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¿Quieres empezar a preparar el Reading and Use of English del examen FCE? Si es así, probablemente este artículo sea de tu interés ya que en él:

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  • aprenderás cómo puedes prepararte desde casa para el examen con GlobalExamen

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze

El Reading and Use of English part 1 consiste en ocho preguntas tipo test con cuatro opciones de entre las que tienes que marcar la correcta. Por ejemplo:

A small robot that acts like a baby penguin is (0)……………….. researchers study these animals in a more natural way. . When scientists study any animals in the (1)……………….., it usually means a human has to (2)……………….. close to them to gather information.

  1. associating
  2. helping
  3. seeing
  4. reviewing

FCE Reading and Use of English part 2: Open-Cloze

La parte 2 está compuesta por un texto con ocho huecos que tienes que rellenar con la palabra adecuada, que puede referirse a cuestiones gramaticales (por ejemplo, un verbo o pronombre) o léxicas.

Prepárate para el Reading and Use of english con estos ejercicios

A continuación tienes una idea:

People have a love-hate relationship with coffee pods. “Coffee pods” or “capsules” are little plastic or aluminum coffee containers (0)……………….. are used to brew a single cup of coffee.

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 3: Word formation

En la parte 3 también tendrás un texto con ocho huecos. Al final de la frase te proporcionan una palabra clave (prompt word) que tendrás que modificar y con la que tendrás que completar el hueco correspondiente, como en el siguiente ejemplo:

Ginger is a popular (0)……………….. and spicy root and its regular consumption offers  (1)……………….. health benefits. In the past, it has been used as a natural remedy for colds and the flu, as well as for circulatory and (2)……………….. problems.

Prompt word: aroma

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 4: Key Word transformation

La parte 4 del Reading and Use of English consiste en seis preguntas. En cada una de ellas tendrás una frase, una palabra clave (key word) y a continuación otra frase con un hueco. Tendrás que completar la segunda frase con ayuda de la palabra clave de forma que signifique lo mismo que la primera. Veamos dos ejemplos:

The snowstorm downed a lot of powerlines.

Key Word: BY

A lot of powerlines ………………………… the snowstorm.

The impact of the meteorite created a massive crater.


A massive crater ………………………… the impact of the meteorite.

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 5: Multiple choice

En la parte 5 te encontrarás con otro ejercicio tipo test. Tendrás que escoger, de entre 4 opciones posibles, la opción correcta. Para ello tendrás que realizar una lectura atenta y prestar atención a detalles, ideas principales, tono…

I hadn’t actually thought about what the weather would be like when I got there. Sometimes you’re just so busy you forget what’s going on around you. It was sunny and warm when I got off the plane. There was a little breeze blowing in from the seaside, and the light was golden – not too harsh, just golden. After the tropical summers I have spent in the Far East, it is a relief to visit this place at a time when it’s just beautifully warm, the air is dry.  Monsoon season with its oppressive humid heat is still months away […] When Hanna arrives…

  1. she’s disappointed because she expected tropical heat and humidity.
  2. she wishes it was already monsoon season.
  3. she is pleased to find the climate is much milder than on some of her other trips.
  4. she finds the bright light unpleasant.

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 6: Gapped text

La parte 6 permite evaluar tu capacidad de comprender la estructura de un texto. En ella tendrás que leer un texto que cuenta con huecos. Al final de este tendrás varias frases desordenadas. Lo que tendrás que hacer es colocar cada frase en su hueco correspondiente del texto. A continuación te presentamos un extracto de un texto y las opciones posibles:

MISSING SENTENCE 1  The trail is steeped in history, including some of the oldest continually used paths in the world. This is, after all, part of the Fertile Crescent, where civilisation first developed […] Te mostramos ejercicios de cada una de las partes del Reading and Use of english

Pregunta 1: ¿cuál es la missing sentence 1?

  1. Perhaps it reflects my narrow-minded competitiveness but the novelty of running without racing was a revelation.
  2. Several times a day, a pickup truck would intercept me (where possible) to provide sustenance and encouragement (along with repeated offers of cigarettes).
  3. It must have been due to a lack of preparation, no doubt.
  4. As well as these major attractions there are countless more sites of interest.
  5. Whereas at the end of such long races participants often look like they have just been released from a prison camp, I felt far better at the end of the Jordan Trail than at the beginning.
  6. While this might be very convenient, it distracts us from the real meaning of distances and the gradual transitions of scenery, people and culture. It also deprives us of an opportune time for reflection.
  7. To say that the Jordan Trail passes some interesting places would be an understatement.

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FCE Reading and Use of English part 7: Multiple matching

Por último, en la parte 7 del Reading FCE tendrás 10 declaraciones o preguntas y un texto dividido en partes más cortas. Lo que tendrás que hacer es relacionar cada declaración con la parte del texto que proporciona dicha información. Veamos un extracto de un posible texto:

A healthy diet for a healthy life

Four people are talking about the effects of changing to a healthy diet.

James Hendrix:

When I first started with the whole thing, I thought that I would be seeing immediate results and so I got frustrated really quickly because it took more than a week to notice real changes, you know?…

[…] Question: Which person was slightly impatient at the beginning?

  1. James Hendrix
  2. Rafa Hernandez
  3. Stefan Rosenberg
  4. Greg Jackson

Seguro que estos ejemplos te han ayudado a tener mucho más claro qué tendrás que hacer en cada una de las partes. Todos los ejemplos que acabas de ver son extractos de los ejercicios y modelos de examen que puedes encontrar íntegramente en la plataforma de GlobalExam.

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