Finding a method that works for you to learn Italian might seem difficult. Many people want to know what’s the best way to learn Italian. The truth is that there’s no correct answer to this question. There are many! In this section you’ll find all the best ways to learn Italian and improve fast!

Our blog will give you countless tips and recommendations on how to learn Italian! We’ll talk about learning Italian by listening to podcasts, audiobooks and music in Italian: the best way for people who have an auditory memory! If you enjoy watching movies and TV series and shows, why don’t you watch them in Italian? In our blog we’ll give you lists of the best programs you should watch to learn Italian, along with tips on how to use subtitles to support your learning process. Other methods we suggest are watching Youtubevideos, playing games and reading novels! You can try all of them and then choose the one that works best for you!


In our articles not only will you find useful tips, like creating lists with the new words you find, but we also recommend movies and books we find particularly effective for learning Italian! You’ll also find articles about the best apps and websites: the best method to learn a language for young, dynamic people who love interactive approaches!
We also speak about language exchanges and where to find them, for people who want to improve their conversation skills! No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student: with our articles we can help you find the perfect method for you!

Our blog is dedicated to students who really want to improve and reach fluency! At GlobalExam we want to give you the best tips and content to help you learn Italian in a fun, quick and professional way. On our e-learning platform you’ll find a comprehensive learning method that will help you reach fluency.

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