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Human resources manager

A person who is in charge of the department that deals with the employment, training, support, records, etc. Of a company’s employees

The human resource manager is responsible for writing up job descriptions.

Chief executive officer (CEO)

The chief executive officer, or CEO, is the top position in an organization and is responsible for implementing existing plans and policies, ensuring successful management of the business and setting future strategy.

Whatever you want to do, you have to take the permission of the CEO.

Chief administrative officer

A person who supervises the daily operations of a business and is ultimately responsible for its performance.

I always wanted to become a chief administrative officer.

Chief operating officer

A position that can be one of the highest-ranking executive positions in an organization

John will easily find a new work because he was working as chief operating officer for 5 years.

A job

Refers to the regular work a person does to earn money

When she left college, she got a job as an editor in a publishing company

A work

Referred to an activity which involves a person to use physical or mental effort, usually for money in order to succeed.

I’ve got so much work to do.

To work

Is to be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result.

Last week, i worked for almost 15 hours a day.

Employment contract

Refers to a written legal agreement between an employer and an employee, stating details about the employee’s job, pay, working hours, etc.

She was being asked to do work that was not within the terms of her employment contract.

A fixed-term contract

A written legal agreement between an employer and an employee but for a specific period.

I want to stay in London for another six months, so I am looking for a company that could may be offer me a fixed-term contract.

A permanent / unlimited -term contract

A written legal agreement between an employer and an employee but for no specific period

I started working at that company 4 years ago and probably I will stay much more because I like my job plus I do also have permanent – term contract.

Job advertisement

An announcement in a newspaper or on the internet, etc. About a job that people can apply for.

The job advertisements specify relevant work experience.

Job center

A place where unemployed people can go for advice and information about jobs that are available

My CEO fired me 1 week ago and now I am thinking to visit the job center to see what I can do.

Job seeker

A person in search of a job.

It’s not easy to find a job alone, so maybe you could search for a job seeker.

Company day nursery

A company that provides people to take care of other peoples’ kids.

John called a company day nursery to take care of his child because he had an important meeting.

A position

Refers to the role / status of a person in the organization.

His position in the company demands him to keep exceeding expectations.

A posting

Refers to the location where the person is working.

Ian is currently on a posting abroad; he’s working in Paris for six months.

A transfer

It refers to an act of moving something or someone to another place, organization, team, etc.

He got a transfer to a French club and he couldn’t resist the offer.

A promotion

Refers to moving up the ladder in an organization in reward for hardwork and commitment.

Marc was promoted to the position of senior manager owing to his outstanding performance in the last two years.

Promotion on seniority

Refers to the privileged status attained by an employee because of the length of continuous service with the same employer.

An organization seeking to promote its workers may choose to do so based on seniority

A executive

Refers to someone in a top position, especially in business, who makes decisions and puts them into action

She is now an executive, having worked her way up through the company

A  top (US) / senior (GB)  executive

A person higher than executive

She is now a senior executive and she has more responsibilities.

Middle  manager

A manager who is in charge of people or departments in a company, but is not in charge of the whole company and does not take important decisions about the company’s future

Middle managers and project leaders often hold the key as to whether a company will be successful or not.

A team

Refers to a number of people who work to do something together as a group.

A successful company has to strike a balance between various teams working together.

A sales manager

A person in charge of a company’s sales activities and its sales force

The sales manager decided to keep the incentive program running for one more year.

Department head

A person who is in charge of a particular department or division or in short, a person who heads the whole operation

John decided to quit from that work because he can’t handle the department head.

A floor manager

Someone who is in charge of all activities and operations of a particular storey / floor in a large store

She works as a floor manager at a toy store on the upper east side.

A boss

Person who heads a team and is responsible for its proper functioning

Martin tried to get some days off for christmas but his boss didn’t let him.

Managing director

Person who oversees a project

The managing director was strict but fair.

A clerical worker

Refers to a person who works at an office performing tasks such as keeping records, attending to correspondence or filing.

He worked for nearly three years as a clerical worker but gathered good knowledge of the process which now sees him leading the team.

A temp / a temporary worker

The person who is working for a small period of time.

It’s easier to work as a temporary worker when you are student.

To temp

Someone who works at a place for a limited and usually short period of time

I decided to temp for a while so that i could try different kinds of jobs.

An apprentice

Someone who has agreed to work for a skilled person for a particular period of time and often for low payment in order to acquire that person’s skills

Most of the work was done by the apprentices.


Refers to the time period working as an apprentice.

Traditionally, the Japanese learn a job or a skill through a long training course called an apprenticeship.

