In this section, you will find a great number of methods that will help you acquire English vocabulary.

In the process of learning a language, the first basic step is to acquire vocabulary. Our blogs deal with topics you frequently encounter, so that you can easily connect words to everyday situations. There are also scripts staging some particular events, meant to help you build correct sentences. Read them and do not hesitate to review them as many times as needed. Check every word you don’t know until you know exactly what it means. By the way, you can also work on our rehearsal sheets.

There are several methods to acquire vocabulary. You can also learn some of our lists by heart, little by little everyday. Do not hesitate to do and redo exercises about building sentences. You may find a sentence with a lacking word and what you are expected to do is look up the right word and fill in the blank, don’t look at the correction before doing this !


To begin with, you have to know the English alphabet by heart. Take a look at the blogs on alphabet, they explain at great length how to spell the letters of the English alphabet. Do not take the matter lightly, there are nuances you have to master ! By the way, it is the basic step to correctly pronounce English words and sentences, and that will lead you to fluency !

GlobalExam is one online english training platform providing the most effective methods in acquiring vocabulary. We take into account the diversity of english vocabulary. We provide tips to learn academic words, but also words related to familiar spoken english. Here you will find sheets containing lists of words, methods to develop your vocabulary and to help you build sentences. With our methods, you will be taken by the hand and won’t feel lost !

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