The IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) exam is an internationally recognized and well-regarded English language proficiency test often used for entrance to English speaking universities, immigration and employment purposes.

In this article, we’re going to talk to you about taking the IELTS Cambridge; we’ll let you know how to register, what fee you can expect to pay, how you will receive your results and what GlobalExam can do to help you prepare.

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Taking the IELTS exam in Cambridge

Below are shown the officially recognized IELTS test centers in Cambridge. There are two centers that offer IELTS exams (paper-based or computer-based) in Cambridge.

Never use an unverified test center. You can go to the IELTS website to find a list of official test centers:

There is one other IELTS test center within 40 kilometers of Cambridge:

  • British Council – Goldington Academy
    Haylands Way, Bedford MK41 9BX, UK
    Email: [email protected]
    Peterborough, UK
    40 km from Cambridge

Taking the IELTS exam in Cambridge

Registration, prices, times and dates

You can usually register online with your test center.

Note that you are free to choose any test centre you prefer. Here are others IELTS test centres in UK:

You can find times and dates for upcoming IELTS exams on a test center’s website. Make sure that you select the correct test; for example, if you plan on applying for admission, then choose the academic version. If you want to register in person, check with your test center; you should be able to download the needed forms. An official government ID, a passport works well, is required to register and the same ID is required on your exam date for identification. Also, to pick up your results, you will have to show your ID.

You should receive a written notification of registration from the exam center. If you don’t contact them. Usually, the sections of the exam will take place on the same day, but the speaking component may be scheduled for a different day (within the same week normally).

You should always check with the selected exam center for full details of IELTS test dates, times and ID requirements. The current fee in the Cambridge area for an IELTS exam should be 180£ fee; however, prices can.

Your results

Depending on the IELTS version that you take, you will receive your TRF (Test Report Form) as follows:

Test Format/VersionLength of Time after Exam
Paper-based test13 days after you take your IELTS test.
Computer-delivered IELTS5 to 7 days after you take your IELTS test
IELTS for UKVI13 days after you take your IELTS test
IELTS for Life Skills7 days after you take your IELTS test

You are able to view your exam results online for 28 days. The online results do not officially act as confirmation of your score.

Typically, you will receive one copy of the TRF, but you should receive two copies of the TRF if you are planning to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Studying online with GlobalExam

Locating a good course for your IELTS preparation could take time and the course may not start when you need it to. With our online IELTS platform, you can start whenever you want to. Also, we are language exam preparation experts, and we know IELTS well.

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  • Feedback on your progress, motivating you, so you don’t feel alone or lost.
  • Choice of study paths, allowing you options for your study path

All of the features are delivered on an attractive and easy to use platform and with excellent staff, who know IELTS inside and out.

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