Essential and daily vocabulary words for Computers

            Vocabulary Definition Example
A key A key refers to a button on the computer keyboard which when pressed alone or in combination with others causes a specific computational or mechanical operation. Press the enter key on the keyboard to move to the next line.
A keyboard Refers to the input device having a set of keys that you press in order to input a text or a command. I had to replace my keyboard since of the keys were not functioning.
A laptop Refers to a portable computer usually battery operated, compaq to rest on a user’s lap and has a screen that closes over the keyboard like a lid. I had to replace my laptop because it kept getting crashed from time to time.
A desktop computer Refers to a personal or office computer designed for regular and daily use operated from a single location on or near a desk or a table due to its size and power requirements. The office discourages the use of desktop computers and gives all of its employees a laptop.
A network Refers to a group of systems and other computing hardware devices that are connected together through communication channels to enable communication and resource sharing among users. There was a network issue due to which communication was lost and hence, we couldn’t complete the work on time.
To download Refers to transferring or copying or moving programs or information or data from one source to another for example from the internet to a computer’s memory. Last week, I downloaded all the songs of the lastest album of Celin Dion.
To upload Refers to copying or moving programs or information to a larger computer system or the internet I will upload all the photos on Facebook so that you will be able to find them.
To upgrade to improve the quality or usefulness of something, such as a machine or a computer program. It’s very simple to upgrade the indexing software.
To log on /off To log on refers to start using a computer system or program by entering a password (= a secret word by which the system recognizes an approved user). To log off refers to shutting down the computer program once the work is finished. About 40,000 gamers have been logging on every day since the website appeared last month
To type Refers to write on a computer using the keys of a keyboard I had to type a long text of 1000 words to complete the report.
To update a site Refer to adding improvements to an existing site by adding new information or data or changing its design. An updated version of the site by improving its design will make it more attractive to users.
Typing error mistake made in the typing process such as a spelling mistake. Next time be careful with  typing errors because I found too many in your last project.
A screen  / monitor An electronic visual display to display the information produced by the video card. we recently bought a 16-inch monitor as the one we currently use has display problems.
A flat screen a monitor screen or a television screen that is thin and flat. a flat-screen TV will be perfect for our apartment.
A touch screen a display screen of a computer, phone, etc. that you touch in order to give it instructions, rather than using a keyboard or keypad. Touch screen monitors, though expensive are in great demand among consumers.
A software

