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Learning Spanish: what you need to know

Do you want to learn Spanish at your own pace? Online learning may be a good fit for you! Here the steps you can follow to learn Spanish online: 

1) Choose high quality sources

Don’t take the first Spanish source you can find. Do some research, read other people’s reviews and carefully select the content you want to use! This way, you will be able to learn more efficiently in a reduced amount of time! 

2) Make a plan

Before you start learning Spanish, make sure to set up goals over a certain period of time. A structured planning is indeed key to keep track of your improvements and stay motivated! 

3) Diversify your sources

Do not use only one source throughout your entire learning process. To stay motivated and make learning Spanish more fun and dynamic, use various sources! In addition to academic ones, there are plenty of movies, series and podcasts you can watch and listen to! 

4) Find a language buddy online 

Are you scared of getting bored when learning Spanish online on your own? Find yourself a language buddy to practice with you! You can for instance set up weekly calls or videoconferences. This will make learning Spanish more motivating and interactive. You will also be able to receive feedback and improve faster!

5) Practice makes perfect: keep going! 

Learning a language takes time so if you’re not fluent within a month: no worries! What matters is that you stay consistent and keep on practicing regularly. As you may have heard: practice makes perfect!

There are plenty of best ways through which you can learn Spanish. Some will suit you more than others: it’s not one fit for all! Here are some options you can choose from: 

1) Use learning apps 

Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo… There are plenty of apps from which you can choose! While these should not be used on their own, learning on an app is very easy and allows you to work on your Spanish wherever you are at any time! These are most useful to practice on small exercises and review specific grammar and vocabulary for instance. 

2) Watch Spanish movies 

While this method may be better suited for more advanced levels, watching Spanish movies and series is an excellent way to improve! You can first start with English subtitles, then Spanish ones, and then no subtitles at all! This will allow you to work on your oral comprehension and expand your vocabulary!

3) Listen to Spanish podcasts

Listen to Spanish podcasts to tidy your apartment or drive to work! Podcasts such as “News in Slow” and “Notes in Spanish” will allow you to expand your vocabulary on key topics and get used to listening to Spanish on a daily basis!

4) Travel to a Spanish-speaking country 

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is travelling! This way, you will have to interact in Spanish on a daily basis. As for the countries where you can travel to learn Spanish, there are plenty of options! You can for instance go to Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic to enjoy the sun while discovering local cultures and cuisines!

5) Take online classes with GlobalExam 

GlobalExam is one of the first online platforms for learning languages. Designed by language professionals, our platform will allow you to practice on the points you want to improve. With practice material, mock exams and review sheets, you will be able to gain confidence and make quick progress!

If you want to be able to speak with a good Spanish accent, you’ll have to work at polishing your pronunciation. Here are some tips:

  • Pick your accent: as you may know, people in countries like Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Cuba and all other Spanish speaking countries speak their own version of Spanish. Hence, the first step to improve your accent is to pick a Spanish speaking country whose accent and dialect you want to focus on.
  • Practice your listening skills: to improve your accent, pay attention to the accent of native Spanish speakers. You can for instance listen to Spanish podcasts or music and watch Spanish movies. This way, it will be easier to recognize and reproduce!
  • Pay attention to your “B’s” and “V’s”: while many students struggle to differentiate between the two, it is important to know the difference as it can alter the meaning of the word. For the Spanish “v”, let your teeth rest on your bottom lip and connect it with other Spanish vowels (e.g. vamos, venir, vosotros). The Spanish “b” is similar to the English “b”.

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of places to which you can travel and learn Spanish. This includes popular destinations such as Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Cuba… and many more! Here are some tips on where you can travels depending on your preferences and level: 

Bogotá, Colombia 

From its large festivals to day-to-day life, you will be able to learn Spanish while discovering the joys of Colombian culture! The country’s capital is a great location for students and travelers alike, with some of Columbia’s top universities, historical monuments and thriving cuisine. What’s more? The local accent in Bogotá is one of the easiest to understand for newcomers with little to no knowledge of Spanish. 

Granada, Spain

If you are looking for a small city with a big personality, Granada is the place you should go to! With university students representing almost one third of the population, Granada is a lively city known for its colorful events, southern climate, and stunning Arabic architecture! 

Seville, Spain 

Another Spanish city in which you can learn Spanish is Seville! Whilst being the home of flamenco, Seville has a lot to offer in terms of cultural venues and events for students and travellers alike! One important detail: learning Spanish in Seville may be challenging due to the local Andalusian accent. Hence, this city is better for students who already have some knowledge in Spanish before arrival!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In this city of thriving nightlife, you will be able to become fluent in Spanish but also tango and jazz! Being Argentina’s capital, locals are generally eager to meet new travelers and students. Within a few weeks, you will be able to make lasting connections and discover the arts and cuisine of this beautiful city! 

