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Taking the TOEFL exam in Stuttgart

Are you in Stuttgart, Germany? Do you need to take the TOEFL test? Are you applying for a course or a job which requires you to show proof of your level of English?
If so, below you can find out everything you need to know about registering at a certified TOEFL testing center in the Stuttgart area.

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Which TOEFL should I do – the online one or the written exam?

Before you register for TOEFL, think about which version of the exam will best meet your needs.
The majority of candidates choose TOEFL IBT, which is an internet-based test. It is accepted by all institutions and employers which require a TOEFL certificate as proof of your level of English. However, the TOEFL PBT is a paper-based alternative. PBT will be phased out over the coming years, but at the moment it is still accepted by some institutions and a few exam centres still offer the paper-based test.

Where do I register?

To take the TOEFL test in Germany, you need to register online through the ETS TOEFL website, which is at Visit the website and create a TOEFL Online account, then follow the ‘Register / Find Test Centers’ link. You can submit your application, along with supporting documents, in this area of the site.

Candidates need to provide proof of their identity to register for TOEFL. German citizens can use a valid passport, a national ID, a driver’s license or military ID as supporting documents. For citizens of other countries, a valid passport is required.

How and when do I get my results?

ETS, the company who administers TOEFL, will post your results around 10 days after you take the exam. You’ll receive an email from them as soon as the results are available to view.
When you create your TOEFL Online account, you will receive an ETS ID number. To see your results, you simply go to your account page, input this ID number and enter the ‘View Scores’ area of the site.

What locations offer regular TOEFL testing in Stuttgart?

There are currently three TOEFL testing centers in Stuttgart, as well as a number in nearby cities such as Mannheim and Strasbourg. Below are the details of the Stuttgart centers.

  • International School of Management (test administered by
    Email: [email protected]
  • ITTS Stuttgart (c/o PC-College)
    Email: [email protected]
  • LearnBiz Stuttgart
    Telephone: 0711 / 12 85 15 40

What should I bring on test day?

On the day of the test, be sure to bring the same document which you scanned and uploaded when you registered. You will need it to prove your identity. You must also provide your own pen and pencil (the pencil is for the answer sheet).

How should I prepare for TOEFL?

The first step is to get to know the exam. Familiarise yourself with the overall format, with different question types you might encounter, and with time limits for each section. This information will make it easier for you to concentrate and achieve your best possible results. Visit some of the many TOEFL preparation websites online, where you can practice some exam tasks and strategies. It might also be worth buying an official test book. If you want to be more thoroughly prepared, a TOEFL preparation course at a decent language school is a good investment. You may also consider a personal tutor, though the cost of individual lessons tends to be high.

You can also find others places to pass the toefl in Germany, the list of cities include BerlinMunichHamburgFrankfurtHannoverLeipzigCologneDusseldorfBremen, Osnabruck, Nurnberg, Bonn, Oldenburg, Mannheim, Kiel, Dortmund.

Can I train online with GlobalExam?

You can train online with GlobalExam as it is an online platform specifically designed to help students perform at their best in exams. The platform offers exercises to develop both general language abilities and specific exam skills, as well as allowing you to track your progress, so you will know when you are ready for the exam. There is material related to a variety of exams, of which TOEFL is one. There is also a trial version to help you get started, and it includes a free sample TOEFL test. Try out the platform, and if it works for you, just upgrade to Premium and you’ll have access to all the content available!