Our Dream Team

40 enthusiasts at your side


The Leaders

Leaders are meant to lead and ours lead better than the rest! No one can motivate us better.


Team E-Learning

We have called them E-learning because that is what they do best. You can count on them to create the best courses.


IT Team

If there is a bug, it can’t be them! Leave it to them to create an amazing platform and to innovate on the daily.


Sales Team

If they joined the team it’s because they presented themselves well! If you want the best advice, turn to them.


Team Customer Success

You can call them even when everything is going fine! To become successful, they will help you move forward.


B2C Marketing Team

For them, sometimes you seem like a large stack of data! They are the team most motivated to better understand and serve you.


B2B Marketing Team

They will go to the ends of the earth to find you! No one can help you understand our wonderful profession better than them.

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