Santiago, Chile

Last but not least, Santiago! As the expression goes: “if you can understand Chilean Spanish, you can basically understand all kinds of Spanish!” In other words, learning Spanish in Santiago requires real commitments to learning Spanish. It is nonetheless highly rewarding! With both historical and modern venues, this city will allow you to learn Spanish in a dynamic and always-expanding metropolis!

There is no simple answer to this question. While Spanish is generally known for being an easy language to learn, it all depends on your background and how talented you are at learning languages! For instance, knowing a second language makes it much easier. It is especially true if you already master another Romance language, since Spanish shares similar construction and words to this group of languages. 

As previously mentioned, it will also be easier for you to learn Spanish while being fully immersed in the language. Travelling is not necessarily required: in our globalised world, you can also have access to a community of Spanish speakers near your home or online! Practicing on a regular basis with somebody else is indeed an important part of the learning process. It will also keep you motivated! 

Last but not least, learning Spanish can also be easier if you start from a young age. Children indeed generally find it easier to learn new languages. At this stage of their lives, their brain indeed constantly registers and learns new information, making learning languages much faster and easier! 

Of course, if you don’t fulfill any of the above conditions, no worries! While learning Spanish may be a bit more difficult with time, what matters is your enthusiasm and commitment. As you may have heard, practice makes perfect!

Are you wondering how to improve your level in Spanish? Here are some of our best tips and tricks to become more confident in Spanish in no time!

  1. 1) Prepare and repeat common phrases: This includes everyday expressions such as “Hi, how are you?” or “What did you do today?” for instance. You can repeat those and apply them in social contexts with your friends. This way, Spanish words and expressions will come to you more naturally on a daily basis!

  2. 2) Include Spanish in your everyday life: Incorporate daily expressions into your everyday life. You could for instance write down words and expressions on flash-cards and stick them on the walls of your apartment. This way, Spanish will never leave you!

  3. 3) Make it fun: While it is important to use academic sources, we also advise you to diversify the learning material you use. In addition to grammar books, vocabulary sheets and practice exercises, you can for instance listen to Spanish podcasts or songs and watch Spanish movies! This way, you will also enrich your cultural knowledge!

  4. 4) Stay consistent: As you may already know, consistency is key to learning any language. To do so, you can for instance incorporate learning sessions into your daily routine. As an exemple, you could dedicate 15 minutes of your time every morning to Spanish. This way, you will make quick and long-term progress!

  5. 5) Keep going: Learning a language takes time and effort. But don’t worry! As you take part in this learning journey, you will be able to notice progress day by day. Stay patient - Practice makes perfect!

What are the advantages? 

With our GlobalExam online classes, you will be able to: 

  • Practice your oral comprehension and speaking skills
  • Continuously improve thanks to high quality feedback 
  • Benefit from the advice of experienced and qualified teachers that are also native speakers
  • Be able to track your learning developments and improvements, all recorded on your personal file 
  • Follow your class wherever you are and be able to share multiple learning resources and collaborative white boards 

What is the difference between individual and group classes?

With GlobalExam, you can choose between two different formats:

  • Individual classes (30 minutes): These classes allow you to book appointments directly with your teacher (a native speaker!) depending on your schedule and their availability. With this format, you will be able to choose the themes you would like to focus on according to your own needs and level. 
  • Group classes (1 hour): Together with a maximum of six students, you will benefit from the teaching of a native teacher and their assistant. Teachers can also create virtual rooms so that students can complete exercises in pairs. Teachers will also go from room to room to help and give advice depending on students’ needs. 

For group classes, the weekly schedule is the following (Paris time):

  • Making a phone call – every Wednesday at 6pm
  • Planning a meeting – every Thursday at 7pm
  • Giving a presentation – every Friday at 6pm
  • Participating in video and conference calls – every Friday at 7pm

Overall, our two formats allow you to choose the learning method that fits you best! While group classes may help keep you motivated, individual classes are more flexible. Choose the format that you believe suits your way of learning and start your online classes now!

With GlobalExam, our teachers and online platform will allow you to improve quickly and build long-lasting language skills! 

On our online platform, you will have access to: 

  • Academic but also fun courses through which you will gain confidence and continuously build on your improvements 
  • Detailed corrections for each exercises, which have been designed by language professionals 
  • Revision sheets available any time to improve your grammar and vocabulary

Unlike traditional Spanish classes, our online platform allows you to learn at your own pace wherever you are! So, what are you waiting for? Ahora, vamos a aprender el español con GlobalExam!