Planning a holiday destination? Must know English vocabulary words

Master vocabulary is essential to maxmise your TOEIC score. Remember, preparation is the key!





A beach

A place near the sea to enjoy the sun and water.

Let’s go to the beach today, it’s very sunny.

A bellboy

A male young porter at a hotel.

The bellboy carried my luggage to my room.

A booking

A reservation.

Did you confirm the booking you made yesterday?

A car rental company

An enterprise which rents cars.

The car rental company was closed when we landed.

A concierge

A person who takes very good care of the hotel clients by making any arrangement they require.

Our concierge is amazing, he managed to get us tickets for the match at the last minute.

A connecting flight

The opposite of a direct flight.

It is much cheaper to take connecting flights.

A four-wheel drive

A vehicle to drive on any environment.

We feel safer in a four-wheel drive when we travel in the desert.

A housekeeper

A house cleaner.

In their hotel, all the housekeepers wear a uniform.

A journey

An extended travel.

The journey from San Francisco to New York can be long.

A sedan

A family car.

The only car we rent is a sedan.

A shore

A section of land bordering water.

The sea shore is so nice to walk on.

A shuttle

Transports between two points.

In our all inclusive holiday package, the shuttle from the airport to the hotel is included.

A stopover

A break between two flights.

I will visit Roma during my 6-hour stopover.

A toddler

A baby who can’t walk yet.

All toddlers should be accompanied.

A tourist agency

A place where people can book rides and visits.

The tourist agency is not far from our hotel.

A transfer passenger

A person who has more than one flight.

All transfer passengers must fill in a special form.

A travel agency

A place where you can book journeys, holidays and attractions.

Where is the nearest travel agency?

A voyage

A very entended travel, longer than a journey.

What a voyage to cross the Atlantic by boat!


Where you sleep and stay when you’re away.

What kind of accommodation did you book?

An all inclusive holiday package

A holiday where the transportation, accomodation sometimes transfer, food and beverages are included.

They’re going to book an all inclusive holiday package to make their life easier.

An attraction

A funfair ride.

The attraction lies in the architecture.

An umbrella

To protect yourself from the sun or rain.

With children, umbrella are necessary when we go to the beach.


Type of money you use.

In Europe, the same currency is used pretty much everywhere.


City center.

They are going downtown to the tourist agency.


Price of transportation.

How much is the fare to Cambodia?

Main sights

Principal things to see.

The main sights should be covered in 3 days.

Premier tourist attraction

The very first entertainment for visitors.

The premier tourist attraction here is the giant rollercoaster.


Pleasant material you can find on a beach. It is usually white or yellow but can be grey or red depending on the environment.

Sand can be so hot when the temperature is high.

To build a sandcastle

To design a building with sand.

Children always love building sandcastles.

To cancel a holiday

To change your mind and decide not to go on holiday anymore.

Because of my grandmother’s funeral, we had to cancel our holiday.

To delay a departure

To leave later than originally planned.

As Peter was sick we had to delay our departure.

To divert

To change itinerary.

To avoid potential difficulties, our itinerary was diverted.

To do (some)sightseeing

To see and visit some monuments

When I discover a new country, I do some sightseeing.

To go on a cruise

To take a boat, live in it.

This summer we’ll go on a cruise for our holiday

To have a coffee

To drink a coffee.

Rather than complaining, have a coffee and you’ll feel better.

To have a picnic

To eat a meal outside.

They will have a picnic in the shade on the grass.

To hire a car

To rent a vehicle.

We always hire a car when we go abroad.

To leave a tip

Money you give to show you appreciate service. In the US, people can only make a living thanks to the tips as there is no fixed salary provided.

They’ll leave a very good tip as the waiters did an excellent job.

To look at a map

To find directions on a topographical plan.

We’ll see where we are by looking at the map.

To negotiate a deal

To try to have some more benefits in an offer.

My dad always tries to negotiate the deal before accepting it.

To pack a bag/suitcase/luggage/ baggage

To take what you need and put it in the container.

When are you going to pack your bag?

To pose for a picture

To take a particular position for a photograph.

We are going to pose all jumping at the same for this picture.

To ride waves

To face the moves of water.

When you surf, you ride the waves.

To sit on a bench

To be seated on a long outdoor seat.

I like sitting on a bench to rest.

To take snapshots

To take photos.

We want to have memories so we take snapshots.

To travel

To move from one place to another.

My sister loves traveling so she does it as often as possible.

Traveler’s checks

Pre-defined check to exchange for currency.

To feel safe, I only took traveler’s check with me today.





A baseball/ rugby field

Where baseball/ rugby are played.

We’ll meet on the football field.

A cheerleader

A person who support the ones who play a match.

The selection to become a cheerleader is drastic.

A diver

Someone who goes deep in the water to see fish, fauna and flora.

Professional divers are expected to arrive at 2PM.

A football/ soccer pitch

Where football/soccer is played.

The football pitch is well looked after.

A golf ball

A sphere to play golf.

Their golf balls are customized.

A golf course

Where you play golf.

The golf course of Saint Endréol is magnificent.

A referee

The one who makes decisions to attribute points.

All referees are supposed to be neutral.

A rugby match

A game of rugby.

Her brother is a big fan of rugby matches.

A supporter

Someone who is a fan of a team and cheers for it/ backs it up.

Look at all your team’s supporters in the terraces.

A tennis ball

A sphere to play tennis.

All the tennis balls are wet because of the rain.

A tennis court

Where we play tennis

The tennis court is well-situated.

A treadmill

An automatic machine on which you can run or walk.

Running on the treadmill is a decent training before a marathon.

An amazing goal

The way they scored is extraordinary.

He scored an amazing goal!

An opponent

Someone playing in the opposite team.

Our opponents are very trained so we’re going to be very strategic.


To do some figures on skates.

Figure-skating is quite long to master.


Scaling rocky mountains.

You could do interesting rock-climbing in the Alps.

To breathe

Get some air in and out of your lungs.

He breathes too fast to finish the marathon.

To do scuba-diving/snorkeling

To go deep in the water to see fish, fauna and flora.

The kids wanted to do scuba-diving to discover the fish of the island.

To do some horseriding

To move on a horse as an activity.

As they live near a wood, they’ll regularly do some horseriding.

To exhale

Get some air out of your lungs.

Exhale counting to 10.

To gallop

To run as fast as possible notably for horses.

You are not good enough to gallop with your horse.

To get one’s heart rate beat up

To breathe faster and faster and have the moves of the heart accelerated.

Doing cross fit gets your heart rate beat up.

To glide on the snow

To slide, not to be stable on the snow

With your new snowboard, you will easily glide on the snow.

To inhale

Get some air into your lungs.

Inhale counting to 5.

To play well

To be good in your game.

The football team is playing well.

To ride a bike

To be on a bike to move.

She rides a bike to school every single day.

To ride a horse

To be on a horse to move.

We will learn how to ride a horse.

To run a relay race

To participate in a race where people have a relay to give to the next team member.

In high school, she was excellent at running relax races.

To sail

To navigate on water.

My sister loves sailing.

To train for a marathon

To have a specific preparation to be able to run for 42km.

What an idea he had to train for a marathon!





A band

A group of musicians.

This band is fancied by all the teenagers around the world.

A lead singer

The main musician who sings.

The lead singer communicates very well with the musicians.

A musician

Someone who plays music.

These musicians are very successful.

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