and events, marketing, and HR as examples; also skill areas such as sales, telephone English, negotiation skills to name a few. This will make acquiring the skills you need in your type of business environment a lot easier than studying general business English. By practicing 15 minutes a day, you will be able to get a better level of English.

You can immerse yourself in the learning with hundreds of situations in real life covered in videos and tasks. This isn’t a formal course but a fantastic resource for developing professional skills. GlobalExam offers these courses in three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. On your dashboard you can change the level your learning at, the current career pathway you are studying, and also the skill area if you don’t want or need to complete the whole course. However, refreshing skills you already have is also good practice and a great confidence booster.

We give you the chance to try out the platform with a free account, giving you access to the first scenario of each course. How awesome is that! Our premium content is paid but definitely worth the investment. We hire qualified and experienced professionals to develop our materials, as we only want the best to help you.