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In this article, we are going to learn some classifications of animals in French which will allow us to admire the great variety that exists. We invite you to continue reading so that you can identify and name categories or groups of animals.

So, does it look like a good plan? Cool! So, why don’t we start right away?

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Companion Animals

Let’s see some essential vocabulary to talk about these animals that play a key role in our lives.

List Of Pets

PetsLes animaux de compagnie
a dogun chien
a bitchune chienne
a puppyun chiot
a guide dogun chien de garde
a sheepdogun chien de berger
a colleyun colley
a spanielun épagneul
a poodleun caniche
a dog of mixed breed, a mongrelun bâtard
a cat un chat
a female catune chatte
a kittenun chaton
a goldfishun poisson rouge
a parrotun perroquet
a canaryun canari
a hamsterun hamster
a guinea pigun cochon d’Inde, un cobaye

Important: When you want to talk about other animals people can have as pets, you can add the word “domestique”.

Example: Isabelle has a pet pig / Isabelle a un cochon domestique.

Farm Animals

Some farm animals in French are the following.

List Of Farm Animals

Farm AnimalsLes animaux de la ferme
an oxun boeuf
a cowune vache
a bullun taureau
a calfun veau
a billy goatun buoc
a nanny-goatne chèvre
a kidun chevreau
a sheepun mouton
a eweune brebis
a lambun agneau
a pigun cochon, un porc
a sowune truie
a mareune jument
a horseun cheval
a foalun poulain
a ponyun poney
a donkeyun âne
a jenny / a she-assune ânesse
a muleune mule
a chicken un poulet
a henune poule
a roosterun coq
a duck un canard, une cane
a gander/ a gooseun jars / une oie
a turkeyun dindon, une dinde
a rabbitun lapin, une lapine

Animals In The Forest

As detailed below, some of the animals that can call forests their home are:

List Of Animals In The Forest

Animals In The ForestAnimaux Forestiers
a deerun daim
a roe deerun chevreuil
a doeune biche
a stagun cerf
a raccoonun raton laveur
a marmotune marmotte
a squirrelune écureuil
a hedgehogun hérisson
a mouseune souris
a frogune grenouille
a toadun crapaud
a wormun ver
a slugune limace
a snail un escargot
a spiderune araignée
a hare/ a jackrabbitune lièvre
a foxun renard
a ferretun furet
a beaverun castor


If you are an enthusiast of birdwatching or if you are interested in the scientific study of birds, then this section is for you. Birdwatching is an activity you can do in your own garden, in a public park or in a natural reserve with the help of binoculars or spotting scopes. We have lots of things to learn from birds like perseverance, courage and respect for nature.

List Of Birds

BirdsLes oiseaux
a robinun rouge-gorge
a blue titune mésange bleue
an European crested titune mésange huppée
a great titune mésange charbonnière
a thrushune grive
a doveune colombe
a swallowune hirondelle
a woodpeckerun pic vert
a magpie
a pigeonun pigeon
a chaffinchun pinson
a sparrowun moineau
a starlingun étourneau
a ravenun corbeau
a sky larkune alouette


Insects are unfairly underrated; there are people who think insects are pests and that their lives do not matter. What a mistake! Insects are crucial for the good functioning of ecosystems.

InsectsLes insectes
a chrysalis une chrysalide
a larvaune larve
a caterpillarune chenille
a butterflyun papillon
a mothun papillon de nuit
a beeune abeille
a ladybird/a ladybugune coccinelle
a fleaune puce
an antune fourmi
a beetle un scarabée
a louseun pou
a cockroachun cafard

Wild Animals

There are many threats to wild animals: poaching, illegal fishing, hunting, the arrival of invasive species from foreign habitats, climate change or pollution. Many of the animals included in the following list are endangered species.

