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Throughout this article, you are going to have a taste of French fashion by learning some useful clothing vocabulary. At the end of this article, you are going to be able to:

  • talk about upper garments
  • identify and mention lower garments
  • talk about accessories
  • identify and name night clothes and underwear
  • learn some verbs related to clothes and all about dressing

You are only one step away from becoming a fashionista, so let’s get to it!

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Upper Body Clothes

Over are the times when women wore corsets as a torturous upper undergarment to shape their tiny waists. Later on in time, they wore corsets over a chemise and a sleeveless low-necked gown to look more elegant. Recently there has been a revival of this controversial piece of upper garment. Let’s see some other more common pieces of clothes to cover our torsos.

List Of Upper and Full Body Clothes

Upper And Full Body Clothes Vêtements pour le haut du corps et pour le corps entier
clothesles vêtements
outfitla tenue
a cardiganun gilet de laine
a sweater, a pulloverun tricot, un pull
a hoodieun sweat à capuche
a V-necked sweaterun pull en V
a turtleneckun col roulé
a T-shirtun T-shirt
a shirtune chemise
a sports shirtun polo
a blouse
une chemise
a dress, a gownune robe
a coatun manteau
a jacketun blouson
a raincoatun imperméable
a uniformun uniforme

Lower Body Clothes

Did you know that pants were invented to survive battles and support long periods on horseback? Yes! Pants were initially part of military garments; it was more comfortable to ride on trousers than on ancient male robes! For many years pants were exclusively masculine. Fortunately, nowadays we can all wear a pair of comfy pants in our everyday outfits. Let’s see some pieces of clothing to wear on our lower body:

List Of Lower Body Clothes

Lower Body ClothesVêtements pour le bas du corps
a skirt, a miniskirtune jupe, une mini-jupe
a wrap-around skirtune jupe-portefeuille
pants / trousersun pantalon
jeansun jean
shortsun short
bermuda shortsun bermuda

How To Add A Touch Of Personal Style? With Accessories!

List Of Accessories

a beretun béret
a hatun chapeau
a capune casquette
a woolly hatun bonnet
a balaclavaune cagoule
a beltune ceinture
a pair of glovesdes gants
a pair of mittensdes moufles
sunglassesdes lunettes de soleil
a tieune cravate
bowun noeud papillon
a scarfune écharpe
a silk scarfun foulard
earringsboucles d’oreille

Night Clothes And Underwear

“Pyjama” comes from a Persian word that means “leg garment.” This piece of garment was adopted by English people in the Indian colonies. They became trendy during the Victorian times and nowadays they are part of the indispensable indoors wear. And that is precisely what we are going to check in the following table.

List Of Night Clothes And Underwear

Night Clothes and UnderwearLe pyjama et les sous-vêtements
vest topdébardeur
panties (for women)un slip de femme
underpants (for men)un caleçon
a braun soutien-gorge
pyjamas / pajamasun pyjama
a nightdressune chemise de nuit
a dressing-gown / a nightgownune robe de chambre
a bathrobeun peignoir de bain
tights / pantyhoseun collant
a swimsuitun maillot de bain
sportswearles vêtements de sport

Verbs Related To Clothes And All About Dressing

Now that you know how to say in French some of the essential pieces of garments of any wardrobe, why don’t we check together some actions related to clothes? In the following table, you will find lots of useful verbs and phrasal verbs to talk about fashion and clothes.

Verbs related to clothes and dressingVerbes pour parler des habits et pour l’habillement
to wearporter
to get dresseds’habiller (je m’habille, tu t’habilles, il s’habille)
to put something onse mettre quelque chose
to be well/badly dressedêtre bien / mal habillé / sapé
to be casually dressedporter des vêtements décontractés
to be dressed in redêtre habillé en noir
to undressse déshabiller
to take offenlever
to be naked / nudeêtre nu
to button / to unbuttonboutonner / déboutonner
to buckleboucler
to try something onessayer quelque chose.
to iron / to do the ironingrepasser / faire le repassage
to foldplier
to wash / to do laundrylaver / faire la lessive

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