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Did you know that? A human being sleeps for about eight hours per night on average. If he does this for the next 75 years, we get a nice 22,000 hours in a lifetime. Why not use this time productively, to continue your German learning journey for instance?

In this article we will help you implement this idea, with:

  • Examples of youtube videos you could “watch” while you’re asleep;
  • Podcasts you will be able to follow in your bed;
  • Tips for you to improve your German skills.

Listen up!

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Learning German While Sleeping With Some YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are always perfect for any language learning routine, they are one of the best ways to learn German!

Basic German words and phrases

This video is a great start if you’ve never tried this technique before. Lasting 3 hours, it goes through some basic (but essential) sentences in German!

From the many ways of saying “hello” to questions asking how the other is doing, the video is perfect for beginners.

Every sentence is repeated several times and pronounced very clearly. Also, an english translation is available which is very useful for those with too few notions.

man sleeping in a bed

Learn German While Sleeping 8 Hours – Learn ALL Basic Phrases

This second video is brought to you by GermanPod101, whom we’ve mentioned before. Indeed, their youtube channel also has very nice videos to help you improve your German skills, whether its oral comprehension, vocabulary or grammar.

Once again this video is perfect for beginners, but more complete, as it will cover a full night of sleep (8 hours).

In it, they use sophisticated binaural beats to help you learn German. Binaural beats are specifically designed for sleep learning. The video contains the top 30 most useful German phrases. Listen to this before going to bed and leave it on while sleeping for the best results. The binaural beats used in this video will improve your learning abilities and may even improve sleep quality!

A video for intermediate learners

This time we are giving you intermediate level content!

This 4 hours long video goes over all the more advanced words and phrases you should know to improve your German skills.

You are not hallucinating! You can actually learn German while sleeping. That is, of course, a dream, but you can learn and strengthen knowledge while sleeping. New research appears to indicate that we are getting closer to understanding what happens in the brain while we sleep and how the relaxing state affects learning and memory formation. In any case, this channel has created videos to help you learn German while sleeping as well as other German videos to help you learn. Ideally, you would obtain their free audiobook so that you can learn while sleeping while being disconnected.

Some words from native speakers

Any advanced learners among you? If so, don’t worry, we’ve thought about you! This video is extremely useful and also the longest one we’ve presented.

While every sentence is still translated in english the words are definitely more complex than the previously mentioned videos. However they will undoubtedly help you sound more fluent in German.

1000 words in 5 hours

Last, but certainly not least, this video will help you acquire more than a 1000 words! And all you have to do is get comfortable in your bed. However it is important to keep one thing in mind.

​​Sleep-assisted learning acts more like a support system for the waking brain, reinforcing knowledge but not replacing your daytime study hours.

You will not learn German by simply watching this video, but it will assist you in passive learning.

Podcasts and Music to Learn German While Sleeping

Are the videos not your thing? But are you still interested in the ‘learning while sleeping’ process? We got you.


Indeed, there are several other resources for you to improve your language skills in your sleep. Music, to begin with!

Apart from its “fun” aspect, here’s how listening to German music will actually help you in your journey:

  • By improving your accent: To truly understand a language, one must immerse oneself in it. So, if you want to sound like a German, you’ll have to pretend to be one. And what better way to do so than by listening to national music?
  • It will provide you with a unique perspective on German culture
  • You will improve your memory skills: Indeed, music stimulates parts of your brain that spoken language does not. As a result, if you hear a German word in a song rather than in discussion, you are more likely to remember it. The music will act as a potential trigger, arousing words that you might otherwise forget.

To help you, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Rammstein – Ich Will (perfect for beginners, rock)
  • Helene Fischer – Atemlos durch die Nacht (pop)
  • Nena – 99 Luftballons (pop rock)
  • Deichkind – So’ne Musik (advanced learners, hip-hop)


You can learn German by listening to podcasts, since they are becoming increasingly popular as a way to learn a variety of skills. As a result, there are a plethora of podcasts that are especially beneficial for learning a new language, including German!

Here’s how:

  • It helps you improve your listening vocabulary: Indeed research has proven students learned more phrases from podcasts than from conventional vocabulary teaching exercises.
  • Listening to Podcasts will improve Grammar skills: Constant exposure to native German provides a learner with numerous examples of how to construct a sentence correctly. It assists the learner in developing expectations about what sounds ‘correct’ and what does not. The learner can then use these examples to develop their own speech when talking.‍
  • It will improve your Pronunciation: Podcasts can assist by directing listeners to emphasize the appropriate syllable in a word or the accurate word in a sentence. ‍‍

Listen to Music or Recordings of Yourself Speaking German

As previously stated, music can be an extremely effective tool to help you learn German easily. Furthermore, listening to or humming foreign songs will help you improve your pronunciation.

However, because we frequently do not pay attention (passive listening), it does not improve our language level. Learning a language through music entails attempting to deal with linguistic information while engaging in an activity that we enjoy. A love of music can be the key to improving one’s language skills. Here are some pointers to help you learn music more effectively while still having fun.

  • Choose the song you like: The recommendation is to begin with songs that you are already familiar with. Then look for the lyrics you enjoy.
  • Try singing without looking and record yourself: It will help improve your pronunciation!
  • Look for words.

Is It Really Possible to Learn a Language While Sleeping?

The acquisition of information while sleeping is known as hypnopaedic learning or sleep-learning. It’s difficult to reconcile the activity of learning with the inactivity of sleep, but that hasn’t stopped a few scientists and astute marketers from attempting to do so.

Some recent studies have found some benefits to reviewing previously learned information while sleeping. Northwestern University researchers tried to teach participants two simple songs in 2012, one of which was then replayed to the study participants during a period of deep, slow-wave sleep. The test subjects consistently remembered the song they heard while sleeping more vividly than the other song.

A study on the recall of recently learned vocabulary yielded similar results in 2014. Re-exposure to phrases during sleep improved memory of these phrases, and the researchers noticed the same trends of theta wave oscillations that are typically associated with effective memory encoding while awake.

However, unless you want to document lists of vocabulary to play back to yourself every night, it appears that you should confine your language learning to your waking hours.

Ultimately, while it might help you remember some vocabulary better, sticking to “traditional” learning methods, such as reading some German learning books or like the one we offer at GlobalExam will be more efficient.

woman sleeping on a couch

Some More Easy and Efficient Methods to Learn German

Find out some more original methods:

Watch a movie or a TV show

If you are not sure where to start, check out our list of the best TV shows and series to learn German. They provide a fun alternative while also aiding in the improvement of your listening skills! 

What about YouTube content?

Don’t hesitate to learn German with YouTube videos. It is a very nice method since:

  • Your classroom is wherever you are. You also have complete control over who teaches you. You don’t even have to stick with the same teacher; each topic can have a different teacher.
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted learning: You do not have to stop learning if you are away from home for any reason. Your lessons can continue no matter where you are in the world, ensuring that you are always learning.
  • It’s time effective: You will not have to waste time traveling to and from classes. You can learn online at any time and from any location if you have a computer and an internet connection.
  • It’s free.

Try out some more passive learning techniques

Do not be afraid to install and play some German learning games or even watch some German learning cartoons and stories; these techniques are very useful contrary to popular belief.

Lastly, please check out our articles on the best websites to learn German and the best programs to learn German if you wish to get the absolute best results and get the level of German you’ve been dreaming of.

Get Better by Practicing With Global General by GlobalExam

GlobalExam is well-known as a one-of-a-kind e-learning platform devoted entirely to language testing preparation. However, our experts recently created a new product that allows you to upgrade in German.

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