List Of Wild Animals

Wild AnimalsLes Animaux Sauvages
a polar bearun ours polaire
a wolfun loup
a coyoteun coyote
a bull elephantun éléphant mâle
a cow elephantun éléphant femelle
an elephant calfun éléphanteau
a rhinoceros un rhinocéros
a zebraun zèbre
a camelun chameau
a lionun lion
a lionessune lionne
a tigerun tigre
a cheetahun guépard
a pantherune panthère
a gorillaun gorille
an ourangutanun orangoutan
a chimpazeeun chimpanzé
a giraffeune girafe
a hippopotamusun hippopotame

Sea Animals

In the ocean we can find more than one million species of animals: from the smallest one, the zooplankton to the biggest one, the blue whale.

List Of Aquatic Animals

Sea Animals Les animaux de la mer
a whaleune baleine
a dolphin un dauphin
a sealun phoque
a sea lionune otarie
a sharkun requin
an octopusun pieuvre
a seahorseun hippocampe
a walrusun morse
a sea elephantun éléphant de mer
hermit crab Bernard l’hermite

Some Useful Phrases To Talk About Animals

Now, as previously announced, we are going to continue with some useful vocabulary that will help you participate in little conversations about animals.

Let’s talk about animals!Parlons des animaux!
Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?

Yes, I do. I have a cocker spaniel.
Avez-vous des animaux de compagnie? Si oui, lesquels?

Oui, j’en ai un. Il s’agit d’un cocker spaniel.
What is your dog’s name?

Her name is Florette.
Comment s'appelle votre chienne?

Elle s’appelle Florette.
Do you prefer cats to dogs?

Not really. Although I love both, I prefer dogs because they are more affectionate than cats and they don’t usually bother birds.
Vous préférez les chats aux chiens?

Pas vraiment. Même si j’aime les deux, je préfère les chiens car ils sont plus câlins que les chats et normalement, ils ne dérangent pas les oiseaux.
What’s your favorite wild animal? and why?

My favorite wild animal is the elephant because of their calm personality and their wonderful trunk.
Quel est ton animal sauvage préféré? et pourquoi?

Mon animal sauvage préféré est l’éléphant à cause de leur personnalité tranquille et leur merveilleuse trompe.
Do you dislike insects?

Not really. I think they are interesting and that there should be more scientists researching their life.
Avez-vous une aversion envers les insectes?

Pas vraiment. Je pense qu’ils sont intéressants et qu’il devrait y avoir plus de scientifiques en train de faire de la recherche sur leur vies.
Do you enjoy birdwatching? If so, where do you go birdwatching?

Yes, I love birdwatching. I don’t need to go far. I can do it in my garden because I feed birds in winter.
Aimez-vous l’observation des oiseaux?

Oui, j’adore l’observation des oiseaux. Je n’ai pas besoin d’aller très loin. Je peux le faire dans mon jardin car je nourris les oiseaux en hiver.
What do you think about zoos?

I don’t really like them, but in some cases it is preferable because wild animals are hunted indiscriminately.
Qu’en pensez-vous des zoos?

Je ne les aime pas vraiment, mais dans certains cas, c’est préférable car les animaux sauvages sont chassés à tort et à travers.
Which animals are in danger of extinction?

The list is long: whales, rhinoceros, polar bears, certain kinds of sharks, the Asian elephant, among many others.
Quels animaux sont menacés de disparition?

La liste est longue: les baleines, les rhinocéros, les ours polaires, quelques variétés de requins, l'éléphant asiatique, parmi beaucoup d’autres.

A Little Exercise To Practice Feminine And Masculine Nouns

We are going to finish this article with a little exercise whose aim is to help you distinguish feminine and masculine nouns when talking about animals in French.

Choose the correct word to practice regular and irregular feminine nouns. You will find them in the previous lists.

Un canard a. une canarde b. une canec. une canardine
Un porca. une cochonneb. une porquec. une minette
Un taureaua. une vacheb. une taureausec. une minette
Un lapina. une lapin femelleb. une lapinec. une lapunette
un moutona. une moutonieb. une elle-mouton c. une brebis
un bouca. une bouquetteb. une chèvrec. une brebis
un chevala. une jumentb. une elle-chevalc. une ânesse
un chata. un chatonb. une chattec. une minet
un chiena. une elle-chienb. une chiotc. une chienne
un jarsa. une jarseb. une oiec. une jarsette

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