The software is …

A set of instructions or a computer program that performs a specific function. He’s written a piece of software that calculates your taxes for you.
A spreadsheet a computer program, used especially by businesses, that allows you to do financial calculations and devise new plans. The accountant entered the figures into the spreadsheet.
A word processor a program used for creating and editing documents and letters on a computer. Which version of word processor do you have on your computer?
Hardware the physical parts of a computer rather than the instructions (software) it follows. Much of our existing computer hardware is obsolete.
The mouse a small handheld device which is moved across a mat or flat surface to move the cursor on a computer screen. copy the file with a click of the mouse
The loudspeakers A system that converts electrical impulses into sound, typically as part of a public address system. The party didn’t happen as the loudspeakers were functioning.
A cordless  headphones Refer to headphones without wires or cables Last week, I bought a pair of cordless headphones.
A cordless mouse Also, referred to a wireless mouse or a mouse without wires or cables Last week, I replaced by existing mouse with a cordless mouse for just 25 euros.
A disk drive A piece of computer equipment that allows information to be stored on and read from a disk Disk drive is the best option for protection of data in computers.
To plug in /out To plug in means to be connected or to provide current / electricity by means of a plug while to plug out means to disconnect by removing the plug. He had to plug in the adaptor in order to charge his laptop.
Data processing the carrying out of operations on data, especially by a computer, to retrieve, transform, or classify information. The company has decided to outsource all data processing tasks.
To process a series of steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. The process was automated with the help of a macro to reduce time taken to complete the task.
Data  ( pluriel ) Referred to an information, especially facts or numbers, collected, to be examined and considered and used to help in decision-making, or an information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a computer. It is always best to back up your data stored in a system.
A printer a machine that is connected to a computer and prints information onto a paper using ink on giving a command.  He couldn’t print his resume as he didn’t have a printer.
A jam (of paper ) Refers to a situation when a paper gets stuck in a printer that prevents the printer from printing documents. There was a jam in the printer and it took over an hour to get it resolved.
An ink-jet  printer an electronic printer that blows ink onto paper using very small jets (= small openings that push out liquid) The company is more traditional and orthodox and hence decided to stick with ink-jet printers.
A bubblejet printer a form of inkjet printer in which the ink is heated, producing bubbles which force droplets of ink on to the paper.  I decided to try out the bubblejet printer because of the good reviews I got about it.
A laser printer a printer that produces very clear text and pictures by means of a laser beam Companies these days are switching to laser printers because of the quality it offers in printing documents.
An ink cartridge A small container of ink for use in an inkjet printer Could you please go and buy an ink cartridge?
A toner cartridge A small container of powdered ink used in laser printing I always prefer toner cartridge because it is more strong.
The internet A large system of connected computers around the world that allow people to share information and communicate with each other I found out about the bombings from the internet.
To surf the net Refers to using the internet Children are not allowed to surf the net while they are young.
To browse the internet to look at information on the internet I found your site while browsing the Web and was very impressed.
Internet access An access that permits the use of internet. I didn’t have internet access last month because we didn’t pay the bills.
A wireless connection not using wires and cables to connect to the internet Let’s book that hotel because they provide free wireless connection.
A tablet a thin, flat mobile computer with a touchscreen display, which is usually in color, processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single device. Tablets are the new generation of computers and the most used device today.
A website A link to a set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject published by a single person or organization. For more information about other Cambridge publications and courses, visit our website at
An email address A name that identifies an electronic post office box on a network where a message of an e-mail can be sent Give me your email address to send you the application form.
Bookmarks Also called favorites or internet shortcuts to mark and save certain websites for easy reference in future. I had a lot of bookmarks online but unfortunately, lost them all because my browser crashed.
A browser a computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web. The website is not optimized enough to run on a browser.
A search engine a computer program that finds information on the internet by looking for words that you have typed in. Google is the world’s largest search engine.
A webmaster somebody who maintains a website The webmaster is responsible for updating the website.
A firewall a device or program that stops people from seeing or using information on a computer without permission while it is connected to the internet You may have to disable your firewall to install the program.
An access provider a company that allows you to use the internet and email France’s biggest access provider is Orange.
A cybernaut Refers to an expert or habitual user of the internet. The company is looking for cybernauts to handle their catalogue page.
A login Refers to a name that you enter in order to be able to access a computer system or in order to access an email account online.  You need to login at the start in order to be able to access the system’s folders.
A password a secret word or combination of letters and numbers, used for communicating with a computer to prove your identity. My access got blocked because I typed the wrong password thrice.
Digital Refers to recording or storing information as a series of numbers 1 and 0, to show that a signal is present or absent. Storing data in the form of Digital is always a better and more convenient option than papers.
A personal digital assistant Also referred to as a handheld PC, or personal data assistant, is a kind of mobile device that functions as a personal information manager. My family bought me a personal digital assistant for my new university life.
A USB key Universal Serial Bus or USB refers to an external device that can be used to store and transfer data or information from one system to another connecting it to a USB port of a system. She bought USB key so she will transfer all her projects from her computer.
a toolbar On a computer screen, a row of icons that can be clicked to perform certain functions. Using a toolbar will be faster and better for designing your project.
A chat group A service provided by certain ISPs that allows a group of people to communicate virtually with each other from their respective systems. They created a chat group and decided to have the meeting from their desks.
An overnight mail Refers to an email prepared to be delivered next day Send me an overnight mail. I will look into it tomorrow morning.
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