Important English vocabulary words for Green Movement

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The Green movement
Word Explanation Example
A dam A water barrier. Watching a hyrdoelectric dam is impressive.
A disposal A waste removal, treatment. There are special processes for the disposal of dangerous materials.
A drought A long period when there is little or no rain. The crops were ruined by the drought.
A flood A large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry. The recent flood destroyed all the properties around.
A gallon 3.79 liters. How many gallons of milk did you buy?
A grid A network. The power grid is very well developed now.
A photovoltaic cell A photocell in which an electromotive force is generated by a photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic cells transforms solar energy into electricity.
A power plant/station Factory where energy is generated. I’d rather not live in the area of a power plant/station.
A recycling  bin/waste A container to put material which can be recycled. You should throw your used paper in the yellow recycling bin.
A recycling plant A factory which role is to reuse and transform already used material. There is a recycling plan near my house.
A renewable resource A resource which can be reused. Wind power is a renewable resource.
A smoke Carbon emitted by a fire. The smoke coming out of the plant is not reassuring at all.
A solar panel A unit which transforms the sunlight into energy. There are more and more solar panels in the desert.
A steam engine An engine powered by steam. The steam engine was then followed by the internal combustion engine.
A supply/supplies The act of providing, furnishing. The water supplies are not enough, we need to buy some more.
A sweatshop A factory which exploits workers notably with poor working conditions. Many big brands are sweatshops.
A tidal barrage A device that blocks the flow of a water in a retreating tide and release it in a controlled manner to generate electricity. Tidal barrages produce an interesting amount of power.
A wind farm Facility that generates electricity from wind. Wind farms can easily destroy the scenery.
A wind turbine/a windmill Machine that generates electricity from wind. To be profitable, we’ll install wind turbines in our field.
An alternative energy Another source of power. Alternative energies have been developing since global warming was seriously discussed.
An environmental advocate A defensor of environment. With global warming, the number of environmental advocates is growing.
An oil rig The platform in the sea where crude oil is extracted. Working on oil rigs is very dangerous.
An oil slick A layer of oil that is floating over a large area of the surface of the sea, usually because an accident has caused it to escape from a ship or container. Oil slicks are a real disasters for the oceans’ fauna and flora.
An oil/petrol/gas/fuel fill-up Putting some oil/petrol/gas/fuel when it’s empty or not full. Every year we do at least 3 fuel fill-ups.
Carbon footprint Environmental impact. The carbon footprint of planes is huge.
(Char)coal What we sometimes use in barbecues. The black color of charcoal has inspired many artists.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment to ethical and social concerns. Companies develop CSR more and more.
Cradle-to-grave  Material or products that is disposed (landfill, incineration, etc. ) of at the end of its intended life. The crade-to-grave approach is not environmentally friendly.
Eco(logically)-friendly Which respect ecology. More and more firms become eco-friendly.
Endangered species Birds/plants/species animals or plants which may soon not exist because there are very few now alive. Zoos enable the survival of endangered species.
Environmentally-friendly Which favors the environment. Our solar cell is environmentally friendly.
Fair trade Work done in more human conditions with a decent salary. Fair trade has skyrocketted since consumers became aware of traditional labor practices.
Ferrous/non-ferrous Related to iron/without iron. The ferrous railway should be changed.
Fossil fuel energy Energy which is created by natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. The fossil fuel energy of coal is very polluting.
Genetically Modified Organisms/GMO Organisms which genes were modified by human beings. Many GMOs can be found in American good.
Geothermal energy Power created by the energy the earth naturally produces underground. In Finland, they use geothermal energy a lot.
Global warming The fact pollution leads to a general increase in temperature. There are still some global warming distractors.
Greenhouse effect The consequence of global warming. Politicians are now aware of the greenhouse effect.
Harmful Injurious. Pollution can be extremely harmful.
Hydroelectric energy Producing electricity from water-driven turbine generators. Brazil relies on hydroelectric energy.
Noxiousness The fact something is harmful or dangerous. The noxiousness of carbon dioxide overproduction has been proved.
Organic Which didn’t have any unnatural treatment. Organic food is recommended when you’re pregnant.
Paperless Without paper. To save forests, they’ll go paperless.
Pollination The transfer of pollen. The decreasing number of bees has a real effect of pollination.
Repurposing Allows a flooring product to be cleaned or refurbished & then reused in its current form, thereby extending its useful life. Repurposing materials gives them a longer life.
Soot A black, carbonaceous substance produced during incomplete combustion of coal, wood, oil. Black soot appeared on the windows of people.
Stringent Demanding strict attention to rules and procedures. The standards in wind farms are very stringent.
Sustainable development Development which is environmentally friendly. Sustainable development has become very trendy.
Tenuous Very thin in gauge or diameter. His tenuous situation at work has recently improved.
The dirt The opposite of cleanliness. Pollution leaves tracks of dirt everywhere.
The Food and Drug Administration/FDA A segment of the Department of Health and Human Services in charge of food and medication. The FDA can issue new standards which will put many companies in trouble.
The ozone layer A layer in the stratosphere (at approximately 20 miles). Now that the ozone layer has holes, the sun has a more severe effect on us.
Tidal power Hydropower that converts the energy obtained from tides into useful forms of power. Tidal power is generated by particular generators.
To check a burner To verify that what burns fuel/oil/gas works properly. Before each winter, we check the burners to make sure we won’t be freezing cold.
To dispose of something To throw away, to get of rid of something. In our modern society, people easily dispose of items as soon as they don’t want it anymore.
To gasp To breathe in sharply or with difficulty. They gasped when they discovered their new house.
To generate power To create electricity. The natural phenomenon of tides generates power.
To recharge a device To put energy back in a machine. In some train stations, you can recharge your device by pedalling.
To sort out waste To organize garbage by categories (usually the ones which can be recycled and the ones who can’t). We taught children how to sort out the waste.
To store To save for later. I store wood for the winter.
To switch on/off To turn on/off, to start/stop. To save energy, switch off your devices when you don’t use them.
Unleaded petrol A type of petrol or other substance that does not contain lead. I fill-up my tank with unleaded petrol.
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