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Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. So, if you are planning to learn a new language, you should definitely consider picking Spanish. Learning a new language may seem hard, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to go directly to the country where it is spoken and learn it through experience. But don’t worry, there are many other methods you can use to learn Spanish comfortably from your home. In this article we’ll help you find out how! Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why it is important to learn Spanish;
  • The best ways to learn Spanish;
  • How to learn Spanish with movies, TV series and telenovelas;
  • How to learn Spanish with music and podcasts;
  • The best games to learn Spanish in a funny way;
  • More ideas to learn Spanish;
  • Learn the basics of Spanish online with General Español, a course developed by GlobalExam.

Are you ready to find out how you can easily learn Spanish from your home? Read on to get some great ideas!

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Why is it important to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers and the fourth by total number of speakers. It is spoken not only in Spain, but also in all of South and Central America. What does that mean? Well, first of all, it means that if you are travelling to one of these countries, you would want to know Spanish. In fact, speaking and having a good pronunciation in Spanish will make communication with locals very easy and allow you to experience the culture fully.

Moreover, being such a widespread language, it is important in business. If you are considering a career in the international market, you should learn Spanish and win some extra points during your next job interview. Speaking Spanish can help you land your dream job and eventually climb the corporate ladder.

Another reason for learning Spanish is… that it is an extremely beautiful language! It’s as simple as that. Being a latin language, its sound is sweet and melodic, and the vocabulary rich and full of hints. Moreover, the culture is varied and ancient: learning Spanish gives you access to an amazing artistic and historical background, both from Europe (Spain) and from South and Central America! That’s amazing, isn’t it?


The best ways to learn Spanish in a dynamic way

Learning this language is not difficult, it’s just important to know the top tips for your level of Spanish and the best way to study it. But what is this best way? Actually, there is no best way. Everyone learns in a different way: there are people who learn by going to a country where Spanish is spoken and challenging themselves there, those who study with grammar books, others who watch movies and just learn naturally, …

If you are one of those people who love learning in a dynamic way, here we have some suggestions for you to learn Spanish:

  • Websites and online platforms. Nowadays technology gives us access to almost any kind of knowledge. This great source of information can be used in productive ways, such as language learning. There are some e-learning websites and online programs that can really help you learn Spanish. A great example is GlobalExam. This platform offers the full package: grammar, vocabulary, practical exercises, coaching and personalised classes, etc.
  • Apps and games. These are two fun and dynamic ways to learn a new language. You can test your competencies with some applications and learning games directly on your smartphone!
  • Books. We are not talking about grammar books, but about amazing and thrilling novels. There are so many Spanish-speaking authors you can find and use in order to learn new vocabulary, grammar structures and expressions! Books are always a good idea!

Learn Spanish with movies, TV series and telenovelas

Another exciting way to learn Spanish is by watching movies, TV series and…telenovelas!

Let’s start with TV series, movies and cartoons. You can either choose an English one and watch it with the Spanish dubbing (use English subtitles in the beginning, then switch them to Spanish and finally just turn them off!), or right away choose a movie or series from Spain or Latin America. The second option might also be interesting to get some information about the culture and to see some amazing landscapes from countries which are far away from yours!

But…what are telenovelas? Telenovelas are TV series from Latin America. It’s a very unique genre which has an average of 100 episodes and tells the story of a couple, family and/or group of friends. There are many love stories and issues, plot twists, and injustices, whose purpose is to thrill the audience. It’s a really typical genre and a great way to learn more about the culture, listen to different Spanish accents (there are telenovelas in almost every Latin American country) and learn the language in a funny way! You should try to watch them first with English and then Spanish subtitles, and finally without any.

You may also check out YouTube videos specifically for learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish with music and podcasts

What about music? That’s another great way of learning a new language! Some people have a great auditory memory: are you one of them? Give it a try and let’s find it out!

You can listen to some Spanish songs, both from Spain and Latin America. There are so many different styles that you will for sure find something you like. You can listen to some traditional songs, R&B, samba, but also rock and metal music… There are songs for all tastes!

You can listen to these songs and try to understand the meaning by looking for the lyrics or for the English translation, write down new vocabulary and try to sing them with the proper pronunciation.

Another way of using your auditory memory is by listening to the radio or to some podcasts. You can find podcasts about almost everything: culture, art, TV, politics, literature, music, sport, etc. Listen to them, become familiar with the different accents and pronunciation, write down words you don’t know and then look for their translation.

You can create some lists with the vocabulary you learn by listening to music, the radio and podcasts and then try to repeat and learn them.


The best games to learn Spanish in a funny way

Games are a great way to learn a new language. If you have some spare time during the day, you can use it to learn a couple of new words or to review your Spanish with a quick game. Here are a couple of games you can easily play online:

Spanish in Flow

This game helps you learn new vocabulary. You can choose the game mode (slow or fast) and a category. The words appear in a list: you can memorise them, look them up if you don’t already know them or write them down. Click on the category and the game starts. You hear the word in Spanish, then you have to choose the corresponding picture. If you make a mistake or time starts running out, some of the options will start disappearing, until you’ll be left with the correct one.

The Dialogue Game

This game helps you improve your conversation proficiency. You can choose to focus more on either the grammar or the topic skills. Once you choose the category and the dialogue, you can read the transcript, if you wish. You can click on “Play” and listen to the dialogue. Choose the correct questions and answers to complete the dialogue in the proper way.

These are just two of the many games you can find online to learn Spanish!

More ideas to learn Spanish

In this article we gave you several ideas to learn Spanish in a dynamic and fun way. But there’s no limit to creativity! Some people want to learn Spanish while driving a car, others want to learn Spanish while sleeping. Still others want to find ways to study Spanish on their own or tips to make studying the language easy… In short, learning a new language is a personal and creative process and you can tailor it according to your needs, wishes and skills.

We want to give you some more ideas to develop your own way of learning Spanish.

Language exchange!

A great method to learn Spanish is to practice with a native speaker. If you have a friend whose mother tongue is Spanish, just ask him to speak with you and correct your mistakes. If you don’t know anyone who speaks Spanish, don’t worry: you can use some websites such as Conversation Exchange, where you can meet up with natives to practice! You’ll learn Spanish and what’s more, you’ll help someone else learn English.


For your next holiday, you should consider visiting a Spanish-speaking country: this way you will be able to practice and improve your language skills, put yourself to the test and also learn a lot about a new culture!

Immerse yourself in the language!

Anything you do, just do it…in Spanish. Try to read, watch TV, listen to the radio, speak, etc… only in Spanish. Write your shopping list in Spanish, watch the news in Spanish, think in Spanish. This way, you’ll improve quickly and constantly.

Practice online with Global General

A great way of learning a new language is… Global General. This product by GlobalExam allows students to learn online, in a dynamic and engaging way. Global General is dedicated to learners at a beginner or intermediate level, and offers 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Every level of every language requires a minimum of 12 hours of training (25h for English) and is developed according to the CEFR standards.

What do we offer to our students?

  • Flashcards to train your memory and learn new vocabulary
  • Simulations to help you train in real context, for all the competencies: spoken, written and oral
  • A “did you know” section to help you deepen your knowledge of the language
  • 5000 detailed corrections
  • Personalised feedback from our coaches
  • Validation of the acquired competences every 5 simulations
  • 150 hours of unique content
  • 500 audio tracks

Why should you choose Global General? Because our method is dynamic, modern and complete: no more boring classes, time wasted on long commutes, useless homework… You can learn Spanish from your home, whenever you want, at your own pace.

What are you waiting for? Just sign up and start learning with GlobalExam!