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The French vocabulary presented in this article is essential to be able to communicate about the subject “Family members” and start a simple conversation in French. So, keep on reading because you are going to learn how to say in French:

  • close family members
  • extended family members or more distant relatives
  • family-in-law members
  • members of adoptive families
  • members of reconstituted families or stepfamilies

Are you ready to communicate basic information about different types of families in French? Let’s waste no time!

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Close family members

Close family – La famille proche

Antoine and Mathilde are Alec’s parents.Antoine et Mathilde sont les parents d’Alec.
Antoine is Alec’s father.Antoine est le père d’Alec.
Mathilde is Alec’s mother.Mathilde est la mère d’Alec.
Alec calls his father, “daddy.”Alec appelle son père “papa”.
Alec calls his mother “mommy.”Alec appelle sa mère “maman”.
Alec is their son.Alec est leur fils.
Alec is an only son. Alec est fils unique.
Alec doesn´t have any brothers or sistersAlec n’a pas de frères ni de sœurs.
Alec’s grandparents live in Nice.Les grands-parents d’Alec habitent à Nice.
Marcela is Alec’s granny. Marcela est la mamie d’Alec.
Albert is Alec’s grandpa.Albert est le papi d’Alec.

Extended Family Members

If you google “aunt” and “uncle” you will find hundreds of fiction books for children and adults about these special characters. They have been portrayed as fun and wise, but also as mysterious, distant and sullen. In this section we’ll see some of these members of the family who, one way or another, also play an important role in our lives.

Extended Family Members – La Famille Éloignée

Phil is my mom’s brother. He’s my uncle.Phil est le frère de ma maman. C’est mon oncle.
Uncle Phil is very funny.Tonton Phil est très drôle.
Lucy is my dad’s sister. She’s my aunt.Lucy est la sœur de mon papa. C’est ma tante.
Auntie Lucy is vegan.Tata Lucy est végane.
Susan is uncle Phil’s daughter. She’s my cousin.Susan est la fille de mon oncle Phil. C’est ma cousine.
Billy is aunt Lucy’s son. He's my cousin.Billy est le fils de ma tante Lucy. C’est mon cousin.
Billy is my father’s nephew.Billy est le neveu de mon père.
Susan is my mother’s niece. Susan est la nièce de ma mère.
A distant cousin of mine lives in China.J’ai un cousin éloigné qui habite en Chine.

Family in law

Below you will find some useful vocabulary to talk about your family-in law.

In-Laws – La Famille Par Alliance

the parents-in-lawles beaux-parents
my family-in-lawsma belle-famille
my father-in-lawsmon beau-père
my moter-in-lawsma belle-mère
my son-in-lawsmon gendre
my daughter-in-lawsma belle-fille
my brother-in-lawmon beau-frère
my sister-in-lawma belle-soeur

Adoptive Families

Let’s see some vocabulary about adoptive families.

Adoptive Families- La Famille Adoptive

biological parentsparents biologiques
birthmothermere de naissance
an orphanun / une orphelin(e)
an adopted childun enfant adopté
adoptive parentsles parents adoptifs
a guardian / a wardun tuteur, une tutrice / un(e) pupille

Reconstituted Families or Stepfamilies

Let’s learn some keywords to talk about reconstituted families.

Reconstituted Families – La famille recomposée


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