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key information to remember

The TOEIC test is an English language proficiency test that is internationally recognised. The focus of this test, compared to others, is English communication by non-native English speakers. Many international companies, organisations and governments accept this certificate as a level of proficiency. Around 7 million tests are taken every year and used by over 14,000 organisations.
Achieving a good TOEIC score can help advance your career, allow you to gain new employment opportunities, or enter a higher education establishment in many countries around the world. Achieving a good TOEIC score shows the company you work for that you are a serious employee. It proves that you will invest in and develop yourself to become a better communicator, are willing to learn and put the time in, and you are doing something that will make you better at your job. Any HR manager will see this as a positive change. It could also lead to new projects being given to you or a promotion.
There are three exams you can take. They are reading and listening, speaking and writing, and a “bridge” version, which is easier.
  • TOEIC Reading and Listening - it takes 2.5 hours to complete. You have 45 minutes for the listening paper and 75 minutes for the reading paper. All questions are multiple choice and there are 100 questions in each.
  • TOEIC Speaking and Writing - it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. You have 20 minutes to complete 11 speaking tasks and 60 minutes to complete the 8 writing tasks.
  • TOEIC Bridge - it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. There are two parts. You have 25 minutes for the listening sections and 35 minutes for the reading sections.
After taking the exams you will receive a score for each skill and an overall TOEIC score. The maximum overall score is 990 from 2 sections. Reading and Listening are scored on a scale of 5 to 495, as they are the most popular sections. The Speaking and Writing tests are scored between 0 and 200.
The first thing you need to do is find a testing centre close to you. If you visit the TOEIC's official website, you can find test centres by country. Then you need to check the dates available and choose the best one for you. Give yourself some time to practice before the test, book it at least 2 months ahead. Then you can register online with that provider. Generally you need to complete an application form with your personal details, choose a date, and pay the fee. Official ID details, such as a passport number, will be asked for and maybe even to upload a copy of the ID. Be ready to do this and make sure the ID you use is valid on the day of the test.
You can take the TOEIC test in many countries around the world. In Canada, you can take the test in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. Many cities in the United States have TOEIC exam centres. You can find a full list on the TOEIC official website with an exam calendar and availability check.
There are some great resources out there to help you study for the TOEIC exam. GlobalExam is a provider that can help. Our online programme has a variety of materials that will help you develop the skills you need, such as vocabulary and grammar for the TOEIC test. We have areas for language practice, exam skill development, progress tracking, and you can also take a full TOEIC under exam conditions. We also have a blog full of articles such as tips for your training and testimonies that can help you.