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Games help you develop and encourage you to learn beyond your current abilities. Plus, they’re fun and help create bonds. So why not use them to strengthen our language learning abilities as well ? Don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your adventure! They’re just another effective instrument at your disposal, so make use of it!

In the following article, you will:

  • See how games are an effective way to learn a new language;
  • Discover several games for you to play alone or in group;
  • Learn about other fun ways to enhance you German.

Ready, set, go!

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Can Games Actually Promote Language Learning? And How?

Language learning games are among the best ways to learn German.

They engage you through socialization rather than homework or memorization. They will also help you improve all of your skills, including phonetics, pronunciation, sentence structure, syntax and written comprehension.

Therefore, games provide an energetic learning environment, flexibility (as you can play whenever it is convenient for you) and always offer a good time.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some other benefits of learning German through games:

  • It’s always a welcome break from the traditional method of education;
  • Games are fun and enjoyable;
  • They provide contextual relevance for the use of language;
  • They help increase your motivation for studying the language;
  • They promote communicative competence;
  • Games reduces the anxiety associated to making errors.

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Top 3 Easy German Learning Games to Play by Yourself

We have compiled the 3 best games and best apps to learn German for you:

Duolingo (Internet & App)

Native English speakers can presently learn 16 languages through Duolingo, like German. Duolingo has an intriguing design process, and the more you participate, the more you gain experience and activate new categories. Its emphasis is on learning languages through a variety of games that use talk, translations, spelling, pictorial queues, and multiple choice.

Mindsnacks (App)

For their game development, this business received the award for “best education app of the year.” The game is made up of several relatively small mini-games that revolve around various methods of learning a language.

The mini-games help determine correct definitions, proper pronunciation, and common errors using all three facets of cognition: visual, auditory, and sensory. There are numerous lessons available to learn, ranging from the fundamentals of numbers and colors to the ability to hold a discussion in German.


This free app has a very nice and professional appearance. Essentially, it contains a large number of useful German terms and expressions for various life situations.

The app’s content is organized by theme, such as greetings, snacking, wellness, shopping, leisure activities, and so on.

The app now has a unique function: the capacity to monitor your own voice and compare it to the original.This is a great idea because it allows students to work on pronunciation nuances, which I believe more apps should provide!

It should be mentioned that Bravolol’s free German learning app contains advertisements.

Top 3 German Learning Games to Try Out in a Group

Playing games in a group is another efficient way is an way to learn German easily.

Twenty Questions

This is a great game that helps improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

All you have to do to get started is list the names of famous people, animals, or objects on individual cards. Each player must display his or her card on their chest for all to see. Following that, they will have to ask any questions to the rest of the group in order to gather information and guess what is on their card. The game’s name derives from the fact that each player is given 20 questions.

This is a great game since it will encourage you to use all of your knowledge of vocabulary, and you will also practice grammar through open-ended and closed-ended questions, and elaborate responses with full sentences.


Why play this game? Because it builds up vocabulary, grammar, oral expression and listening comprehension!

To play this game, simply write words on papers, and each player will take turns selecting a card and explaining the word (without saying it) to the rest of the players.

You will not be permitted to use synonyms or other words that are strongly correlated with the word you have; for example, if the word is “tree,” you will not be permitted to say “apple tree,” or “conifer”.

The idea is that the players should explain themselves using other words, just as we must if we are in a foreign country and do not know the term for something.

This game is a great way to use your brain instead of just looking up words in the dictionary. Furthermore, because you will have to develop elaborate explanations and communicate long sentences, this is an excellent way to practice grammar.


Kahoot! can help you revise grammar, vocabulary, functional language, trivia, and even phonology!

And it is even more fun to use it as a group, and play the game with some friends…

Here are some examples of things you can do with the MCQ format:

  • You can ask yes/no or true/false questions.
  • You can inquire as to whether a phrase is grammatically correct or incorrect.
  • You can have each member pick an odd word out.
  • Pose questions about adjectives, antonyms, and examples.
  • To make the project more difficult, include more than one correct answer.

Websites That Allow You to Learn German in a Fun Way

We have compiled the best websites for learning German down below:


GlobalExam is well-known for being a one-of-a-kind e-learning platform dedicated solely to language testing preparation. Our experts, on the other hand, have recently developed a new product that allows you to upgrade in German.

Thanks to Global General, you will be able to study through scripted courses and real-world scenarios while receiving corrections in your native language!

GlobalExam also offers the option of taking video conferencing courses taught by native teachers on a flexible schedule. These courses can be individual or group, depending on your needs. Allow one hour for a group lesson of up to six people; schedules are set in advance, and you follow a predetermined program. If, on the other hand, you have specific goals in mind, we recommend the 30-minute one-on-one courses.

Deutsch Akademie

The Deutsch Akademie bills itself as the “most comprehensive” free German learning resource. You do not need to create an account to view all of the content on the website. You can connect with more than 20,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises as a visitor, as well as over 800 hours of immersive online tools. This resource is ideal as a reference point for learning German or as a supplement to a current course you are enrolled in because the courses are organized in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages.


