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You are going to take a language test and you want to maximise your chances of getting a high score? Our ebooks provide you with the key steps for an effective training!

What you are going to learn:

A wide range of tests are available nowadays, and because of this, it is not always that easy to know which one to choose. Shift towards the best one for you!

The paper format and structure can differ from one test to another. Check out each part in detail.

Do you know your starting level? Begin your preparation with a mock exam, in order to plan your training and achieve your objective.

As you go along the exercises, you will be able to identify gaps which you will have to address and focus on thanks to more specific exercises.

Pick the right training tools, and choose a rhythm that fits you. Take some time to cope with your weaknesses.

Did you achieve your score goal? Or do you need to continue training? Take another mock exam in order to know!

We have many tips and advices in order for you to feel confident before and on the day of the test. Read all about them!

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