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Is there a song that transports you back in time? Is there a piece of music that gives you the chills? By reading our article, you are going to learn lots of vocabulary that will allow you to express your ideas about:

  • different kinds of music (music genres)
  • making music
  • singing and songs
  • musical shows
  • instruments and players

Without any further delay, let’s start our musical path!

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Music Genders

Do you have an account on Spotify? If so, what are the music genres that you usually listen to? Are you fond of discovering new genres? In the following list, you are going to learn to say in French some of the most popular music genres.

List of Music Genres

Music GenresGenres de musique
popla musique pop
folk music, folk songla musique folk, la chanson folk
classical musicla musique classique
jazz musicle jazz
country and westernla musique country
chamber musicla musique de chambre
rock musicle rock
reggaele reggae
raple rap

Making music and listening to it

The following list will provide lots of useful terminology for whenever you want to talk about pieces of music.

List Of Vocabulary Related To Making Music

Making Music And Expressing Opinions About ItVocabulaire pour faire de la musique et pour exprimer vos avis
a piece of musicun morceau de musique
a musicianun musicien / une musicienne
a work une oeuvre
a tune un air
a melodyune mélodie
a keyun ton
a noteune note
C, D, E, F, G, A, Bdo, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, si
a beatun temps
off the beatà contretemps
to play or to sing in keyjouer ou chanter juste
to play or to sing out of tunejouer ou chanter faux
to be out of tuneêtre désaccordé
to be in tuneêtre accordé
to have no ear for musicne pas avoir d’oreille
to have a good earavoir de l’oreille
to composecomposer
a composerun / une compositeur/ compositrice
to arrange a workarranger une oeuvre
an arrangementun arrangement
sheet musicla partition

Singing And Songs

Can you sing? What’s your favorite song? Do you pay attention to the lyrics? Get ready because in this part of the article, we are going to study some more vocabulary in order to express everything about vocal art.

List Of Singing And Songs

Singing And SongsLe chant et les chansons
to singchanter
a singer / a vocalistun chanteur / une chanteuse
to whistlesiffler
to hum fredonner
choir / choristerchoeur, chorale / choriste
a songune chanson
the lyrics les paroles
a chorusun refrain
a verseun couplet
a hit songun tube
in the chartsau hit-parade
a tenorun ténor
a bassune basse
a baritoneun baryton
a countertenorun haute-contre
an altoune haute-contre, une contralto
a sopranoune soprano
a mezzo-sopranoune mezzo-soprano

Musical shows and performing music

Do you enjoy going to concerts? Or do you prefer watching them on YouTube? Attending concerts is so good for health! Singing, shouting, jumping up and down and dancing are an excellent workout. Besides, concerts help you lower your cortisol levels and boost endorphins. See below the vocabulary to talk about musical shows.

List of Musical Shows

Musical Shows and Performing MusicSpectacles musicaux et l'exécution musicale
a concert, a gigun concert
a recital un récital
a concert hall une salle de concert
a musical une comédie musicale
to conduct an orchestradiriger un orchestre
a rehearsalune répétition
to rehearserépéter
a soloistun / une soliste
a duo, a trioun duo /un trio
a quartetun quatuor un quartette
to playjouer
to performjouer en public
to play an instrumentjouer un instrument
the performancel'exécution
an accompanimentun accompagnement

Instruments And Players

Now, let’s finish by talking about those who make possible music, the objects that produce the magical sounds able to evoke feelings and memories.

List Of Instruments And Players

List Of Instruments And PlayersInstruments de musique et les instrumentistes
Stringed instruments Instruments à cordes
a guitarune guitare
a guitaristun / une guitariste
a violin / a fiddleun violon
a violinist un / une violoniste
a harp une harpe
a harpistun /une harpiste
a cello un violoncelle
a cellistun / une violoncelliste
a double bass une contrebasse
Woodwind InstrumentsInstruments à vent
a flute, a flutistune flûte, un / une flûtiste
a recorderune flûte à bec
a saxophoneune / un saxophoniste
a clarinet, a clarinettistune clarinette, une / un clarinettiste
Brass Instruments Cuivres
a trumpet, a trumpet playerune trompette, une / un trompettiste
a trombone, a trombone playerun trombone, une / un tromboniste
a horn, a horn playerun cor, une / un corniste
a tuba, a tuba playerun tuba, une joueuse / un joueur de tuba
Percussion InstrumentsPercussions
a drumun tambour
the drumsla batterie
a drummerun batteur
the kettledrumsles timbales
a timpanistun timbalier
Keyboard InstrumentsInstruments à clavier
a pianoun piano
a grand pianoun piano à queue
a pianistun / une pianiste
an organ un orgue
a keyune touche
a keyboardun clavier

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