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Learning professional English

English is the international language of business, the language of bleisure (business + leisure) travels, the language in which most of the contents on the Internet are written, the official language of international organizations… to put it in a nutshell: English is the lingua franca, the most popular second language spoken in the world. As a consequence, English is considered globally as the bridge language in areas such as: accounting, commerce, e-commerce, finance, HR, manufacturing, marketing, sales, trade, and so on.

Therefore, nowadays, more and more learners have some special needs and must develop some specific skills which are not completely fulfilled in General English courses. Among the needs of business professionals, we can mention: meetings, negotiations, emails, presentations, phone calls, conference calls, business travels, communication with foreign headquarters and subsidiaries, comprehension of multiple accents, etc. Keeping all this in mind, and being aware that more and more companies need their staff to become multi-lingual, GlobalExam has designed a Business course online. Business is becoming increasingly important, so people who do not have an excellent command of it risk to lose great opportunities to advance their career.

Your boss makes constant remarks about the emails you write in English, and that is really worrying you? Are you afraid of answering the phone when the client is a native speaker of English? You should go into action so as to make no more errors when writing formal emails and improve all the required English skills of a business professional.

GlobalExam has created an innovative Business program so that you can easily achieve your goals. Ask yourself: “What are my objectives?” and then select the best study plan for you! General skills, job skills or industry specific skills, the choice is yours! But before starting, we advise you to take our online level test. This test result will tell you what your English level is, so that you don’t waste your time and find the right contents we have designed for you here, on our website!

Would you like to have a quick look at our contents? Try our free version! There are three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Signing up will only take you a couple of minutes and then you will have free access to the first section of each one of our modules. Each section consists of a scenario-based situation about a specific skill or topic and it lasts 15 minutes. We have prepared a series of comprehension activities designed for each level and our teachers will coach you! Improve your English for free online!

Nowadays, developing English language and communication skills for doing business, communicating at the workplace, and cross-cultural understanding, have become a must. Our program will not only help you achieve those goals, it will also give you relevant practice in your field of expertise.

What is your career? Communications, Marketing, Human Resources or Management? You will find specific situations for each field. Do you need to perform in English the tasks you already perform in your mother tongue, such as presenting a particular product or your company? We can help you improve these kinds of aspects too! Every now and then, in your work you have to contact international customers, and therefore you are required to be accurate and to use appropriate levels of politeness when writing emails? Register now and start boosting your professional English skills for your career!

Learning Business online is one of the best investments you can make with your time. Of course, there will be moments when you might wonder, “why do I keep making the same mistakes?” And consequently, sometimes, you might certainly feel that the process is slower than you thought. But remember: Staying motivated is the key to success, and that is not a secret, it is pure common sense. If you feed your fears with frustration, anger and insecurity, you just won’t attempt to improve your skills. Instead, you will end up assuming you are not good at English and you will remove yourself from the challenge of learning. So, think about the goals you want to achieve, tell yourself that getting Business proficiency will definitely make your work life easier. Picture yourself being able to effectively communicate with customers, manufacturers and stakeholders abroad, and view yourself in a positive light because there will be no more frustrating barriers to your success. Here in GlobalExam we are aware of the importance of motivation, that is why we have prepared 10 tips to help you focus on your progress and develop self-confidence when learning English online.

Without marketing, sales might decline and your company will be likely to close down. Besides, without fluent English you can lose advantages in the business world … but let’s not be tragic, let’s be rather honest: marketing boosts your sales. So, how about using the official business language today, English, as an extra tool to maintain demand, competition and reputation?

Engage international customers by providing fresh relevant content in English about your products and your business as well. Don’t forget that marketing contributes to create a link between a business and its customers. Getting to know international clients’ behaviors will imply dealing with cross-cultural references. So, communicating effectively will avoid misunderstandings and build more solid confidence and trust.

Register on GlobalExam and practice your marketing skills in English!

The 21st century job market has clearly shown that communication is constantly evolving, it has expanded beyond journalism and it has become essential to all sectors: business, financial, artistic, public relations, marketing and advertising, governmental… to name but a few.

A career in communication bolsters your skills in teamwork, oral, written and non-verbal expression, analytical and creative thought, elaborating and editing written documents, handling new technologies in digital media, giving oral presentations; all of them required attributes in job listings. The eclectic world of communication offers an enormous panorama of unique job opportunities since roles that did not exist a decade ago are now proliferating in the industry (like social media officer or digital marketing coordinator), so imagine all you can reach if you add full command of Business to your CV! A bilingual communications specialist can engage in a variety of activities like: evaluating international competitors’ communication campaigns, writing appropriate press releases or managing the organization’s social media presence in several languages, especially English.

