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Interested in learning the basics of English and improving at your own pace? It's coming out soon!
With the General English, course, learn to:

Talk about yourself and discuss your daily life

Give and follow directions

Communicate effectively in everyday situations


On the agenda

scenarios to practice via immersion
to help you make progress

Our formula for success!

  • 1

    Concrete Objectives
    Know what your goals are, and gain useful English skills for your daily life

  • 2

    Total Immersion
    Realistic, scenario-based activities

  • 3

    Individualized Support
    Benefit from all the advantages of an online platform, but know that our coaches aren’t far away

  • 4

    Deliberate Design
    Your learning will take place on an easy-to-follow and efficient platform

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General English:


Sure, it’s hard to learn a new language, and it’s even harder to stay motivated. But, don’t forget that you can personalize your learning process accordingly with your level, needs, and goals. 

You can always take an English class where you can meet other people of the same level as you, study together, and even compete to get better for a fun and educational experience.

If taking a class isn’t your cup of tea (or it’s not enough), you can always opt for online studying programs. Thankfully, technology has made it ridiculously easy to learn from the comfort of your home, which allows you to study at your own pace, anytime!

GobalExam offers many programs to improve your English. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will find the right studying program to enhance your skills and help you speak perfect English. In fact, we offer you the chance to take a level test before starting a course with us to settle in the right program for you.

Have you already been studying English but not sure if you got a good grip of all the skills yet? 

Not a problem.

You can test your English proficiency with GlobalExam for free. Our team is dedicated to preparing people of all ages for future tests and their general life skills.

So, if you have a trip coming up where you will need to speak English with the natives, or you are preparing for an important English test, like the IELTS or TOEFL. You can test your level with GlobalExam, find out where you stand (level-wise), and then sign in for the right program to become an English speaker in a few weeks only.

We offer a wide variety of exercises and lessons that are proven to improve English skills. They are extremely fun and enjoyable. Plus, we will ensure to motivate you during your learning journey. So, explore with us all the different ways to learn English and choose between the tons of lessons that we provide in detailed and in-depth corrections. 

GlobalExam will allow you to learn English (or any other language) and progress at your own pace.

There are many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. Not only will you be able to communicate with new people, but you will also get a deeper understanding of other cultures, see things from new perspectives, and even strengthen your mental health. 

Studies have shown that anyone speaking two or more languages can have more active minds when older. 

These are great reasons to learnany language, but if you haven’t mastered the English language yet, then we encourage you to start learning it today. 

There are hundreds of reasons why it’s important to learn English, including the fact that it’s the world’s most widely spoken language, will help you build a better career, and it’s easier!

Nowadays, it’s easy to see the value and importance of the English language in the world. The majority of the world’s top universities and international companies use English as their main communication language. Plus, tourists use English to communicate with others, even if they are not native English speakers visiting a non-native English country. 

The importance to learn English as an adult or a kid

As an adult, learning English is not as difficult as you might expect, and it comes with great advantages that will benefit your career, brain, and overall life. So, to simplify it, here are the benefits of learning English as an adult:

  • You will increase your intellectual intelligence. 
  • You will strengthen your memory.
  • You will improve your mental flexibility.
  • You will build a better career.
  • Traveling will be easier.

On the other hand, it’s important for kids to learn English because it will help increase their opportunities to study in international schools and allow them to be open to different cultures. Plus, bilingual kids are proven to be smarter. 

Besides, English is the language of computers, science, and tourism.

In order to master any new language, studying it alone is not enough, and practice is key. So, it’s important to find other sources to help you build your vocabulary, and the best part is you can choose anything you love to help you, including apps, games, songs, movies, series, TV shows, websites, cartoons, podcasts, audios, books and more.

Whatever the best ways to learn English you decide to choose, remember to have fun in the process, always!

You can keep a little notebook with you at all times, even while enjoying a movie, and start writing down every new word you learn. However, you should try now to enjoy your shows with subtitles, and why not look up your favorite English songs’ lyrics in your mother tongue. 

You can also befriend an English-speaker person, whether online or in real life, to help you practice your skills. By following these methods, you will learn English efficiently and enjoyably, too!

Besides learning the language, you also have to pronounce the words properly and perfect your accent. That’s why we have gathered a few tips and strategies that will help you sound like a native English speaker. 

Tip#1 Pay attention to the syllables

You should not only focus on the sounds when pronouncing a word but also the rhythm. 

Tip#2 Study the IPA

(The International Phonetic Alphabet chart) to help you understand the English sound system and improve your pronunciation. It’s important to concentrate on how and where the sounds are made inside your 

Tip#3 Mouth when speaking English

Since your mouth is not used to moving in this new way, training your muscles will lead you to a better pronunciation in no time.

Tip#4 Listen closely to yourself when pronouncing the words

You can record yourself and note down everything that you need to improve.

Tip#5 Be confident

Be confident when speaking, and be always sure you are capable of doing it! 

Tip#6 Do not be afraid to make mistakes

It’s the only efficient way to speak great English.

It’s a fact that learning any language requires you to understand the grammar system. In fact, it requires you to know it by heart. Grammar is the only set of rules that can structure the language in an understandable way. You can look at grammar as the skeleton or the core of the language. Without learning it, you will not be capable of building a proper sentence with the right meaning. 

We have good news for you: the grammar of the English language is one of the easiest. Once you pay attention to it, you will be able to understand its rules within a short period of time. Soon enough, you will get a good grip on English grammar, and you will be having long conversations with English natives while making very few mistakes and occasional misunderstandings. 

Here are a few advices to help you learn english grammar effectively and easily:

  1. 1. Start small. You don’t need to learn everything at once!
  2. 2. Do exercises. You can try apps and websites that are dedicated to teaching English.
  3. 3. Focus on the vocabulary. Building it up will greatly help you understand grammar.
  4. 4. Look for educational websites. They are specially designed to teach you the language in an entertaining, easy way.
  5. 5. Practice verb forms. You can do this by re-writing a sentence in different tenses. 
  6. 6. Read English grammar book.

You can’t call yourself an English speaker if you don’t know enough vocabulary. Without it, it will be difficult to deliver your thoughts, and in case you did, it will be poorly structured. 

Learning the English vocabulary shouldn’t be a task to do once a day or week; it’s a continuous process. You can consider any situation as a learning experience. Here are the best ways to help you learn a wide variety of English words:

  • Set a goal of learning one word a day, at least. You can always go for more when possible, but don’t challenge yourself into hundreds of words. It’s just not reasonable.
  • When watching movies, series, and TV shows or while browsing your social media accounts, focus on the new words you find, look for their meaning, synonyms, and practice them immediately. 
  • Developing a reading habit and starting reading English books is also an efficient way to learn the English vocabulary, not only with the word meanings but also the way they are written. 
  • Playing games, especially word games, is considered to be one of the most fun ways of all. 
  • Have as many conversations with English speakers as you possibly can, and don’t be shy to ask about the meaning of the words they are using. 
  • You should use the new words during conversations whenever possible to understand their meanings better.
  • If you don’t have time to read or even watch movies, you can always listen to audiobooks. It will help your listening and understanding skills. 
  • Keep a dictionary by your side at all times. By that, we mean that you should use the online dictionary and thesaurus to allow new vocabularies into your own dictionary on a daily basis.

Use flashcards, which is also a quicker way to build a large vocabulary efficiently. You can find a wide array of smartphone apps that make those flashcards a convenient, easy way to organize.