Know the English vocabulary words for Weather

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A blanket of snow

A complete covering of snow.

This morning we discovered a blanked of snow in the garden.

A blizzard

A snowstorm.

The blizzard caught us by surprise.

A cloud/cloudy

Vapour in sky.

All these clouds in the sky are quite frightening.

A cold spell

A short period of cold weather.

We’re going through a cold spell.

A cool breeze

A pleasant, cooling, light wind.

How pleasant is the cool breeze.

A dearth

A scarcity or lack of something.

The dearth of rain makes it difficult for farmers.

A downpour

A heavy, drenching rain.

They were in the middle of the downpour.

A drizzle/ it’s drizzling

Light rain/ it’s rainling lightly.

It’s only a drizzle, you shouldn’t worry.

A drop of rain

A little bit of rain.

There was not even a single drop of rain.

A drought

No rain.

What a drought!

A flash flood

A sudden and severe flood.

The flash flood caught them by surprise.

A flood

Too much water.

The flood took away our house.

A fog/foggy

Heavy mist.

It’s so foggy that we have to slow down on the road.

A frost bite

An injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold.

The frost bite chilled my toes.

A gale

A strong wind, windstorm.

That was a gale!

A hailstone

A nugget of ice.

The hailstones were so big!

A heatstroke

A serious condition caused by being too long in hot weather.

Staying too much in the sun gave her a heatstroke.

A heatwave

A period of very hot weather.

The heatwave is unbearble this year!

A heavy rain

Intense rainfall.

There’s heavy rain so I can’t walk back home.

A hurricane

A storm.

The hurricane caught everything on its way.

A lightening

Light in the sky usually when there’s thunder.

Many people are scared of lightenings.

A mild climate

A climate without extreme weather conditions.

In Europe we tend to benefit from a mild climate.

A mist/misty

Very light rain.

The mist is not to unpleasant.

A muddy swamp

An area of waterlogged boggy land.

Because of the rain, it became a muddy swamp.

A puddle

A small pool of water, as of rainwater on the ground.

Kids love jumping into puddles.

A rainbow

An arc of colour usually when it rains with the sun.

Rainbows are loved by everyone.

A shattering storm

A desvastating storm.

The shattering storm damaged all the houses.

A shower

Light rainfall.

Is it heavy rain or only showers?

A sleet/to sleet

Wet snowfall,frozen rain.

It is sleeting.

A smog

Mix of smoke and fog.

Pollution caused smog.

A solarium

A place with tanning beds.

In this swimming pool, there have solariums.

A sunray

A ray of sunshine.

I love feeling the sunrays on my face.

A sunset/the sun is setting

When the sun is going down.

It’s so romantic to watch sunsets.

A thick fog

A dense fog that makes visibility very poor.

The thick fog prevented us from seeing anything.

A tornado A strong vortex of rotating winds. The tornado sucked up the house and put it down a few miles away.

A tropical storm

A storm typical of ones that you find in tropical climates.

There are tropical storms on the island.

Air conditioning

A system that cools the air.

We use the air conditioning during the heatwave.

Bitter/ bitterly cold

Very cold and unpleasant.

It is bitterly cold these days.

Boiling hot

Very hot (informal).

It’s boiling hot in this building.



It’s chilly out there.


Earliest time of day.

I love watching the sky at dawn.



The light is so particular at dusk.



I don’t like getting rid of the frost on my car in the morning.

Gloomy weather

Dark or overcast weather.

The gloomy weather is depressing.

Hail/to hail

Precipitation, nugget of ice.

It’s hailing so be careful.

It’s freezing (cold)

It’s extremely cold.

It’s frezzing outside, you’ll need a turtle neck and a jumper.

It’s raining cats and dogs

There is heavy rain and wind.

I am soaking wet because it is raining cats and dogs.

Long-range forecast

The weather forecast for several days or weeks ahead.

We are focus on the lang(range forecast to book our holiday.


More than 95 percent covered by clouds.

The overcast sky is saddening.

Rain/Rainy/It’s raining

With rain.

It’s a rainy day today unfortunately.


Extremely hot.

It’s scorching hot in this room.

Snow/snowy/it’s snowing

Ice crystal precipitation.

Children love it when it snows.


With sun.

What a sunny day today!

Sunny spells

Short periods of sunny weather.

The sunny spells are very nice.

The dew


Cut the flowers before the dew or they will be burnt by the sun.

The monsoon

The rainy season.

In India the monsoon strikes every year.

The sun comes out

When the sun appears out of a cloudy sky.

We love it when the sun comes out.

The weather forecast

A TV/radio programme or section in a newspaper/magazine which predicts weather conditions.

Every day he watches the weather forecast.


Noise of the lightening.

Thunder can be quite scary.

To be rained off

To be cancelled or postponed due to poor weather.

Our picnic was rained off.

To clear up

When clouds or rain disappear.

The sky was cleared up thanks to the rain.

To dress up warm

To wear warm clothes to protect yourself against wintry conditions.

My mum advised me to dress up warm.

To get caught in the rain

To be outside when it rains unexpectedly.

Unfortunately he got caught in the rain.

To get drenched

To get very wet.

They got drenched because of the torrential rain.

To go below zero

To have a temperature which is minus something.

In Chicago, temperatures easily go below zero in the winter.

To pour down

To rain heavily.

It was pouring down this afternoon.

To retain heat

To keep heat.

New materials can retain heat.

Torrential rain

Raining extremely hard.

They got drenched because of the torrential rain.

Wind is blowing

The air is moving and being felt.

Don’t stay out too long, a strong wind is blowing.

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