Important and most used English vocabulary words for marketing and advertising

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Refers to a short video or a piece of text with an intent to convey a message that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service, etc

She is looking for a job and  an accommodation and hence, she scanned the job/property advertisements section in the newspaper.

Advertising campaign

Refers to a planned series of advertisements that will be used in particular places at particular times in order to advertise a product or service and persuade people to buy it or use it.

Coke’s brand new advertising campaign has increased their sales by 20%.

Advertising agency

Refers to a company that produces advertisements.

He is the creative director at the American-owned advertising agency that will be producing all the poster, leaflet, and television work.

Outdoor advertising

Refers to advertising outside, for example beside the road using billboards, or at sports games, etc.

We are a media agency that understands how to communicate with people on the move through outdoor advertising.

A booklet

Refers to a very thin book with a small number of pages and a paper cover, giving information about all products and services.

The company adopted the strategy of booklet marketing which in turn yielded a good ROI.

A leaflet

Refers to a piece of paper that gives you information or advertises something about a particular product or service.

Salespersons handed out leaflets to passer-by in order to promote awareness about the newly launched product.

A catalogue

Refers to a physical book or an online digital website detailing the list of all goods and services provided by the brand.

Amazon’s catalogue has all products listed from A-Z, hence considered the best in the world.

The consumer

Refers to a person who buys goods or services for their own use

Due to inflation, the new rates will affect all consumers, including businesses.

The consumer society

Refers to a society in which people often buy new goods, especially goods that they do not need, and in which a high value is placed on owning many things

The United States has been a consumer society for way too long.

A brand

Refers to a particular make or in other words a trademark

Which brand of shoes do you buy?

A global brand

A product or service sold by a brand that is well known and sold in all parts of the world.

The commercial arm of the company is launching a new phone app for its global brand.

Market leader

The company that sells most of a product or service in a particular market.

His aim is to become the market leader in providing desktop solutions to doctors and the wider health care community.

Marketing survey

Refers to understanding the market or consumer behavior that is people’s wants and interests, best means to communicate with them, what competitors are doing etc.

A market survey was recently conducted by Sephora to understand which cosmetic brands are most popular among consumers

Marketing manager

Refers to the director of promotional activities

The Marketing Manager has responsibility for the planning and execution of marketing campaigns.

Marketing team

A group of people working together for promotional activities.

The marketing team have prepared their campaign for the launch of their new product in two days time.


The process of shipping a product

An online e-commerce company needs to have a good packaging system in order to ensure the product is delivered in perfect condition.

A press release

Refers to a public statement given to the press to announce the launch of a brand new product or service.

Jenkins authorized a press release denying rumors regarding the leak of their new product.

A product range

Refers to all the types of products that a company stores and sells

It is still a new company with a limited product range.

Public relations

The process of keeping good relationships between an organization and the general public

Environmentalists attacked the company’s ad as a public-relations gimmick.


Payment made to the legal owner of a brand or franchise by those who wish to make use of it for the purposes of generating revenue or other such desirable activities.

Operators need to pay a royalty fee to franchise owner KFC to setup franchise outlets around the world.

Sales representative

Someone whose job is to sell a company’s products, often by calling and presenting to people the company and it’s products and services.

The sales representatives of the company drove 50 % of the sales during the last month.

A supply

Refers to providing goods and services based on consumer demand in large quatities over a long period of time.

The company manages to keep its supply intact in order to meet consumer demands.

A study

The process of examining and understanding a specific subject by a brand like consumer behavior, preferences and taste in detail.

 A comprehensive study by Starbucks helped the brand in understanding consumer preferences and taste here by increasing profits by 50 %.

To target a customer

Refers to the type of person to whom a company wants to sell its products or services.

We need to find the right product to satisfy the needs of our target customers.

A trend

Refers to a pattern of gradual change in process, output, sales over a considerable period of time.

The company observed a decent trend in growth over the last one year, profits rising by 50 %.

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