Register on GlobalExam and access our English for communications course!

Outstanding listening skills, a huge amount of patience and flexibility, natural leadership skills, negotiation skills… all of these are indispensable attributes to succeed in an HR career path. If you believe in human capital and enjoy working closely with people from diverse backgrounds, working in human resources seems tailored for you.

HR professionals are a bridge between top executives and employees, because they are in charge of guiding interviewing and hiring processes. All kinds of businesses, no matter their size, and every industry require HR professionals, so job opportunities are rather strong. Likewise, companies’ expansion and new federal, state and local labor laws and personnel policies will certainly contribute to job growth in this field.

Do you want to hear more good news about the benefits of a career in HR? Your chances of getting a job will increase even more if you invest time in boosting your Business skills. By doing so, you are going to be able to work more fruitfully with both internal clients and external partners. And if you can certify that you know how to accurately use HR terminology, and how to write clear and persuasive documents, your CV will be really appealing to recruiters!

Boost your language level with a specific HR course in English with GlobalExam!

For those who have a knack for numbers and whose analytical reasoning is outstanding, a career in purchases is the normal path to follow. Contrary to the old belief, career options in purchases are not limited to CA (Chartered Accountant) or CS (Company Secretary).

Nowadays, purchases includes sectors such as Finance, Accounts, Investments, Insurance, Banking, Management, Economics, Stockbroking, Actuarial Science, Taxation, and the list goes on! Commerce professionals can deal with trade, market fluctuation, fiscal or industrial policies, etc., therefore, they are required in the growing activity of market. Needless to remind you of how lucrative the employment opportunities are in commerce fields! If you decide to boost your English Business skills for purchases, the doors of national, international, private and public organizations are open you!

Closing a big deal that beats out competitors, increases the revenues of a client and gives the salesperson a substantial reward requires excellent negotiation, problem-solving and persuasion skills. Also, in order to make the best deals for his/her clients, a successful salesperson knows how to cultivate relationships and he/she understands the clients’ goals and market.

As a result, a salesperson needs to be an all-in-one customer service representative, team coach, publicist, psychologist (to understand what the other needs or wants) and even detective (to discover places where his/her company’s products can be valued)! What else do sales reps need? Well, in order to attract and keep customers’ loyalty and interest, sales reps must develop their communication and listening skills, as well as their interpersonal and cross-cultural ones. Being able to describe and present a product in English by highlighting its values, shining in the art of conversation, contacting new customers by phone or dealing with difficult customers are skills you will improve if you register now to our program in Business to boost your sales skills!

Having an eye for detail when analyzing data, assessing budgets, leading teams, handling operating software, resolving conflicts in the workplace, organizing meetings, making telephone conferences… these are only a few of the numberless responsibilities a manager must assume. Likewise, commercial awareness is imperative for a manager, that is to say, he/she has to be aware of the impact that global politics and economics might have on the company’s performance –as well as on the competitors’ performance– in order to come up with solutions, decisions and negotiations.

Therefore, developing effective-decision making and strategic negotiation skills is as important as improving mentor’s skills, which means, being able to give advice and training team members. As you can see, if you are planning to make a career in management, you'll really need a splendidly tuned skill set which also includes: mastering written, verbal, and listening skills in English. Clearly, a good manager must have a good English proficiency that allows him/her to be a good communicator in face-to-face meetings, via email or by phone, for, don’t forget, managers are a bridge between staff and CEOs.

The CSM, also called customer advocate or customer relationship manager, is a new role that has emerged in the business world. In fact, it has become one of the most in-demand jobs because SaaS (Software as a Service) E-commerce business, and companies in general have realized that customers are vital for them to succeed.

CSMs have a post-sales role: they build solid relationships with clients, they are their mentors. Companies are aware of the difficulty of acquiring new customers, they have decided to invest in retaining existing customers, those whose trust and loyalty they have already earned. CSMs are there to create product stickiness, monitor churn rate and identify strategies to avoid it. Being able to build strategic relationships with clients requires outstanding oral, written, and presentation skills. In order to become the customers’ voice, a CSM must speak their lingua franca, which is English. Besides, tasks like resolving aftersales queries will imply writing emails and talking on the phone to ensure the customers understand all the aftersales procedures. If you know you are a CSM innate, don’t let language be a barrier! Improve your English skills for Customer relationship management with GlobalExam!