A new hire

Refers to that moment when a company accepts a new member in its work environment, usually with payment.

The new year is the best period to find a new job because most companies are searching for new hires.

An employee

A person who is working in a company

My office consists of 100 employees

An employer

A person or an organization that employs people

We need a reference from your former employer.

An identification badge

Means a badge that a person wears to show the person’s identity at work.

A north American company outsourced employee identification badges that were designed for free, ordered online, and delivered on-demand.

To clock in

To record the time you arrive at work on an automated sensored badging system.

What time did you clock in this morning?

To clock out

To record the time when you leave work.

If we clock out now we can be at the bar by happy hour.

The staff

Refers to a group of people who work for an organization

There is a good understanding between the staff and pupils at the school.

Staff attendance

Is referred to employees showing up for work

We took a look at some easy ways to improve staff attendance and improve our company.

An expense report

Detailed report produced on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis that accounts for all the expenses a business incurs.

The expense report submitted by my team for last month was very well defined and structured.

A resume

Refers to a document detailing the profile and background of a particular person

It’s extremely important to keep updating your resume from time to time as companies nowadays are constantly on the lookout for hiring people with experience.

A covering / cover letter

A cover letter is a written document submitted with a job application explaining the applicant’s credentials and interest in the open position.

While applying for a job, you need to first prepare a cover letter stating very clearly your motivation and expectations from the role.


Refer to those abilities and experience of a person which show that the person is qualified for a particular job or activity

I got my teaching credentials from San Jose state.


Skills refer to an ability to do an activity or a job well especially once you have gained expertise in it.

I gained enormous skills in the field of digital marketing in the last one year.

To hire somebody

To sign up somebody

To take on somebody (familier)

To accept someone in a group or organization and make him an integral member of it.

With our new opening in London we have to hire somebody to manage the daily operations of the workplace.

To lay somebody off

To stop employing someone usually because of lack of work.

Because of falling orders, the company has been forced to lay off several hundred workers.

To dismiss

To decide that something or someone is not important and not worth considering

I guess he dismissed him because of lack of skills within five minutes of meeting him.

To sack, fire somebody

To remove someone from the job either due to underperforming or other wrong reasons or as a way of saving the cost of employing them

She was fired on account of being involved in corruption.

A pink slip

A document given to a person saying that they do not have a job any more.

I’ve worked hard there for years, but today they gave me my pink slip.

Termination date

The day when an employee loses his job and may no longer work in that position.

When is his termination date ? Why didn’t the company decide on keeping me ?


Refers to assistance provided through a third-party company and paid for by a former employer to help a laid-off employee find a new job.

We will assist people who have lost their jobs by providing retraining and outplacement services.

To resign

To give up a job or position by telling your employer that you are leaving

He resigned from the company in order to take a more challenging job.

A resignation

The act of telling your employer that you are leaving your job

There have been calls for his resignation.

To quit a job

To leave a particular job or workplace

Would you quit your job if you earned lots of money?

Term of notice

The minimum time in advance that an employee needs to inform his employer before quitting a job.

He had to serve a one month term of notice before leaving

To retire

To leave your job or quit working because of old age or ill health.

Since retiring from the company, she has done voluntary work for a charity.


The act of quitting your job and stop working usually during old age.

Many teachers over the age of 50 are taking early retirement.

A want ad

A newspaper advertisement stating that something or someone is wanted

They decided to describe the kind of candidate they were looking for the open position in the want ad section of the newspaper.

A job offer

An offer from an employer to give you a job

Under the terms of the act, an employer can only ask about a candidate’s disability after a job offer has been made.

To apply for a job

Refers to looking / requesting for a work, either temporary or permanent, and sending in resumes to companies with the help of internet or newspaper.

I’ve applied for a new job with the local newspaper.

An application

Refers to an official request for a job, usually in writing

I’ve sent my applications for four different jobs.

An applicant

A person who formally requests for a job or to study at a college or university

How many applicants did you have this year for the job?

A job interview

A one on one discussion in which an employer asks the person applying for a job various questions to see and test whether he/she would be the right person to do the job

He had been for several job interviews but hasn’t been offered a job yet.

A contractor

A person or company who arranges to supply materials or workers for the several purposes like  construction or moving goods.

The government employs contractors for security overseas.

A free-lancer

Someone who works on different projects with different companies at the same instead of being associated with just one employer.

He started off his career in translation services working as a freelancer.

To work freelance

Means to handle many jobs. Projects with different companies instead of working just with one employer.

Nowadays most of the young people want to wok freelance instead of just being with one company.

Reduction in force

The process used to terminate employees as a result of l

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