Do you love to eat out? The must needed English vocabulary words you should know

Master vocabulary is essential to maxmise your TOEIC score. Remember, preparation is the key!




A (tea/soup) spoon

A tool to eat soups for example.

The thing you need the most is spoons as you use some for the coffee, tea but also desserts.

A boiled egg

An egg cooked in water until firm.

For breakfast I have boiled eggs.

A caterer

A company that provides food.

Eden was a good caterer.

A chef

A cook.

The chef cooks excellent food.

A counter

Flat elevated surface.

Your beers are on the counter.

A dish

Either the container in which you eat or the food in itself.

This fresh dish looks delightful.

A first course

An introductory dish of a meal.

What first course did you order?

A fork

A tool to maintain your food.

This fork is really beautiful.

A knife – knives (pl)

A tool to cut your food.

Children are never given knives before they’re old enough.

A main course

A main dish of a meal.

The main course is trout today.

A plate

On which you eat your food.

Their plates are full.

A snail

A gastropod

French people are famous for eating snails.

A starter

A first course.

I will have a prawn salad as a starter.

A take-away meal

Food that you take away from the restaurant.

They ordered a take-away meal from the Indian restaurant.

A waiter/a waitress

The man/woman serving you.

Waiters can be pressured during rush hour.

A wine label

A document indicating the name, year and origin of the wine.

This French wine label is magnificent.

A wine list

A menu of wines available in a restaurant.

The wine list is well-detailed.

An appetizer

What you eat before the main course.

Appetizers are delightful.

An inn

A hotel, tarvern.

Let’s sleep in Peter’s Inn.

Canned (US)/tinned (GB) fruits

Pre-prepared fruits in a can/tin.

Canned fruits are not as good as fresh fruits.


Crunchy, brittle.

The crisp of the meat is so nice.


With a firm crust.

My bacon is so crusty.


General name for knives, forks and spoons.

My parents kept their silver cutlery.


Which can be eaten.

These mushrooms are edible.

French fries (US)/chips (GB)

Thin fried sticks of potato.

French fries are children’s favorite food.


Fine food, cookery.

Gastronomy is key in France.


Which can’t be eaten.

Be careful as the decoration is inedible.

Mashed potatoes

Potato puree.

They are serving mashed potatoes in the pub today.


Food: pasta-like strips.

I love having noodles.

A sauerkraut

Fermented cabbage.

Sauerkraut is Germany’s best food.

Scrambled eggs

A dish of eggs prepared by beating them with a little liquid and then cooking and stirring gently.

I take scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Edible fish, shellfish.

Seafood is this restaurant’s specialty.

Slow food

Food you take time to eat to fully appreciate it

After fast food, the new trend is slow food.

Sparkling water

Fizzy water.

Will you drink still or sparkling water.

Still water

Water with no bubbles.

Will you drink still or sparkling water.


Without taste.

Don’t ever go to this restaurant. What this serve is tasteless.


With a lot of taste.

This is so tasty that I asked for more.

Tips included

Service is included in the bill.

Tips are not included in the US.

To be hungry

To be desperate for food.

Sylvia is very hungry as she didn’t eat this morning.

To be starving

To be extremely hungry.

Laly was starving as she hadn’t eaten for a full day.

To be thirsty

To be desperate for water or any liquid.

He is so thirsty because of the heat.

To cater for

To provide food for.

Pory caters for all the companies in the area.

To charge

To bill, invoice

How much does the restaurant charge for a fresh fruit salad?

To complain about something

To express dissatisfaction about something.

As the food wasn’t what he expected, he complained about it to the waiter.

To have a seat

To sit down.

Have a seat and we’ll bring you the menu.

To order

To ask the waiter what you’d like to eat/drink

Are you ready to order?

To wash down

To clean thoroughly or accompany with a drink

He’ll wash down the sauerkraut with a pint of beer.


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