Daily used and important English vocabulary words for transports

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A 4-wheel drive

A big car which can be driven anywhere.

Let’s the the 4-wheel drive to go to the desert.

A baggage handler

Someone in charge of loading and unloading luggage.

Due to the strike of baggage handlers, it took a very long time to get our luggage back.

A barge

A boat designed for rivers.

The barge on the river Seine are so charming.

A beltway/bypass/ringroad

A road around an area which circles a city to go faster from one point in town to another.

The ringroad is extremely convenient but when it is congested, it becomes hell.

A bonnet/hood (GB)

A part covering car’s engine.

The bonnet had to be opened to check the engine.

A bumper

An impact absorber on a vehicle.

My bumper is damaged because it absorbed many shocks.

A bus ride

A trip by bus.

The bus ride is so pleasant.

A bus shelter

A protected area where you wait for the bus.

There are plugs on the side of some bus shelters.

A cab

A taxi.

Black cabs are safer than other cabs in Great Britain.

A cabin attendant

A team member of the crew on a plane.

The cabin attendants welcome you on board.

A cancellation/to cancel

Something which will not be anymore/ to not happen finally.

He was so disappointed when he found out about the cancellation of his flight.

A car retailer

A place which sells cars to individuals.

This car retailer does excellent prices.

A car service

A customized service of luxury cars (usually limousines)

For the bachelorette party, they used a car service.

A car share scheme / incentive

A pattern to share your car.

People are highly motivated thanks to the car share incentive.

A cargo ship

A freighter, container ship.

The cargo ship is huge.

A carrier

A transportation company.

This carrier is very efficient.

A coach

A tour bus.

Traveling by coach is much cheaper.

A connecting flight

A plane journey: correspondence.

My connecting flight is delayed.

A conveyor belt

A moving platform (that can carry luggage)

The luggage is unloaded on the conveyor belt.

A crew

A team working on a boat, ship, plane.

Al the crew is wishing you a very nice day.

A cruise ship

A large passenger liner.

Our cruise ship is magnificent!

A delay/ to delay

An action of deferral/To cause to be late.

We were delayed because of a strike.

A driveway

A private vehicle path from house to road.

Why don’t you park the car on the driveway?

A fare

Price of a transportation ticket.

The fare from Paris to London greatly varies depending on the season.

A ferry

A passenger boat.

They took the ferry to go to Corsica.

A fine/ticket

A financial penalty.

He got a ticket for parking where he wasn’t allowed to.

A flight

A plane trip.

This flight was so long.

A free rental of city bikes

The fact bicycles can be rented with no charge.

Tourists love the free rental of city bikes.

A freight

A cargo.

The freight is enormous.

A gangway

A wooden walkway onto a ship.

They haven’t set the gangway yet.

A gear shift (US)/gear stick (GB)

What you use to change gear.

The gear shift is broken so the car needs to be repaired.

A harbor

Where boats park.

The harbor is really charming.

A high speed train

An extremely fast train.

High speed trains are extremely efficient in Asia.

A highway (US)/motorway (GB)

A road where you can drive faster and that makes you reach destination faster.

Don’t drive too fast on the highway!

A journey

An extended travel.

Have a nice journey!

A lane

A line/aisle/row on the road.

The lane towards the capital is hard to take.

A liner

A cruise ship.

The liner is beautiful.

A means of transportation

A way to travel.

What means of transportation will you take?

A motorbike/bike

A motorcycle.

Many new fathers sell their motorbike to reduce risks.

A park-and-ride scheme

A public rideshare area.

Park-and-ride schemes will soon be implemented.

A path

A trail.

The path to the village is really charming.

A pedestrianized street

A street with no car where you can walk without being disturbed by traffic.

We love having lunch in the pedestrianized street.

A petrol gauge

A measuring instrument which tells you how much petrol you have left.

Which side is your petro gauge?

A pier

A structure built on posts extending from land out over water to land ships, for entertainment, to stroll …

Kids love going on the pier to play games.

A plane crash

An accident when aircrafts collide.

Many plane crashes are still unexplained.

A platform

Where you wait for the train before geting on it and where you arrive when you get off the train.

The train to New York will depart from platform 3.

A pocket thief (thieves)

Someone who discretely steals things from your pocket, handbag or bag.

There are too mant pocket thieves in the metro.

A public transport

A means of transportation subsidized by the state.

Public transports are much better for the environment.

A quay

A mooring place for boats.

We watched the boats from the quay.

A racecar driver

Someone who drives extremelyfast cars.

Have you met the famous racecar driver?

A railroad/railway tracks

Railway tracks. Where the trains ride.

The railroad needs to be mended.

A railway

A railroad track, network.

The railway should be extended to smaller cities.

A riverboat

A boat used on a river.

Why don’t we take a riverboat to get there?

A road

A route.

The road is of excellent quality.

A rocketship

A type of spacecraft.

My dream is to see a rocketship for real.

A row

Things in a line, line of seats.

All the passengers had to position themselves in the different rows.

A runway

Where plans land and take off.

It’s so exciting to be on the runway.

A seat belt

What you fasten when you take a car, plane or coach.

Please fasten your seat belt.

A sedan

A family car.

Her parents’ sedan is very good.

A shortcut

A way which is shorter than the traditional one.

We should take the shortcut to go to work.

A shuttle

A transport between two points.

The shuttle goes from terminal 1 to terminal 2.

A speed limit

The maximum speed you should not exceed.

Respect the speed limits not to be ticketed.

A station wagon

An estate car.

To have more space than in a traditional car, they bought a station wagon.

A steering wheel

A control wheel of a vehicle.

The steering wheel has become hot with the sun.

A subway (US)/ an underground (GB//tube (GB)/ metro

A train which runs under the ground.

They take the subway every day.

A tarmac

A tarred surface where plane park.

Have you seen all these planes on the tarmac?

A terminal

Area for passengers to take their transport (air, ferry).

Which terminal will you depart from?

A tire (US)/tyre (GB)

Rubber around wheel.

Your tires need to be changed.

A traffic jam

A vehicle congestion.

Hamilton was stuck in a traffic jam.

A traffic light

A signal (green, orange or red) which tells you whether you should go or stop.

I haven’t seen the traffic lights, I hope it won’t be a problem.

A tramway/a tram

A streetcar.

Tramways are very convenient even if they tend to take longer than other public transports.

A travel

An act of travelling.

What is your best travel?

A trip

A journey.

What is the longest trip you’ve ever made?

A trolley

Device to move luggage around in an airport.

Trolley can’t be taken on escalators.

A truck (US)/lorry (GB)

Big vehicle to carry goods/animals.

Look at the size of this truck!

A trunk (US) /a boot (GB)

Rear of the car to put luggage and anything you don’t want directly with you.

Put all the luggage in the trunk.

A van

A work vehicle.

What do you think of my van?

A vehicle enthusiast

Someone who is very cheerful for anything related to vehicles.

His passion made him a vehicle enthusiast.

A voyage

A long journey.

I’m not sure I’ll bear the voyage.

A wheel

A a circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery.

How big is your wheel?

A windshield

A vehicle’s front window.

I need to clean the windshield because I can’t see the road properly.



Accuracy is needed in some transport companies.

An aircraft/airplane

Vehicle which flies in the sky.

Which aircraft do you prefer?

An airline

An air transport company.

What airline is your favorite?

An airliner

A passenger plane.

This airliner is impressive!

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