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Free online training for the Linguaskill (Bulats)

GlobalExam is not a free English exam training website. We offer practice schedules adapted to your needs, in order for you to gain points and reach your objectives. For the Linguaskill (Bulats) test, we offer different practice schedules to allow you to approach the exam calmly and to improve in different linguistic areas.

Contrary to other Linguaskill (Bulats) preparation websites, our website does not feature annoying adverts. The emphasis is on preparation with no distraction. We have a large and varied selection of exercises, which will allow you to get to grips with all the different types of questions that you may encounter.

Our platform will help you prepare for the Linguaskill (BULATS) exam. We offer exercises for the Reading and Listening modules of the Linguaskill (Bulats) test. The other modules (Speaking and Writing) are marked more subjectively; we prefer to give you objective criteria on which to base your preparation.

Nevertheless, GlobalExam offers a free test to those practising for the Linguaskill (Bulats) exam. The aim of this test is to give you an idea of the exam’s format and structure. It will allow you to practise the exam under real exam conditions. Furthermore, it will allow you to discover the quality and reliability of our website’s content. In practice, for each of the 8 exercises that make up the Linguaskill (Bulats) exam, GlobalExam offers one free practice exercise.

Gaining access to the free Linguaskill (Bulats) test is incredibly easy! You just need to create a GlobalExam account in a few clicks (full name and password). Do not worry; signing up for this account does not commit you to anything else!

To access a larger range of exercises, you can choose one of our practice formulas, which will allow you to practise while targeting your weak points.

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Free Linguaskill (Bulats) practice exercises

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For more information on the types of questions that you will face in the test, consult this Bulats questions guide.

Free online training for the Linguaskill (Bulats) test

GlobalExam is one of the few exam preparation platforms to offer free online exercises to prepare for the Linguaskill (Bulats) in an effective way.

Indeed, online free Linguaskill (Bulats) training websites are not very numerous, as the test often takes a back seat to other English exams, such as the TOEIC and IELTS exams. When they do exist, they often feature huge amounts of adverts, few exercises and even fewer exercises of good quality! Free online Linguaskill (Bulats) preparation is therefore quite risky. It is almost impossible! It is easy to find a few English tests such as those from to assess your English level in several minutes. The added value of using GlobalExam is that you know which competencies you need to focus on. It is a specific and targeted training course for this test.

Discover our free online practice exercises by creating your account in 30 seconds! With all the different exercise types featured in the Linguaskill (Bulats) exam, our exercises are tailored to your needs in order to help you prepare effectively for the Linguaskill (Bulats) test.