Taking IELTS in Hong Kong

IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) is an internationally recognized and well-respected English proficiency exam. You can use an IELTS score for entrance to English speaking universities, for immigration and for purposes of employment. In Hong Kong there are a number of IELTS exam centers. In this article, you’ll find information on IELTS exam center locations, times and dates of upcoming IELTS exams, current fees and how to register for an IELTS exam. Also, you’ll find information on what GlobalExam can do for you with regards to IELTS exam preparation.

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Taking the IELTS exam in Hong Kong

Whether you take your test in UKin Ireland, in Germany, in Belgiumin the NetherlandsCanada, Nigeria,  in the USChina, India, Australia or in Switzerland, your IELTS results can open up new opportunities for you all over the world.Below is a small sample of the officially recognized ILETS test centers in Hong Kong. There are thirteen centers that offer IELTS exams (paper-based or computer-based) in Hong Kong. The British Council and IDP Education administer the IELTS exam in Hong Kong at a variety of locations around the city.

By the way, never use an unverified exam center. Go to the IELTS website to find a list of official exam centers:

Taking the IELTS exam in Hong Kong

Registration, prices, times and dates

You register online with your test center. It can all be done online. If you would prefer registering in person, then inquire with your test center; you should be able to download the needed forms from an exam center’s website, fill them in and drop them off at the exam center. An official government ID, a passport works well if you are a foreigner staying in Hong Kong, is necessary for registration, and the same ID is required for admission to the exam on your scheduled day. Additionally, picking up your exam results requires the showing of the same ID.

Times and dates for upcoming IELTS exams are available on an exam center’s website. It is your responsibility to register for the appropriate version of IELTS. For instance, if you are planning on immigrating to Australia, then you would most likely register for the General IELTS exam rather than the Academic IELTS version. If you are in any doubt as to which version of IELTS to register for, you can read over some of our IELTS blogs at GlobalExam or ask at your nearest exam center.

Notification of your registration should be sent to you from the exam center. If you don’t receive notification, then don’t hesitate to contact the IELTS exam center. The various sections of the exam take place on the same day normally, but the speaking component can fall on a different day within the same week.

The current fee in the Hong Kong area for an IELTS exam should be 2,150 HK dollars; Prices can change, so you should check an exam center’s website for current prices.

Your results

Your results come in a Test Report Form (TRF). Your overall bandwidth score and the section bandwidth scores will be on the TRF. The TRF is the official result and is used for official purposes such as immigration and university admission. The official results will be available to you 13 days after taking your test (paper-based) or 5-7 days (computer-based).

Your exam center Test can either post your Test Report Form to you, or you can pick the TRF up in person (show your official ID). You should check with your exam center regarding the details.

Normally, you will receive one copy of your Test Report Form. If you are applying to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), then you will receive two TRFs. You have to provide the exam center with proof of your application to IRCC; otherwise you will not be issued a second Test Report Form.

If you have indicated institutions to receive copies of your IELTS exam results, then these will be sent automatically for you. However, any additional copies will have a small administration fee.

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