ActiLingua is a forerunner in German language education. It was founded in 1988 and currently operates three schools in Vienna, all of which offer excellent cultural and recreational programs. The ActiLingua website has some fantastic resources for learning German. There are 10 lessons for beginners and 24 lessons for advanced learners (with a focus on grammar). If you’re not sure what level you’re at, you can use ActiLingua’s Test Your German feature to find out. This can help you match your level of expertise with available courses.

If you would like to know more about german learning websites,  you can check out our article on the best programs and online courses to learn German!

Other Fun Ways to Learn German You Should Try Out

There are so many fun ways to learn German!

Learning German while watching movies and TV shows

While both reading books and using apps are very effective methods, it is very easy to become bored and burned out. As a result, you should find your best TV shows and series to learn GermanThey offer a fun alternative while also assisting you in improving your listening skills!

We recommend that you begin by re-watching your favorites in German, perhaps with subtitles.

However, whether on Netflix or other streaming platforms, they are also very good German content.

Dark and perfume, both available on Netflix, are highly recommended in the TV shows section. If you prefer movies, we recommend Barbara (Christian Petzold, 2012) and 23. (Hans-Christian Schmid, 1998).

You should also want to try to learn German with YouTube videos or to watch some German learning cartoons!

Learning German with podcasts and music

Have you thought about learning German with podcasts? It is a great way to get started on your German learning journey. Indeed, it will familiarize you with the various sounds of the language as well as introduce you to a variety of different accents. The most popular podcast is probably “GermanPod101,” which offers thousands of podcast-style lessons based on students’ learning objectives, and listening to these tutors greatly improves pronunciation.

If you’re interested in German music (other than operas), you can start with Edo Saiya or groups like Jeremias.The German scene offers great diversity, from pop to rap and of course techno (although this last won’t help you very much to learn the language).

The music studio Colors (which is, in fact, German!) is also a great source to discover new and talented artists….

The best Youtube content to learn German

A lazy night at home can be far more appealing than an exhausting dinner out. And guess what else? You can even brush up on your German!

Spending time on German YouTube or playing video games is a great way to learn German while having fun! Of course, you may need subtitles at first, but because the content is less complex than that of movies, those alternatives may be easier for a first step. This will allow you to stimulate your brain and even learn German while you sleep.

Germany’s YouTube community is diverse and rich, whether you enjoy beauty, cooking, or gaming. Some well-known youtubers include BibisBeautyPalace, Aile Rebecca, palet, and germanLetsPlay. They upload content on a regular basis, so don’t be afraid to check it out from time to time.

However, you must not neglect the traditional learning methods such as German learning books!

How to Efficiently Improve and Get Better in German

Make New Friends

If your city has a German-speaking community, start attending events! Aside from meeting new people, which is always fun, this method is probably the most straightforward way to learn German slang, intonation, and mannerisms. Making friends who speak the language (or are learning it with you) allows you to practice freely without feeling self-conscious or rushed!

Test yourself

According to research, testing yourself on what you’ve just learned is more likely to help you remember new material than repeatedly learning the same content.

As a result, if you want to learn German quickly, make it a priority to test your understanding of the topics you’re learning as frequently as possible. Your test does not need to be complicated. It can be as simple as repeating a verb conjugation or writing three sentences using the grammar rules you’ve just learned. Keep in mind, however, that simple does not always imply easy. In fact, the harder you have to work to obtain it, the more benefit you will derive from the exercise.

Travel to Germany

Despite how much time you spend studying at home, you must use German in everyday situations if you want to progress beyond the fundamentals. It takes time at first to form a sentence; you must think before deciding on the appropriate sentence structure. This is why traveling is one of the best ways to learn a new language! Even better if you go on a study trip with a host family.

​​Furthermore, dictionaries can tell you what a word means but not when it is used. However, while traveling in Germany, you will hear different types of German and use the language right away, putting you in a variety of situations, passing through different regions, and possibly with different accents. Hearing these things helps you become accustomed to and comprehend them.

Finally, traveling will help you improve not only your speaking skills but also your self-esteem. When you return home, you will undoubtedly notice that you know a lot more than before and that everything runs much more smoothly.

Try Out Global General by Globalexam and Improve Your German

The Global General program is designed to provide new students with a long-term learning solution while adhering to CEFR codes and regulations.

This personalized immersion, from start to finish, will give you access to:

  • Courses that are scripted to familiarize you with common exercises;
  • Real-life scenarios will immerse you in daily German conversation;
  • To progress through the day, use flashcards with vocabulary lists and grammar rules;
  • Checkpoints and challenges on a regular basis to help you remember;
  • Corrections will be made by our qualified and native teachers over time.

All of these exercises, created by qualified teachers at GlobalExam, will provide you with access to a certificate at the end of the course, attesting to your German language skills and teaching you how to learn German on your own!